English Preposition CSS Past Papers Questions


Q. 5. (b) Rewrite the following sentences (ONLY FIVE) after filling in the blanks with appropriate prepositions. (5)
(i) What time do we arrive —- our destination?
(ii) We are flying —- some rough weather; please fasten your seat belts.
(iii) It is warming up; —- noon we should be able to go swimming.
(iv) My parents are not responsible —- my actions.
(v) This pan is —- cooking omelets.
(vi) —- poor attendance, this course is being canceled.
(vii) The police took the men in —- questioning.
(viii) The woman you gave the book —- is my aunt.

Q. 5. (a) Fill the following blanks (any FIVE) appropriate preposition.
(i) —- a Ford he has a Fiat car. (a) in (b) before (c ) besides (d) despite
(ii) I saw him felling a big tree —- a hatchet. (a) with (b) through (c ) by (d) at
(iii) I must start —- dawn to reach the station in time. (a) on (b) at (c ) by (d) after
(iv) I have know him —- a long time. (a) since (b) from (c ) for (d) over
(v) “Will you walk —- my parlour?” (a) in (b) to (c ) by (d) into
(vi) The public are cautioned —- pickpockets. (a) against (b) about (c ) of (d) for

Q. 4. (b) Rewrite the following sentences (Only FIVE) after filling in the blanks appropriately: (5)
(i) I cannot buy this car _ this price. (a) for (b) in (c ) at (d) on
(ii) Send these books _ my home address. (a) on (b) at (c ) in (d) to
(iii) Monkeys live _ trees. (a) in (b) at (c ) upon (d) on
(iv) I said it _ his face. (a) at (b) on (c ) to (d) upon
(v) The manager — the receipt of my letter promptly. (a) accepted (b) realized (c ) recognized (d) acknowledged
(vi) Most foreign students don’t like American coffee, and — (a) I don’t too (b) either don’t (c ) neither don’t I (d) neither do I
(vii) We — take care of our parents when they are old. (a) could (b) would (c ) might (d) ought to
(viii) Yousaf — in the garden the whole of yesterday. (a) has dug (b) was digging (c ) dug (d) had dug

Q4. Complete any five of the following sentences supplying the missing word in each: 10
a. From this happy —— he is awakened by his child asking him to read —— an incredibly long and boring story about wolves.
b. The this is that, when we do travel, we never seem to these people.
c. The ——- objects were not changes, but the —— things had altered beyond recognition.
d. More than ten days —— before I again had any —— with Mrs. Reed.
e. His —— has fallen off, revealing a —— of dirt on his bald head.
f. No, we must accept the —— with what grace we can and leave the weather to its own
g. Take all you need but leave your—— behind is sound- – for the holidaymaker.
h. Modern advertisements often —— the human race in a ———- light.

5. Complete any FIVE of the following sentences supplying the missing word or phrase in each.
(i) He wandered __________ he had lost his money.
(ii) He father knew that she __________ disobey him.
(iii) When Ahmed saw me come he __________.
(iv) Don’t imagine __________ you can get away.
(v) He puts up__________ almost anything.
(vi) I have applied __________ a new job.
(vii) Her parents strongly object __________ her travelling alone.
(viii) As soon as the plane had refueled __________.
(ix) __________ you take this medicine, you will feel better.
(x) A car with a good engine can go __________.