General Science AJK PMS Sample Paper

Azad Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission

Competitive examination for the post of

Assistant Commissioner/ Section Officer (B-17)

Subject Every Day Science Time Allowed: 3 hours

Dated 28-7-2007 Maximum Marks: 100

Note Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Q1. What are pesticides? Explain how these are dangerous to human beings? 2+8.

Q2. Explain briefly the difference between 2each
i) Brass and Bronze ii) Gallon and Barrel iii) Cyclone and Anticyclone iv) Hurricane and Tornado v) Afforestation and Deforestation

Q 3. Give the Scientific Reasoning of the following 2each
i) Wet objects dry faster at the mountain top.
ii) A layer of perfume on the skin produces a cooling effect.
iii) Walnuts can be broken in the hand by squeezing two together but not one. Why?

Q 4. Write brief about the following (answer in three or four sentences) 2each.
i) Mach ii) Boric acid iii) Quartz iv) Optic Fiber v) Sound Barrier

Q 5. Name the 1 each
i) Ore of mercury metal
ii) Desert mammal which does not drink water
iii) Element which is abundantly present in the human body.
iv) Device which converts the sound energy into electrical energy.
v) Alloy consisting of Cu, Zu, Ni.
vi) Scientist who discovered magnetism.
vii) Astronaut who first landed on the surface of the moon.
viii) Solution which can dissolve gold.
ix) Device with which the variation of blood flow can be heard.
x) Metal known as quick sliver.

Q 6 Which causes the following disease? 2 each
i) Parkinson’s Disease ii) Scurvy iii) Alzheimer’s Disease iv) Syphilis v) Tetanus

Q 7. Give the most important function of any five of the following 2each
i) Gall bladder ii) Bladder iii) Spleen iv) Bile Duct v) Adrenal Cortex vi) Larynx vii) Pulmonary veins.