Islamic History and Culture CSS Paper II 2008

Federal public service commission
Competitive examination for
Recruitment to posts in BPS-17 under
The federal government, 2008
Islamic History and Culture,Paper- II
TIME ALLOWED Part-I 30: Minutes Maximum Marks 20
Part-II: 2 hours & 30 Minutes Maximum marks 80
Part – I ( MCQ)

Q.1. select the best option/answer and fill in the appropriate box on the answer sheet.(20)
(i) King Roderic was defeated by:
(a) Musa bin Nasir (b) Qutaiba bin Muslim (c) Muhammad bin Qasim (d) None of these

(ii) Muslim rule in Spain was more than:
(a) 4 centuries (b) 5 centuries (c) 6 centuries (d) None of these

(iii) ALHAMBRA was constructed in:
(a) Cairo (b) Baghdad (c) Cordova (d) None of these

(iv) Okaba built the famous military city of Kairouan to the south in:
(a) 570 A.D. (b) 670 A.D. (c) 770 A.D. (d) None of these

(v) Hajib-Al-Mansur was a:
(a) Ruler of Spain (b) Spanish Poet (c) Barbar (d) None of these

(vi) The Battle of MASARAH was fought on:
(a) April 10, 754 AC (b) May 13, 756 AC (c) June 10, 757 AC (d) None of these

(vii) Abdur Rahman I was succeeded by:
(a) Hasham-I (b) Abdur-Rahman-II (c) Hakam-1 (d) None of these

(viii) Malki Sunni School of Law became practically the state religion of Andalusia in the regime of:
(a) Abdur-Rahman-I (b) Hakam-I (c) Hasham-I (d) None of these

(ix) Famous Musician ZARYAB came from Baghdad to Cordova in the regime of:
(a) Muwahidin (b) Mum Tabin (c) Abdur Rahman-II (d) None of these

((x) The rules and regulations for the administration of the Andalusia state were framed by:
(a) Abdur-Rahman-1 (b) Abdur-Rahman (c) Muhammad Bin Abdur Rahman (d) None of these

(xi) The introduction of “Slaves” into state service had been throwing by:
(a) Hakarn-1 (13) Muhammad Bin Abdur Rahman (c) Abdur Rahman-III (d) None of these

(xii) MURAj-UZ-ZAHAB was written by:
(a) Ibn-e-Khaldun (b) Al-Masudi (c) Ibn-e-Timia (d) None of these

(xiii) KITAB-UL-FIHRIST was written by:
(a) Abul-Firaj — Mohammad Bin Ishaq (b) Ibn-e-Khilikan (c) Abul Firaj Ali Bin Hussain (d) None of these

(xiv) KITAB-UL-AGHANI was written by:
(a) Abul-Firaj All Bin Hussain Isphani (b) Ibn-e-Ishaq (c) Ibn-e-Rushd (d) None of these

(xv) In the regime of Amir Abdullah, lbn-E-Hafsun was defeated near Polei on 15th April, 891 AC by Ummayades General:
(a) Obaidullah (b) Ghalib (c) Hajib-ul-Mansoor (d) None of these

(xvi) Amir Abdullah was succeeded by:
(a) Obaidullah (b) Yousuf Bin Tashfain (c) Hakam-II (d) None of these

(xvii) Bobastro was captured by:
(a) Amir Munzir (b) Amir Abdullah (c) Abdur-Rahman-III (d) None of these

(xviii) The harmony between the Castilian and the Saracens prevailed in Granada during the regime of:
(a) Muhammad VI (b) Yousuf-III (c) Abu Abdullah Yousuf III (d) None of these

(xix) The famous scholar ITIMAD-UR-RAMIKKIYEH was a wife of
(a) Abdur Rahman (b) Hakam II (c) Mutamid (d) None of these.

(xx) “HAI IBN YUKZAN was written by:
(a) Ibn-e-Rushd (b) Ibn-e-Tufail (c) lbn-e-Sena (d) None of these

NOTE:(i) PART-II is to be attempted on separate Answer Book.
(ii) Attempt ONLY FOUR questions from PART-II. All questions carry EQUAL marks.
(iii) Extra attempt of any question or any part of the attempted question will not be considered.

Q.2. Give a critical study of the causes and the consequences of the Muslim Rule in Africa. (20)
Q.3. The entrance of new rulers like the Muslims was a demand of Spanish society at the advent of 8th Century. Comment. (20)
Q.4. Give an analytical study of the evolution of the Muslim Architecture from the Mosque of Cordoba upto the ALHAMBRA OF GRANADA. (20)
Q.5. The administration of GRANADA has a unique place for its precious public works and its enlightenment among its contemporary Governments. Comment. (20)
Q.6. Write a comprehensive ESSAY on “The Women and Nation-building” in the Muslim Spanish society. (20)
Q.7. Africa got an advancement in Material Prosperity and in the field of knowledge and wisdom under the Muslim regime. Comment. (20)
Q.8. Analyse the services of “MUWAHHIDIN” for the consolidation of Muslim Society in Spain. (20)