Journalism KP PMS Paper 2016

KP, Public Service Commission, Peshawar
Competitive Examination for Provincial Management Service, 2016

Time Allowed: 03 Hours Max Marks: 100

NOTE:- Attempt any Five Questions. All Questions carry equal marks.

Q.1: Why the surveillance function of the press is regarded as fundamental to journalistic practice? Write argumentative answer.

Q.2: Radio as a medium of immediacy said to have the highest number of audience and widest reach. Do you agree? Give convincing reasons in support of your position.

Q.3: Discuss in detail the role of ‘New Media’ in promoting democracy in Pakistan.

Q.4: Write short note on any two of the followings:
a) Embedded journalism b) Yellow Journalism c) Freedom of Press d) Importance of Electronic Media

Q.5: “Public Relations is deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its public”, explain.

Q.6: Maulana Zafar Ali Khan’s ‘Zamindar’ played very effective role against British imperialism. Discuss in detail.

Q.7: Public Relation is not recognized as a management function in most organizations. Discuss the validity of this statement.

Q.8: Most people believe that media is to be blamed for promoting violence in the society. Do you agree? Give argumentative answer.