Law KP PMS Paper II 2010

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Public Service Commission, Peshawar
Competitive Examination for Provincial Management Service, 2010

Time Allowed: 03 Hours Max Marks: 100

Note: Attempt only five questions in all. And attempt at least one question from each part. Possession and use of mobile and other electronic accessories is strictly prohibited during the examination and can lead to cancellation of paper as sell as examination.

Part-A Criminal Procedure Code

Q No. 1 Define and distinguish between: (i)-Inquiry (ii)-Investigation (iii)-Trial (20).

Q No.2 Give a comparative account of different provisions in the Cr.PC for discovery and restoration of a person, or abductees wrongfully confined? [20].

Q No.3 Explain the right of appeal and its procedure. Discuss in detail where appeal lies when accused is sentenced by Magistrate or Court of Sessions. Also narrate when appeal does not lie. [20].

Part-B Pakistan Penal Code

Q No.4 Discuss fully the provision under PPC relating to the offence of robbers and dacoity explaining the distinction? [20].

Q No.5 Differentiate the scope and extent of offence committed under section 182 and 193 CPC. [20].

Q No.6 Distinguish between rioting and affray what punishment is provided for this offence. [20].

Part-C Qanun-e-Shahadat Orders 1984

Q No.7 Who may testify in Court of Law? How many witnesses are required to prove any fact? Who is a competent wittiness? [20].

Q No.8 Under what principal of law plea of ‘Alibi’ is relevant and may be proved by an accused to prove his innocence. [20].