Law KP PMS Paper II 2013

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Public Service Commission, Peshawar
Competitive Examination for Provincial Management Service, 2013

Time Allowed: 03 Hours Max Marks: 100

Note: Attempt only five questions in all. And attempt at least one question from each part. Possession and use of mobile and other electronic accessories is strictly prohibited during the examination and can lead to cancellation of paper as sell as examination.

Part-A Criminal Procedure Code

Q. No.1- Explain the law of complaints to magistrate, can a complaint be dismissed? Give points of distinction between a complaint and F.I.R

Q.No.2- Discuss in detail “Tender of Pardon”. Under what circumstances and accused can be granted pardon and under what circumstances it can be withdrawn?

Q.No.3- Elaborate the procedure of recording judicial confession.

Part-B Pakistan Penal Code

Q.No.4- Define private defence and elaborate the circumstances wherein assailant can be subjected to use of force causing his death.

Q.No.5- Define criminal conspiracy. What are its different Kinds? Q.No.6- Discuss and explain ‘Robbery’ Dacoity and Extortion.

Part-C Oanun-e-Shahadat Order 1984

Q.No.7- Write a comprehensive note on the evidentiary value of the statement of accomplice. In which circumstances it can be made basis of conviction?

Q.No.8- Elaborate hearsay evidence. Under what circumstances statement by a person who cannot be called as witness become relevant.