Commerce Punjab PMS Paper II Syllabus Suggested Readings


  1. M. Saeed Nasir, Economic Problems of Pakistan.

  2. Kh. Amjad Saeed, Economic Problems of Pakistan.

  3. Govt. of Pakistan, Pakistan Economics Survey, Income Tax Ordinance 2001, Sales Tax Act.

  4. Kh. Amjad Saeed, Income Tax Law.

  5. Kh. Amjad Saeed, Auditing.

  6. M. Muazzam Mughal, Income Tax Law.

  7. M. Muazzam Mughal, Sales Tax Law.

  8. Lawrence J. Gitman, Fundamentals of Investment.

  9. Kontz & Weirick, Management.

  10. Stephen B. Robins, Principles of Management.

  11. Owen Richard N. Management Industrial Enterprises.

  12. Adam, Ronald & Ebart, Production & Operation Management.


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