English General and English Essay Balochistan PSC Paper 2003

Balochistan Public Service Commission

Samungli Road, Quetta Cantt.




Marks:100 May 17, 2003 Time:3 Hours


Write an essay on any Two of the following: 30

(i) Sallent Features of the effective public service.

(ii) Aspects of development of sterling personality.

(iii) The best service is to serve the suffering mankind.

(iv) The best book I ever studied in my life.

(v) The worldwide wave of secularism has redered life dismal and bleak.


Divine Celestial Light of a culture sets rules for the public Administration to make national life a heaven in this world. Discuss. 15


Use the following idioms in your sentences to bring out their meaning clearly. 05

(i) to show the white feather

(ii) to be at daggers drawn

(iii) beneath one’s dignity

(iv) to rest on one’s laurels

(v) to break the ice


Use the following pair of words so as to bring out their meaning clearly. 05

(i) In site / sight

(ii) graceful / Gracious

(iii) pair / couple

(iv) principle / principal


Correct the following sentences.

(i) five and five makes ten

(ii) the two brother hate one another

(iii) one ought to do his duty to his country

(iv) health is more preferable than riches.

(v) the patient was too weak for walking.


Write a brief paragraph on any one of the following 15

(i) Bone of contention of Kashmir issue.

(ii) Economy of Pakistan

(iii) Role of public administration.


Make a precis of the following passage and assign to it a suitable title.

Yousuf’s goodness of heart made him a king among his fellow – prisoners. if any were ill, he tended them; if there was anything to their mind he sympathized with them and consoled them. they had unbound faith in him, and they gladly took his teaching and profited by it. two of them took their dreams to him and he interpreted them correctly. One of them was resorted to the king’s favor. when the king in his turn dreamed a dream, this man remembered Yusuf and obtain the interpretation of the king’s dream through him. yusuf was released from prison, raised to high honor, and given full authority in the land. the old Wazir, Zuleika’s husband, was dead and Yusuf was charged with the arrangements of meeting the great famine that was prognosticated. this part of the story is touched upon but lightly by the poet, as his theme is the love of Zuleika. she a widow, bereft of youth, honor, beauty, resources, health, even eyesight, yet cherishes the memory of Yusuf and waters it with her tears. he is now far above her in worldly station, as he always was above her in spiritual worth. her humbled pride opens her spiritual eyes. she cries to him in her agony, and he listens. he knows true form the false, and he is just. the woman, who he had repelled when she was in the bloom of health, youth, and beauty, when she was rich, proud and high in rank – now that she is meek, lowly and sincere, finds favor in his sight. at his prayer, his health, youth, and beauty are restored, and they are married in pure and true love. even so, their love was not perfect until they united their hearts in pure worship to God. the core of allegory is in its perfect definition of love – the true and eternal as distinguished from the false and the ephemeral. life is subject to many changes and so is what is ordinarily called LOVE among men. false love is only a toy for self-indulgence. self, not the others, is the governing motive. just as, in human affairs, there is true and false love, so in our inner and higher life, there is a divine love that transcends all human love. this is the contrast between Ishq-e-Haqiqi and Ishq-e-Majazi.

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