English Punjab PMS Paper 2015




Subject: English Précis & Composition (Compulsory)

Time Allowed: Three Hours Maximum Marks: 100

Q.1 Write a composition using the following opening sentence .(500-1000 words) He had a dream that one day he would be

Q.2 Use any FIVE of the following Idiomatic expressions in sentences to make their meanings clear.

Over attempts will bring no credit.

• a. A Stick in the Mud

• b. The Salt of the Earth

• c. A Step in the right direction

• d. Labour the Point

• e. An Armchair Critictic

• f. At the Cross Roads

• g. The Acid Test

• h. On thin ice

• i. Draw a Bank

• j. Give way

Q.3 Make the Precis of the following passage and suggest a suitable title.

Despite the existence of much poverty and inequality, it would nevertheless be wrong to portray Pakistan as an unchanging society. Despite major failings of governance, economic growth during the past decade has resulted in the emergence of a youthful and dynamic middle class. According to some easements there are now as many as 35 million people with a per capita income of upto 41,900. There is no monolithic middle stratum of society; It is differentiated by occupation, income, family antecedents, language and gender. The middle class contain both modernist and traditionalist elements and as a result not necessarily more westernized in outlook and lifestyle than the urbanized younger generation drawn from the feudal elite. Indeed, one of the most striking developments of the past decade has been spread of the orthodox thinking among the youth. Perhaps the most unifying element of the middle class is consumerism as seen in the surge in the sales of cars, televisions and mobile phones. One in two Pakistanis is mobile phone subscriber, one of the highest rates in the region. In addition to expenditure on electronics durables, the middle classes have establishments and privately run polyclinics which have become a marked feature of the urban landscape. According to one estimate, around three quarters of all health care is provided by the private sector.

Q. 4 Write a paragraph on one of the following topics (120 Words)

a) Electronic Media

b) Those who fall in the greater cause never fail

c) Nightmares

d) Wives are old men’s Nurses

Q.5 Translate the following passage into English.

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