English Synonyms


A synonym is a word which has the same or nearly the same meaning as another word or a phrase.

‘Syn’ means the same and ‘Nym’ means the name, so it is a word with similar meaning.

Synonyms or similar words do not mean that they are exactly the same words in meaning and hence one must know the subtle differences in the meaning of every word before usage.

A thesaurus is a resource similar to a dictionary that helps writers to search synonyms.

Roget’s Thesaurus of words for writers is a good resource of synonyms with explanations.

Word with Synonyms
Abate - Moderate, Decrease Aggravate, Supplement
Abdicate Resist, Protest
Ability Capacity, Faculty, Talent, Skill, Competence, Aptitude
Abject Despicable, Servile Commendable, Praiseworthy
Abjure Forsake, Renounce Approve, Sanction
Abolish Exterminate, Extinguish, Extirpate, Eradicate, Obliterate
Abortive Vain, Unproductive Effectual Productive
Absolve Pardon, Forgive Compel, Accuse
Abstinence Self-denial, Temperance, Sobriety, Continence
Abstracted Absorbed, Distraught, Absent-minded
Absurd Compatible, Harmonious
Abuse Misuse, Mistreat, Ill-treat, Maltreat
Accidental Fortuitous, Contingent, Incidental, Adventitious
Accompany Conduct, Escort, Chaperone
Accord Agreement, Harmony Disagreement, Discord
Acknowledge Admit, Own, Avow, Confess, Concede
Acrimony Harshness, Bitterness Courtesy, Benevolence
Active Energetic, Dynamic, Vigorous, Lively
Adamant Stubborn, Inflexible Flexible, Soft
Adapt Accommodate, Adjust, Conform, Fit, Reconcile
Adherent Follower, Disciple Rival, Adversary
Adjunct Joined, Added Separated, Subtracted
Admonish Counsel, Approve, Applaud, Reprove, Rebuke, Reprimand, Reproach
Adorned Unseemly, Plain
Adulterate Debase, Doctor, Load, Sophisticate
Advance Forward, Foster, Further, Promote [retard]
Advantage Edge, Handicap, Odds
Adventurous Adventuresome, Audacious, Daredevil, Daring, Venturesome
Adversity Misfortune, Calamity Prosperity, Fortune
Advice Counsel, Recommendation
Advise Counsel, Recommend
Affair Business, Concern, Lookout
Affect Influence, Impress, Touch, Move, Strike
Affectation Pose, Air, Mannerism
Affectation Sincerity, Honesty
Affection Disinclination, Indifference
Afflict Agonize, Excruciate, Rack, Torment, Torture
Afraid Apprehensive, Fearful [unafraid]
Ageless Eternal, Timeless
Agitate Churn, Convulse, Rock, Shake
Agree Conform, Harmonize, Accord, Correspond, Coincide [disagree]
Aim Direct, Level, Point, Train
Airy Diaphanous, Ethereal, Filmy, Gauzy, Gossamer, Sheer, Transparent, Vaporous
Alarm Alert, Tocsin, Warning
Alien Foreigner, Outsider Native, Resident
All Complete, Entire, Full, Gross, Outright, Perfect, Total, Utter, Whole, Any, Complete, Every, Sum, Totality, Each And Every, Every Bit Of, Bar None, Every Single, Everything, Everyone
Allay Pacify, Soothe Aggravate, Excite
Alleviate Abate, Relieve Aggravate, Enhance
Allocate Appropriate, Designate, Earmark
Allure Entice, Fascinate Repulse, Repel
Alone Lonely, Lonesome, Solitary
Also Too, Likewise, Besides, Moreover, Furthermore
Amateur Dabbler, Dilettante, Tyro [professional]
Amazing Incredible, Unbelievable, Improbable, Fabulous, Wonderful, Fantastic, Astonishing, Astounding, Extraordinary
Ambiguous Equivocal, Obscure, Recondite, Abstruse, Vague, Cryptic, Enigmatic
Ambush Ambuscade, Bushwhack, Waylay
Amenity Comfort, Convenience, Facility
Amiable Affable, Good-natured, Obliging, Agreeable, Pleasant
Amiss Afield, Astray, Awry, Wrong
Amplify Enlarge, Extend Lessen, Contract
Amuse Entertain, Divert, Regale
Analyze Anatomize, Dissect, Resolve
Ancestor Forebear, Forefather, Progenitor [descendant]
Anger Enrage, Infuriate, Arouse, Nettle, Exasperate, Inflame, Madden
Anger Rage, Fury, Ire, Wrath, Resentment, Indignation
Angry Furious, Indignant, Irate, Ireful, Mad, Wrathful
Angry Mad, Furious, Enraged, Excited, Wrathful, Indignant, Exasperated, Aroused, Inflamed
Announce Advertise, Broadcast, Declar, Proclaim, Promulgate, Publish
Announce, Swear, Vow, Content, Assure, Deny, Dispute
Annoy Irritate, Bother, Irk, Vex, Provoke, Aggravate, Peeve, Rile
Answer Reply, Respond, Retort, Acknowledge
Answer Respond, Reply, Retort
Antipathy Hostility, Aversion Admiration, Fascination
Anxiety Worry, Care, Concern, Solicitude
Apathy Unconcern, Indifference Concern, Care
Apology Apologetic, Apologia, Defense, Justification
Apparent Clear, Clear-cut, Distinct, Evident, Manifest, Obvious, Patent, Plain
Appear Emerge, Issue, Loom, Materialize, Show
Appendage Appurtenance, Adjunct, Accessory, Attachment
Applaud Cheer, Root
Appoint Designate, Name, Nominate, Tap
Appreciate Value, Prize, Esteem, Treasure, Cherish
Apprehend Comprehend, Understand, Grasp
Apprehension Foreboding, Presentiment, Misgiving
Appropriate Arrogate, Commandeer, Confiscate, Preempt, Usurp
Approval, Acclamation
Approve Endorse, Sanction, Certify, Accredit, Ratify
Arbitrary Capricious, Whimsical
Area Region, Belt, Zone, District, Locality
Argue Quarrel, Wrangle, Squabble, Bicker
Argument Dispute, Controversy
Argumentative Combative, Contentious, Disputatious, Quarrelsome, Scrappy
Arraign Charge, Blame Exculpate, Pardon
Arrange Marshal, Order, Organize, Sort, Systematize [disarrange]
Arrogant Docile, Compliant
Art Craft, Expertise, Knack, Know-how, Technique
Artifice Trick, Ruse, Wile, Feint, Stratagem, Maneuver, Dodge
Artificial Synthetic, Ersatz, Simulated
Ascertained Unlikely, Doubtful
Ask Question, Inquire Of, Seek Information From, Put A Question To, Demand, Request, Expect, Inquire, Query, Interrogate, Examine, Quiz
Ask Question, Inquire, Query, Interrogate, Examine, Quiz
Assent Agree, Accede, Acquiesce, Consent, Concur, Subscribe
Assert Asseverate, Declar, Affirm, Aver, Avow
Assign Allot, Apportion, Allocate
Assistant Aide, Coadjutant, Helper, Lieutenant, Second
Atrocious Pleasing, Attractive
Attack Bombard, Assail, Storm, Assault, Beset
Attribute Ascribe, Impute, Credit, Assign, Refer
Audacity Boldness, Arrogance Mildness, Cowardice
Authentic Bona Fide, Genuine, Real, True, Undoubted, Unquestionable
Authentic Genuine, Reliable Fictitious, Unreal
Authorize Accredit, Commission, Empower, License
Average Medium, Mediocre, Fair, Middling, Indifferent, Tolerable
Aware Cognizant, Conscious, Sensible, Awake, Alert, Watchful, Vigilant
Awful Dreadful, Terrible, Abominable, Bad, Poor
Awful dreadful, terrible, abominable, bad, poor, unpleasant
Awkward Clumsy, Maladroit, Inept, Gauche, Ungainly, Rough Clever, Apt
Axiom Maxim, Truth Absurdity, Blunder
Bad Evil, Immoral, Wicked, Corrupt, Sinful, Depraved, Rotten, Contaminated, Spoiled, Tainted, Harmful, Injurious, Unfavorable, Defective, Inferior, Imperfect, Substandard, Faulty, Disagreeable, Unpleasant, Cross, Nasty, Irascible, Horrible, Atrocious, Outrageous, Scandalous, Infamous, Wrong, Noxious, Sinister, Putrid, Snide, Deplorable, Dismal, Gross, Heinous, Nefarious, Base, Obnoxious, Detestable, Despicable, Contemptible, Foul, Rank, Ghastly, Execrable
Bad evil, immoral, wicked, corrupt, sinful, depraved, rotten, contaminated, spoiled, tainted, harmful, injurious, unfavorable, defective, inferior, imperfect, substandard, faulty, improper, inappropriate, unsuitable, disagreeable, unpleasant, cross, nasty, unfriendly, irascible, horrible, atrocious, outrageous, scandalous, infamous, wrong, noxious, sinister, putrid, snide, deplorable, dismal, gross, heinous, nefarious, base, obnoxious, detestable, despicable, contemptible, foul, rank, ghastly, execrable
Baffle Frustrate, Perplex Compose, Facilitate
Balance Equilibrium, Equipoise, Poise
Band Company, Corps, Party, Troop, Troupe
Banish Exile, Expatriate, Deport, Transport, Extradite
Banter Chaff, Josh, Kid, Rag, Razz, Rib
Barbarous Uncivilized, Savage Cultured, Humane
Bargain Compact, Contract, Covenant, Deal
Barrage Bombard, Pepper, Shower
Base Basis, Foundation, Ground, Groundwork
Batter Maim, Mangle, Maul, Mutilate
Be Breathe, Exist, Live, Subsist
Bear Endure, Stand, Abide, Suffer, Tolerate
Bearing Manner, Demeanor, Mien, Presence
Beautiful Lovely, Pretty, Handsome, Comely, Fair
Beautiful Pretty, Lovely, Handsome, Attractive, Gorgeous, Dazzling, Splendid, Magnificent, Comely, Fair, Ravishing, Graceful, Elegant, Fine, Exquisite, Aesthetic, Pleasing, Shapely, Delicate, Stunning, Glorious, Heavenly, Resplendent, Radiant, Glowing, Blooming, Sparkling
Beg Crave, Beseech, Implore, Entreat, Importune
Begin Commence, Start, Initiate, Inaugurate, Start, Open, Launch, Initiate, Commence, Inaugurate, Originate
Begin start, open, launch, initiate, commence, inaugurate, originate
Beginning Birth, Dawn, Genesis, Nascence, Rise
Behavior Conduct, Deportment
Belief Credence, Credit, Faith
Belligerent Bellicose, Pugnacious, Contentious, Quarrelsome
Bend Crook, Curve, Round
Beneficent Rude, Unforgiving
Beneficial Profitable, Advantageous
Benefit Capitalize, Profit
Benevolence Humanity, Generosity Malevolence, Inhumanity
Benevolent Charitable, Ellemosynary, Philanthropic
Besiege Beleaguer, Blockade, Invest, Siege
Bet Ante, Pot, Stake, Wager
Bewitching Magical, Fascinating Repulsive, Repugnant
Bias Color, Jaundice, Prejudice, Warp
Big enormous, huge, immense, gigantic, vast, colossal, gargantuan, large, sizable, grand, great, tall, substantial, mammoth, astronomical, ample, broad, expansive, spacious, stout, tremendous, titanic, mountainous
Big Large, Enormous, Huge, Immense, Gigantic, Vast, Colossal, Gargantuan, Sizable, Grand, Great, Tall, Substantial, Mammoth, Astronomical, Ample, Broad, Expansive, Spacious, Stout, Tremendous, Titanic, Mountainous
Binge Fling, Jag, Orgy, Spree
Bite Champ, Gnaw
Bitter Acerbic, Acrid
Bitterness Sympathy, Goodwill
Blackball Blacklist, Boycott, Ostracize [admit]
Blackout Faint, Swoon, Syncope
Blame Fault, Guilt
Blameworthy Blamable, Blameful, Censurable, Culpable, Guilty, Reprehensible
Blast Blight, Dash, Nip, Wreck
Blaze Flame, Flare, Flash, Glare, Incandescence, Glow
Bleak Dismal, Gloomy Bright Pleasant
Blemish Imperfection, Fault, Defect, Flaw
Blink Nictitate, Twinkle, Wink
Block Hide, Obscure, Obstruct, Screen, Shroud
Bloody Gory, Sanguinary, Sanguineous
Bloom Blossom, Efflorescence, Florescence, Flower, Flush, Prime
Blow Reconstruction, Rediscovery
Blunder Bumble, Flounder, Lumber, Lurch, Stumble
Boast Brag, Crow, Vaunt
Bodily Corporal, Corporeal, Fleshly, Physical, Somatic
Body Corpse, Carcass, Cadaver
Boil Simmer, Seethe, Stew
Bombast Rant, Fustian, Claptrap, Rodomontade
Bonus Bounty, Subsidy, Premium, Prize, Reward, Gratuity
Book Bespeak, Engage, Reserve
Boor Barbarian, Churl, Lout, Vulgarian, Yahoo
Border Margin, Edge, Verge, Brink, Rim, Brim
Boredom Ennui, Tedium [amusement]
Boring Monotonous, Tedious, Irksome, Tiresome, Handrum
Botch Blow, Bungle, Fumble, Muff
Boundary Border, Frontier, Limit
Bouquet Nosegay, Posy
Branch Arm, Fork, Offshoot
Brave Courageous, Fearless, Dauntless, Intrepid, Plucky, Daring, Heroic, Valorous, Audacious, Bold, Gallant, Valiant, Doughty, Mettlesome
Brave Courageous, Fearless, Intrepid, Bold, Audacious, Valient, Valorous,
Brawl Broil, Donnybrook, Fracas, Fray, Free-for-all, Melee, Row, Ruction
Breach Infraction, Violation, Transgression, Trespass, Infringement
Break Crack, Fracture, Burst, Split, Splinter, Shatter, Shiver, Smash
Break Fracture, Rupture, Shatter, Smash, Wreck, Crash, Demolish, Atomize
Breeze Cinch, Pushover, Snap, Walkaway, Walkover
Bright Brilliant, Radiant, Lustrous, Lambent, Lunimous, Incandescent, Effulgent
Bright Shining, Shiny, Gleaming, Brilliant, Sparkling, Shimmering, Radiant, Vivid, Colorful, Lustrous, Luminous, Incandescent, Intelligent, Knowing, Quick-witted, Smart, Intellectual
Brittle Delicate, Fragile Tough, Enduring
Broach Introduce, Moot, Raise
Broad-minded Broad, Liberal, Open-minded, Tolerant
Brood Dwell, Fret, Mope, Stew, Worry
Brush Flick, Glance, Graze, Shave, Skim
Brute Animal, Brutish, Brutal, Beastly, Bestial
Building Structure, Edifice, Pile
Bulge Balloon, Belly, Jut, Overhang, Project, Protrude
Bulwark Barricade, Breastwork, Earthwork, Rampart, Bation, Parapet
Burden Affliction, Cross, Trial, Tribulation
Burdensome Onerous, Oppressive, Arduous, Demanding, Rigorous, Exacting
Burn Scorch, Singe, Sear, Char, Parch
Business Industry, Commerce, Trade, Traffic
Bustle Haste, Flurry Slowness, Quiet
Busy Industrious, Diligent, Assiduous, Sedulous
Cadge Beg, Bum, Mooch, Panhandle
Calamity Adversity, Misfortune Happiness, Fortune
Calculate Compute, Reckon, Cipher, Figure
Call Convene, Convoke, Muster, Summon
Callous Obdurate, Unfeeling Compassionate, Tender
Calm Quiet, Peaceful, Still, Tranquil, Mild, Serene, Smooth, Composed, Collected, Unruffled, Level-headed, Unexcited, Detached, Aloof
Calm Tranquil, Placid, Serene, Halcyon, Peaceful
Calumny Defamation, Aspersion Commendation, Praise
Campaign Crusade, Drive, Push
Capable Competent, Able Incompetent, Inept
Caprice Whim, Whimsy, Vagary, Freak
Captivate Charm, Fascinate Disillusion, Offend
Captivity Imprisonment, Confinement Freedom, Liberty
Care Charge, Custody, Keeping, Supervision, Trust
Careful Heedful, Mindful, Observant, Watchful
Careless Heedless, Thoughtless, Inadvertent
Careless Vigilant, Careful
Caress Cuddle, Fondle, Pet
Caricature Burlesque, Parody, Travesty, Satire, Lampoon
Casuistry Fallacy, Sophistry, Spuriousness, Speciousness, Sophism
Catalyst Ferment, Leaven, Leavening, Yeast
Catch Enmesh, Ensnare, Entangle, Entrap, Snare, Tangle, Trap
Cause Reason, Occasions, Antecedent
Cavity Depth, Depression Elevation, Projection
Cease Terminate, Desist Begin, Originate
Celebrity Hero, Luminary, Name, Notable, Personage
Center Focus, Headquarters, Heart, Hub, Seat
Certain Inescapable, Inevitable, Sure, Unavoidable
Certainty Certitude, Assurance, Conviction
Chafe Abrade, Excoriate, Fret, Gall
Chance Random, Casual, Haphazard, Desultory
Charge Freight, Imbue, Impregnate, Permeate, Pervade, Saturate, Suffuse
Charm Beguile, Bewitch, Captivate, Enchant, Entrance, Fascinate
Chaste Virtuous, Pure Sullied, Lustful
Chastise Punish, Admonish Cheer, Encourage
Cheerful Solemn, Morose
Choice Altenative, Option, Preference, Selection, Election
Choose Select, Elect, Pick
Chronic Confirmed, Habitual, Inveterate
Circle Coterie, Set, Clique
Circumference Circuit, Compass, Perimeter, Periphery
Cirumspect Heedless, Negligent
Citizen National, Subject
Claim Pretense, Pretension, Title
Clean Antiseptic, Cleanly, Immaculate, Spotless
Clear Limpid, Lucid, Pellucid, Transparent
Clever Ingenious, Shrewd
Cliche Bromide, Commonplace, Platitude, Truism
Close Immediate, Near, Nearby, Nigh, Proximate
Clothe Cloak, Drape, Mantle, Robe
Coagulate Clot, Congeal, Curdle, Jell, Jelly, Set
Coarse Gross, Indelicate, Vulgar, Obscene, Ribald
Coincident, Concomitant
Cold Artic, Chilly, Cool, Frigid, Frosty, Gelid, Glacial, Icy
Collision Concussion, Crash, Impact, Jar, Jolt, Shock
Come Advance, Approach, Arrive, Near, Reach
Come approach, advance, near, arrive, reach
Comfort Console, Solace
Comfortable Cozy, Snug, Restful
Comment Observation, Remark
Commit Consign, Entrust, Confide, Relegate
Compassion Kindness, Sympathy Cruelty, Barbarity
Complex Complicated, Intricate, Involved, Tangled, Knotty
Complicated Regulated, Orderly
Comprise Include, Contain Reject, Lack
Concede Yield, Permit Deny, Reject
Conceit Amour-propre, Egoism, Egotism, Narcissism, Vanity [humility]
Concur - Approve, Agree Differ, Disagree
Condemn Damn, Doom, Sentence
Confer Consult, Parley, Treat
Confidence Assurance, Aplomb, Self-confidence, Self-possession
Confirm Corroborate, Substantiate, Authenticate, Validate, Verify
Conflict Contest, Combat, Fight, Affray
Confuse Addle, Befuddle, Discombobulate, Fuddle, Muddle, Throw
Conjecture Surmise, Guess, Speculate, Infer
Consent Agree, Permit Object, Disagree
Consequence Effect, Outcome Origin, Start
Consider Deem, Regard, Account, Reckon
Consolidate Solidify, Strengthen Separate, Weaken
Conspicuous Prominent, Obvious Concealed, Hidden
Conspiracy Plot, Machination, Collusion, Intrigue, Cabal
Contain Hold, Accommodate
Contaminate Befoul, Foul, Poison, Pollute, Taint
Contemporary Contemporaneous, Simultaneous, Synchronous, Concurrent,
Contempt Scorn, Disregard Regard, Praise
Continual Continuous, Constant, Ceaseless, Incessant, Perpetual, Eternal,
Contract Condense, Compress, Constrict, Shrink
Contradict Deny, Oppose Approve, Confirm
Contrary Balky, Perverse, Wayward, Ornery
Contrary Dissimilar, Conflicting Similar, Alike
Convert Metamorphose, Transfigure, Transform, Transmogrify, Transmute
Cool Chilly, Cold, Frosty, Wintry, Icy, Frigid
Cool Composed, Collected, Unruffled, Nonchalant, Impertubable, Detached
Correct Rectify, Remedy, Redress, Reform, Revise, Amend
Corrupt Debase, Debauch, Deprave, Pervert, Vitiate
Count Import, Matter, Signify, Weigh
Couple Pair, Brace, Yoke
Crisis Crossroad, Exigency, Head, Juncture, Pass
Critical Captious, Censorious, Faultfinding [uncritical]
Criticize Blame, Reprehend, Censure, Condemn, Denounce
Crooked Bent, Twisted, Curved, Hooked, Zigzag
Crowd Crush, Flock, Horde, Mob, Press, Throng
Crude Native, Raw
Cruel Fierce, Ferocious, Barbarous, Inhuman, Savage, Vicious
Crush Mash, Pulp, Smash, Squash
Cry Shout, Yell, Yowl, Scream, Roar, Bellow, Weep, Wail, Sob, Bawl
Cry Weep, Wail, Keen, Whimper, Sob, Blubber
Cure Heal, Remedy
Curious Inquisitive, Snoopy, Nosy
Cut Gash, Slash, Prick, Nick, Sever, Slice, Carve, Cleave, Slit, Chop, Crop, Lop, Reduce
Dainty Elegant, Delicate Clumsy, Coarse
Dangerous perilous, hazardous, risky, uncertain, unsafe
Dangerousperilous, Hazardous, Risky, Uncertain, Unsafe
Dark Dim, Murky, Dusky, Obscure, Opaque, Shady, Shadowy
Dark Shadowy, Unlit, Murky, Gloomy, Dim, Dusky, Shaded, Sunless, Black, Dismal, Sad
Daze Bemuse, Benumb, Stun, Stupefy
Dazzling Dull, Unpretentious
Dead Deceased, Departed, Extinct, Lifeless, Inanimate
Decay Collapse, Decompose Flourish, Progress
Decay Rot, Putrefy, Spoil, Crumble, Molder, Disintegrate, Decompose
Deceit Deception, Artifice Veracity, Sincerity
Deceive Betray, Mislead, Beguile, Delude, Dupe, Hoodwink, Bamboozle, Double-cross
Decide Determine, Settle, Choose, Resolve
Decide Determine, Settle, Rule, Conclude, Resolve
Decipher Interpret, Reveal Misinterpret, Distort
Decision Conclusion, Determination
Decisive Conclusive, Crucial, Definitive, Determinative
Decrease Lessen, Reduce, Dwindle, Abate, Diminish, Subside
Decry Disparage, Depreciate, Derogate, Belittle, Minimize, Downgrade
Dedicate Devote, Consecrate Refuse, Negate
Deep Abysmal, Profound [shallow]
Defeat Conquer, Vanquish, Beat, Rout, Subdue, Subjugate, Overcome
Defend Protect, Guard, Preserve, Shield, Safeguard
Defer Postpone, Shelve, Stay, Suspend
Defer Prolong, Suspend Accelerate, Expedite
Defile Contaminate, Pollute Purify, Sanctity
Definite Certain, Sure, Positive, Determined, Clear, Distinct, Obvious
Defray Spend, Pay Disclaim, Repudiate
Defy Beard, Brave, Challenge, Dare, Face, Front
Degenerate Virtuous, Upright
Degrade Abase, Debase, Demean, Humble, Humiliate
Delay Slow, Retard, Detain
Deliberate Cautious, Intentional Rash, Sudden
Delicate Choice, Dainty, Elegant, Exquisite, Fine
Delicious Ambrosial, Delectable, Luscious, Scrumptious, Toothsome, Yummy
Delicious Palatable, Tasteful Distasteful, Unsavoury
Delicious Savory, Delectable, Appetizing, Luscious, Scrumptious, Palatable, Delightful, Enjoyable, Toothsome, Exquisite
Delicious Unsavoury, Tart
Demand Claim, Exact, Require
Demolish Ruin, Devastate Repair, Construct
Demote Break, Bust, Degrade, Downgrade, Reduce
Deny Contradict, Contravene, Disaffirm, Gainsay, Negate, Negative, Traverse
Dependent Conditional, Contingent, Relative, Subject
Deplete Drain, Exhaust, Impoverish, Enervate
Depressed Blue, Dejected, Dispirited, Downcast, Downhearted
Deprive Despoil, Divest Restore, Renew
Deride Mock, Taunt Inspire, Encourage
Describe Narrate, Recite, Recount, Rehearse, Relate, Report
Describe Portray, Characterize, Picture, Narrate, Relate, Recount, Represent, Report, Record
Desire Covet, Crave, Want, Wish
Despair Hopelessness, Desperation, Despondency, Discouragement
Despicable Worthless, Shameless Worthy, Decent
Despise Contemn, Disdain, Scorn, Scout
Despondent Despairing, Forlorn, Hopeless [hopeful]
Destitute Wealthy, Solvent
Destroy Ruin, Demolish, Raze, Waste, Kill, Slay, End, Extinguish
Detailed Circumstantial, Minute, Particular
Deteriorate Restore, Revive
Development Evolution, Progress
Deviation Aberration, Divergence
Devote Dedicate, Consecrate, Pledge
Dexterous Deft, Adroit, Handy, Nimble
Dialect Vernacular, Jargon, Cant, Argot, Lingo, Patois
Dictate Decree, Impose, Ordain, Prescribe
Dictatorial Authoritarian, Dogmatic, Doctrinaire, Imperious, Overbearing
Diction Wording, Vocabulary, Phraseology, Phrasing
Differ Disagree, Vary
Difference Disagreement, Inequity, Contrast, Dissimilarity, Incompatibility
Difference Dissimilarity, Unlikeness, Divergence, Variation, Distinction, Discrepancy
Difficult Simple, Manageable
Difficulty Hardship, Rigor, Vicissitude
Dilemma Quandary, Dilemma, Pickle, Problem, Plight, Spot, Scrape, Jam, Predicament
Dip Douse, Duck, Drunk, Imerse, Souse, Submerge
Dirty Filthy, Foul, Nasty, Squalid, Grimy
Disadvantage Detriment, Drawback, Handicap [advantage]
Disappear Evanesce, Evaporate, Fade, Vanish
Disaster Calamity, Catastrophe, Cataclysm
Discord Strife, Contention, Dissention, Conflict, Clash, Variance
Discourage Dishearten, Dispirit [encourage]
Discover Ascertain, Determine, Learn
Discuss Argue, Debate, Dispute, Contend
Disdain Detest, Despise Approve, Praise
Disgrace Dishonor, Shame, Infamy, Ignomity, Odium, Obloquy, Opprobrium,
Disguise Camouflage, Cloak, Dissemble, Dissimulate, Mask
Disgust Nauseate, Repel, Revolt, Sicken
Dishonest Lying, Untruthful, Deceitful, Mendacious
Dismay Appall, Daunt, Horrify, Shake
Dismiss Boot, Bounce, Can, Cashier, Discharge, Drop, Fire, Sack
Display Array, Panoply, Parade, Pomp
Disposition Temperament, Character, Personality, Nature
Disputable Reliable, Authentic
Disrepute, Discredit
Dissuade Deter, Discourage [persuade]
Distant Far, Far-off, Faraway, Remote, Removed
Distinct Discrete, Separate, Several
Distort Twist, Deform, Contort, Warp
Distribute Divide, Dispense, Dole, Deal, Ration
Do Execute, Enact, Carry Out, Finish, Conclude, Effect, Accomplish, Achieve, Attain
Doctrine Dogma, Tenet
Dominant Predominant, Preponderant, Paramount, Preeminent
Doubtful Dubious, Questionable
Doughty, Mettlesome, Plucky, Dauntless, Undaunted
Dramatic Histrionic, Melodramatic, Stagy, Theatrical
Dry Dehydrate, Desiccate, Parch [moisten]
Dull Boring, Tiring,, Tiresome, Uninteresting, Slow, Dumb, Stupid, Unimaginative, Lifeless, Dead, Insensible, Tedious, Wearisome, Listless, Expressionless, Plain, Monotonous, Humdrum, Dreary
Dull boring, tiring„ tiresome, uninteresting, slow, dumb, stupid, unimaginative, lifeless, dead, insensible, tedious, wearisome, listless, expressionless, plain, monotonous, humdrum, dreary
Dull Colorless, Drab, Humdrum, Lackluster, Pedestrian, Stodgy, Uninspired
Dumb Inarticulate, Mute, Speechless
Eager Avid, Keen, Agog
Eager Keen, Fervent, Enthusiastic, Involved, Interested, Alive To
Earn Deserve, Merit, Rate, Win
Easy Simple, Facile, Effortless, Smooth, Light
Eat Consume, Devour, Ingest
Eccentric Strange, Abnormal Natural, Conventional
Eccentricity Idiosyncracy, Quirk
Echo Reecho, Reflect, Resound, Reverberate
Ecstasy Delight, Exultation Despair, Calamity, Depression
Ecstasy Rapture, Transport, Exaltation
Efface Destroy, Obliterate Retain, Maintain
Effect Consequence, Result, Outcome, Upshot, Sequel
Effective Effectual, Efficacious, Efficient
Effort Exertion, Endeavor, Application, Pains, Trouble
Eject Expel, Evict, Dismiss, Oust
Elaborate Complicated, Intricate [simple]
Elderly Old, Aged, Venerable, Superannuated
Elegance Grace, Polish, Urbanity
Element Component, Constituent, Factor, Ingredient
Elevate Dignify, Heighten Deprecate, Denounce
Elevation Altitude, Height
Eliminate Eradicate, Liquidate, Purge
Eliminate Expel, Oust Restore, Accept
Eloquence Expression, Fluency Halting, Stammering
Embarrass Abash, Chagrin, Discomfit, Disconcert, Faze, Rattle
Emphasis Accent, Stress
Empty Vacant, Blank, Void, Vacuous, Bare, Barren
Enclose Cape, Coop, Fence, Hem, Pen, Wall
Encomium Eulogy, Panegyric, Tribute, Citation
Encourage Animate, Cheer, Embolden, Hearten, Inspirit
Encumbrance Hindrance, Obstacle Incentive, Stimulant
End stop, finish, terminate, conclude, close, halt, cessation, discontinuance
End Stop, Finish, Terminate, Conclude, Close, Halt, Cessation, Discontinuance, Cease, Halt, Stay, Pause, Discontinue, Conclude, Finish, Quit
Endanger Hazard, Imperil, Jeopardize, Risk
Endeavour Undertake, Aspire Cease, Quit
Enforce Implement, Invoke
Engagement Appointment, Assignation, Date, Rendezvous, Tryst
Enjoy Appreciate, Delight In, Be Pleased, Indulge In, Luxuriate In, Bask In, Relish, Devour, Savor, Like
Enmity Hostility, Antagonism, Animosity, Rancor, Antipathy, Animus
Enormous Colossal, Mammoth Diminutive, Negligible
Enormous Immense, Huge, Gigantic, Colossal, Mammoth, Tremendous,
Enrapture Entrance, Ravish, Thrill, Transport
Enthusiasm Disgust, Passive
Entirely Deficiently, Incompletely
Envy Begrudge, Covet
Epitome Precise, Example Increment, Expansion
Equanimity Composure, Sang-froid, Serenity
Equipment Apparatus, Gear, Materiel, Outfit, Paraphernalia, Rig, Tackle
Equivocal Uncertain, Hazy Obvious, Lucid
Eradicate Destroy, Exterminate Secure, Plant
Erase Expunge, Efface, Delete, Cancel
Error Mistake, Oversight
Escape Avoid, Shun, Eschew, Evade, Elude
Esteem Respect, Regard Ridicule, Spurn
Estimate Appraise, Assess, Assay, Evaluate, Rate
Estrange Alienate, Disaffect
Eternal Perpetual, Endless Temporary, Momentary
Etiquette Propriety, Protocol, Decomrum
Evade Avoid, Elude Acknowledge, Confront
Evident Obvious, Apparent Obscure, Concealed
Evoke Educe, Elicit
Exaggerate Inflate, Magnify, Overstate
Example Instance, Case, Illustration, Sample, Specimen
Excel Surpass, Exceed, Transcend, Outdo, Outstrip
Excessive Exorbitant, Extravagant, Immoderate, Inordinate, Extreme, Unreasonable
Excessive Scarce, Deficient
Existence Actuality, Being [nonexistence]
Expect Anticipate, Hope, Await
Experience Suffer, Sustain, Taste, Undergo
Experienced Novice, Tyro
Explain Elaborate, Clarify, Define, Interpret, Justify, Account For
Explain Elucidate, Expound, Explicate, Interpret, Construe
Explicit Categorical, Definite, Express, Specific
Expressive Eloquent, Meaningful, Significant
Extemporaneous Extemporary, Extempore, Impromptu, Offhand, Unrehearsed,
Extraordinary Ordinary, Trivial
Extricate Disengage, Disentangle, Untangle
Extrinsic Extraneous, Foreign, Alien
Fabricate Construct, Produce Destroy, Dismantle
Face Countenance, Kisser, Mug, Pan, Physiognomy, Puss, Visage
Fair Just, Equitable, Impartial, Unprejudiced, Unbiased, Objective, Dispassionate
Fair Just, Impartial, Unbiased, Objective, Unprejudiced, Honest
Faithful Loyal, True, Constant, Fast, Steadfast, Staunch
Faithless Unfaithful, False, Disloyal, Traitorous, Treacherous, Perfidious, Recreant
Fall Drop, Descend, Plunge, Topple, Tumble
Fallacy Delusion, Mistake Veracity, Truth
False fake, fraudulent, counterfeit, spurious, untrue, unfounded, erroneous, deceptive, groundless, fallacious
False Wrong, Fake, Fraudulent, Counterfeit, Spurious, Untrue, Unfounded, Erroneous, Deceptive, Groundless, Fallacious, Incorrect, Inaccurate, Mistaken, Erroneous, Improper, Unsuitable
Falter Stumble, Demur Persist, Endure
Familiar Close, Intimate, Confidential, Chummy
Famous Well-known, Renowned, Celebrated, Famed, Eminent, Illustrious, Distinguished, Noted, Notorious
Fanatic Zealot, Enthusiast
Fanatical Narrow-minded, Biased Liberal, Tolerant
Fantastic Bizarre, Grotesque, Fanciful, Exotic
Fantastic Fanciful, Uncommon Ordinary, Normal
Farther Adjoining, Adjacent
Fashion Style, Mode, Vogue
Fashionable Chic, Dashing, In, Modish, Posh, Sharp, Smart, Stylish, Swank, Trendy
Fast Quick, Rapid, Speedy, Fleet, Hasty, Snappy, Mercurial, Swiftly, Rapidly, Quickly, Snappily, Speedily, Lickety-split, Posthaste, Hastily, Expeditiously, Like A Flash
Fast Rapid, Swift, Fleet, Speedy, Quick, Hasty, Expeditious
Fasten Anchor, Fix, Moor, Secure [unfasten]
Fat Obese, Corpulent, Fleshy, Portly, Stout, Pudgy, Rotund, Plump, Chubby
Fat Stout, Corpulent, Fleshy, Beefy, Paunchy, Plump, Full, Rotund, Tubby, Pudgy, Chubby, Chunky, Burly, Bulky, Elephantine
Fatal Deadly, Mortal, Lethal
Fate Destiny, Kismet, Lot, Portion
Fault Failing, Weakness, Frailty, Foible, Vice
Favorable Propitious, Auspicious, Benign, Conducive
Fawn Apple-polish, Bootlick, Kowtow, Slaver, Toady, Truckle
Fear Fright, Dread, Terror, Alarm, Dismay, Anxiety, Scare, Awe, Horror, Panic, Apprehension
Fear Fright, Dread, Terror, Horror, Panic, Alarm, Dismay, Consternation, Trepidation
Feat Achievement, Exploit, Masterstroke
Feeble Weak, Frail Strong, Robust
Feeling Emotion, Passion, Sentiment
Feminine Female, Womanly, Womanish, Effeminate, Ladylike
Ferocious Cruel, Fierce Gentle, Sympathetic
Fertile Fecund, Fruitful, Productive, Prolific [infertile]
Feud Strife, Quarrel Fraternity, Harmony
Fidelity Allegiance, Fealty, Loyalty
Field Bailiwick, Domain, Province, Realm, Sphere, Territory
Figure Design, Device, Motif, Pattern
Financial Pecuniary, Fiscal, Monetary
Firm Hard, Solid
Fit Suitable, Meet, Proper, Appropriate, Apt, Fitting, Happy, Felicitous
Flagrant Glaring, Gross, Egregious, Rank
Flash Gleam, Glance, Glint, Sparkle, Glitter, Glisten, Shimmer, Glimmer,
Flatterer Devoted, Loyal
Fleeting Transient, Temporary Enduring, Eternal
Flexible Elastic, Resilient, Springy, Supple
Flimsy Trifling, Transparent Firm, Tenacious
Flirt Dally, Play, Toy, Trifle
Flock Flight, Herd, Drove, Pack, Gang, Gaggle, Bevy, Brood
Flourish Brandish, Wave
Flow Current, Flood, Flux, Rush, Stream, Tide
Fluctuate Deflect, Vacillate Stabilise, Resolve
Flutter Flicker, Flit, Flitter, Hover
Fly Soar, Hover, Flit, Wing, Flee, Waft, Glide, Coast, Skim, Sail, Cruise
Follow Succeed, Ensue, Result, Supervene
Following Preceding, Previous
Foolish Silly, Fatuous, Absurd, Preposterous, Ridiculous, Ludicrous
Forbid Ban, Enjoin, Interdict, Prohibit, Proscribe
Force Compel, Coerce, Constrain, Oblige, Obligate
Forceful Feeble, Ambiguous
Foreign Alien, Exotic, Strange
Foretell Augur, Divine, Prophesy, Vaticinate
Forgetful Unmindful, Oblivious
Forgive Pardon, Excuse, Condone
Form Figure, Shape, Configuration, Contour, Profile
Forsake Desert, Renounce Hold Maintain
Forte Metier, Specialty, Thing
Found Create, Establish, Institute, Organize
Fragile Breakable, Frangible, Delicate, Brittle
Fragile Weak, Infirm Enduring, Tough
Fragrance Aroma, Bouquet, Perfume, Redolence, Scent
Frank Candid, Outspoken, Straightforward, Open
Frantic Violent, Agitated Subdued, Gentle
Freedom Liberty, License
Frighten Scare, Alarm, Terrify, Terrorize, Startle, Panic
Frivolous Petty, Worthless Solemn, Significant
Frown Glower, Lower, Scowl
Frugality Economy, Providence Lavishness, Extravagance
Frustrate Thwart, Foil, Balk
Full Complete, Plenary, Replete
Function Duty, Office, Role
Fundamental Extraneous, Incidental
Funny Humorous, Amusing, Droll, Comic, Comical, Laughable, Silly
Furnish Equip, Outfit, Appoint, Accouter
Futile Barren, Bootless, Fruitless, Unavailing, Useless, Vain
Gather Collect, Assemble, Congregate, Accumulate, Amass
Gaudy Flashy, Garish, Loud, Meretricious, Tawdry
Gaze Stare, Gape, Glare, Peer, Ogle
General Common, Generic, Universal [particular]
Gesture Gesticulation, Sign, Signal
Get Acquire, Obtain, Secure, Procure, Gain, Fetch, Find, Score, Accumulate, Win, Earn, Rep, Catch, Net, Bag, Derive, Collect, Gather, Glean, Pick Up, Accept, Come By, Regain, Salvage
Ghastly Grim, Gruesome, Grisly, Macabre, Lurid
Giddy Dizzy, Vertiginous
Glad Happy, Cheerful, Lighthearted, Joyful, Joyous
Glib Slick, Smooth-tongued
Gloom Obscurity, Darkness Delight, Mirth
Glum Gloomy, Morose, Crabbed, Dour, Saturnine, Sullen, Surly, Sulky
Glut Stuff, Satiate Starve, Abstain
Go Depart, Disappear, Fade, Move, Proceed, Recede, Travel
Go recede, depart, fade, disappear, move, travel, proceed
Good Excellent, Fine, Superior, Wonderful, Marvelous, Qualified, Suited, Suitable, Apt, Proper, Capable, Generous, Kindly, Friendly, Gracious, Obliging, Pleasant, Agreeable, Pleasurable, Satisfactory, Well-behaved, Obedient, Honorable, Reliable, Trustworthy, Safe, Favorable, Profitable, Advantageous, Righteous, Expedient, Helpful, Valid, Genuine, Ample, Salubrious, Estimable, Beneficial, Splendid, Great, Noble, Worthy, First-rate, Top-notch, Grand, Sterling, Superb, Respectable, Edifying
Gorgeous Magnificent,
Gossip Blab, Tattle
Gracious Cordial, Genial, Sociable [ungracious]
Gracious Courteous,
Grand Magnificient, Imposing, Stately, Majestic, August, Grandiose
Grant Vouchsafe, Concede, Accord, Award
Graphic Lifelike, Realistic, Vivid
Great Noteworthy, Worthy, Distinguished, Remarkable, Grand, Considerable, Powerful, Much, Mighty
Grieve Lament, Mourn, Sorrow
Grisly Disgusting,
Gross Improper, Rude, Coarse, Indecent, Crude, Vulgar, Outrageous, Extreme, Grievous, Shameful, Uncouth, Obscene, Low
Grudge Hatred, Aversion Benevolence, Affection
Gruff Brusque, Blunt, Bluff, Curt, Crusty
Guide Lead, Pilot, Sheperd, Steer, Usher
Guile Cunning, Deceit Honesty, Frankness
Habit Practice, Custom, Usage, Use, Wont, Habitude
Haggard Wasted, Worn, Careworn
Hamper Fetter, Handcuff, Hobble, Hog-tie, Manacle, Shackle, Trammel
Hamper Retard, Prevent Promote, Facilitate
Handle Manipulate, Wield, Ply
Haphazard Random, Unsorted Considered, Arranged
Hapless Unfortunate,
Happen Befall, Betide, Chance, Occur
Happy Fortunate, Lucky, Providential
Happy Pleased, Contented, Satisfied, Delighted, Elated, Joyful, Cheerful, Ecstatic, Jubilant, Gay, Tickled, Gratified, Glad, Blissful
Happy pleased, contented, satisfied, delighted, elated, joyful, cheerful, ecstatic, jubilant, gay, tickled, gratified, glad, blissful, overjoyed
Harass Harry, Hound, Badger, Pester, Plague, Bait
Harass Irritate, Molest Assist, Comfort
Hard Difficult, Arduous
Harden Acclimate, Acclimatize, Season, Toughen
Haste Celerity, Dispatch, Expedition, Hurry, Speed [deliberation]
Hate Despise, Loathe, Detest, Abhor, Disfavor, Dislike, Disapprove, Abominate
Hateful Detestable, Odious, Obnoxious, Offensive, Repellent
Haughty Arrogant, Pompous Humble, Submissive
Have Hold, Possess, Own, Contain, Acquire, Gain, Maintain, Believe, Bear, Beget, Occupy, Absorb, Fill, Enjoy
Hazard Peril, Danger Conviction, Security
Healthy Sound, Wholesome, Hale, Robust, Well, Hardy, Vigorous
Heap Bank, Mound, Pile, Stack
Heavy Weighty, Hefty, Massive, Ponderous, Cumbersome
Help Aid, Assist, Succor
Help Aid, Assist, Support, Encourage, Back, Wait On, Attend, Serve, Relieve, Succor, Benefit, Befriend, Abet
Heretic Non-conformist,
Heritage Inheritance, Legacy, Tradition
Hesitate Vacillate, Waver, Falter
Hide Conceal, Cover, Mask, Cloak, Camouflage, Screen, Shroud, Veil
Hide Conceal, Secrete, Cache, Screen, Bury, Cloak
Hideous Frightful,
High Tall, Lofty, Towering, Elevated
Hinder Hamper, Impede, Obstruct, Block, Dam, Bar
Hole Hollow, Cavity, Pocket
Honesty Honor, Integrity, Probity, Rectitude
Honor Homage, Reverence, Veneration, Deference
Hospitable Frugal, Penurious
Hot Feverish, Warm, Heated, Sweltering, Torrid, Equatorial, Tropical, Erotic, Passionate, Spicy, Peppery, Pungent, Sharp Tangy, Tart, Fiery, Flaming, Sizzling, Charged, Burning, Seared, Chafed´, Inflamed, Irritated, Red, Smarting, Stinging
Humane Compassionate, Humanitarian, Merciful [inhumane]
Hurry Rush, Run, Speed, Race, Hasten, Urge, Accelerate, Bustle
Hurt Damage, Harm, Injure, Wound, Distress, Afflict, Pain
Hypocrisy Deception,
Idea Thought, Concept, Conception, Notion, Understanding, Opinion, Plan, View, Belief
Idea Thought, Notion, Concept, Conception
Ideal Model, Example, Exemplar, Standard, Pattern
Ignorant Uneducated, Untaught, Unlearned, Untutored, Unlettered, Illiterate
Ill-fated Fortunate, Lucky
Imagination Fancy, Fantasy
Imitate Copy, Mimic, Ape, Parody, Simulate
Immaterial Incorporeal, Insubstantial, Metaphysical, Spiritual [material]
Immense Huge, Enormous Puny, Insignificant
Immerse Submerge, Involve Emerge, Uncover
Imminent Impending, Brewing Distant, Receding
Immunity Prerogative,
Impact Repercussion
Impair Diminish,
Impartial Just, Unbiased Prejudiced, Biased
Impediment Hurdle,
Impetuous Heedless, Hasty, Headlong, Precipitate, Sudden
Impious Irreligious,
Importance Consequence, Moment, Significance, Import, Weight
Important necessary, vital, critical, indispensable, valuable, essential, significant, primary, principal, considerable, famous, distinguished, notable, well-known
Important Necessary, Vital, Critical, Indispensable, Valuable, Essential, Significant, Primary, Principal, Considerable, Famous, Distinguished, Notable, Well-known Interesting Fascinating, Engaging, Sharp, Keen, Bright, Intelligent, Animated, Spirited, Attractive, Inviting, Intriguing, Provocative, Thoughtprovoking, Challenging, Inspiring, Involving, Moving, Titillating, Tantalizing, Exciting, Entertaining, Piquant, Lively, Racy, Spicy, Engrossing, Absorbing, Consuming, Gripping, Arresting, Enthralling, Spellbinding, Curious, Captivating, Enchanting, Bewitching, Appealing
Impostor Quack, Faker, Humbug, Mountebank, Charlatan
Impoverished Prosperous, Thriving
Impregnable Effeminate, Languid
Impression Impress, Imprint, Print, Stamp
Improper Unbecoming, Unseemly, Indelicate, Indecent, Indecorous
Improve Better, Help, Ameliorate
Impudence Modesty, Diffidence
Impute Attribute, Ascribe Exculpate, Support
Inactive Idle, Inert, Passive, Dormant, Torpid, Supine
Inattentive Brisk, Attentive
Incalculable Countless, Immeasurable, Incomputable, Infinite, Innumerable, Measureless
Incisive Trenchant, Biting, Cutting, Crisp, Clear-cut
Incite Instigate, Foment, Abet
Incline Bias, Dispose, Predispose [disincline]
Include Comprise, Comprehend, Embrace, Involve
Incompetent Inefficient,
Incongruous Inappropriate,
Inconsistent Incongruous, Incompatible, Discordant, Uncongenial, Discrepant
Increase Expand, Enlarge, Extend, Augment, Multiply
Indicate Argue, Attest, Bespeak, Betoken, Testify, Witness
Indifferent Unconcerned, Incurious, Detached, Uninterested
Indirect Circuitous, Roundabout
Indispensable Essential, Necessary, Needful, Requisite
Inevitable Unavoidable,
Infinite Boundless, Eternal, Illimitable, Sempiternal [finite]
Inflexible Inexorable, Adamant, Obdurate
Infringe Violate, Encroach Comply, Concur
Ingenuous Undisguised, Naive Wily, Crafty
Inhumane Compassionate, Lenient
Injure Harm, Hurt, Damage, Impair, Mar, Spoil
Injustice Injury, Wrong, Grievance
Innate Inborn, Inbred, Congenital, Hereditary
Inquiry Inquest, Inquisition, Investigation, Probe, Research
Insanity Lunacy, Madness, Mania, Dementia
Insignificant Significant Veteran
Insinuate Allude, Hint Conceal, Camouflage
Insipid Tasteless, Vapid Delicious, Luscious
Insolvent Indigent,
Instil Inculcate, Inject Eradicate, Extract
Instinctive Instinctual, Intuitive, Visceral
Insubordinate Rebellious, Mutinous, Factious, Seditious
Insufficient Lavish, Multitude
Insurgent Submissive, Faithful
Insurrection Compliance, Subjection
Intelligent Bright, Brilliant, Knowing, Quick-witted, Smart, Intellectual
Intense Fierce, Vehement, Violent
Intention Intent, Purpose, Goal, End, Aim, Object, Objective
Interesting fascinating, engaging, sharp, keen, bright, intelligent, animated, spirited, attractive, inviting, intriguing, provocative, though-provoking, challenging, inspiring, involving, moving, titillating, tantalizing, exciting, entertaining, piquant, lively, racy, spicy, engrossing, absorbing, consuming, gripping, arresting, enthralling, spellbinding, curious, captivating, enchanting, bewitching, appealing
Interfere Meddle, Tamper
Intimidate Browbeat, Bulldoze, Cow, Bully, Bludgeon
Intricate Tangled,
Intrigue Scheme, Conspiracy Candour, Sincerity
Intrinsic Genuine,
Introduce Insert, Interject, Interlard, Interpolate, Interpose
Intrude Obtrude
Invective Accusation,
Invincible Unconquerable,
Irrelevant Extraneous, Immaterial, Impertinent [relevant]
Irrepressible Irresistible,
Isolate Insulate, Seclude, Segregate, Sequester
Item Detail, Particular
Jaded Tired, Exhausted Renewed, Recreated
Jealous Covetous, Envious
Jejune Dull, Boring Interesting, Exciting
Jerk Snap, Twitch, Wrench, Yank
Join Combine, Unite, Link, Connect, Relate, Associate
Joke Jest, Witticism, Quip, Sally, Crack, Wisecrack, Gag
Jolly Jovial, Merry, Blithe, Jocund
Jubilant Rejoicing,
Judge Arbitrator, Arbiter, Referee, Umpire
Judicious Thoughtful,
Just Honest, Impartial Unequal, Unfair
Justify Defend, Exculpate Impute, Arraign
Justify Warrant
Juvenile Young, Tender Dotage, Antiquated
Keen Sharp, Poignant Vapid, Insipid
Keep Hold, Retain, Withhold, Preserve, Maintain, Sustain, Support
Keep Retain, Withhold, Reserve
Kill Slay, Execute, Assassinate, Murder, Destroy, Cancel, Abolish
Kind Kindly, Kindhearted, Benign, Benevolent
Kindred Relation, Species Unrelated, Dissimilar
Knave ध
Knell Death Knell, Last
Knotty Complicated
Knowledge Information, Learning, Erudition, Lore, Scholarship
Lack Want, Need
Large Big, Great [small]
Last Final, Terminal, Eventual, Ultimate
Latent Dormant, Quiescent
Lavish Abundant,
Lawyer Attorney, Counselor, Counsel, Barrister, Solicitor
Lax Slack, Careless Firm, Reliable
Lazy Faineant, Idle, Indolent, Slothful
Lazy Indolent, Slothful, Idle, Inactive, Sluggish
Lean Spare, Skinny, Scrawny, Lank, Lanky, Rawboned, Gaunt
Learned Erudite, Scholarly
Lenient Compassionate,
Lethargy Lassitude, Torpor, Torpidity, Stupor, Languor
Letter Epistle, Missive, Note
Level Flat, Even, Plane, Smooth, Flush
Liable Accountable, Bound Unaccountable, Apt To
Liberal Bounteous, Bountiful, Freehanded, Generous, Handsome,
Liberal Magnanimous,
Lie Equivocate, Fib, Palter, Prevaricate
Lift Raise, Rear, Elevate, Hoist, Heave, Boost
Like Love, Enjoy, Relish, Fancy, Dote
Likeness Similarity, Similitude, Resemblance, Analogy, Affinity
Limit Restrict, Confine, Circumscribe
Limp Flabby, Flaccid, Floppy [firm]
Linger Loiter, Prolong Hasten, Quicken
Listless Indifferent,
Little Small, Tiny, Diminutive, Shrimp, Runt, Miniature, Puny, Exiguous, Dinky, Cramped, Limited, Itsy-bitsy, Microscopic, Slight, Petite, Minute
Little tiny, small, diminutive, shrimp, runt, miniature, puny, exiguous, dinky, cramped, limited, itsy-bitsy, microscopic, slight, petite, minute
Livelihood Living, Subsistence, Sustenance, Maintenance, Support, Keep
Living Alive, Live, Animate, Animated, Vital
Logical Analytic, Ratiocinative, Rational
Look Gaze, See, Glance, Watch, Survey, Study, Seek, Search For, Peek, Peep, Glimpse, Stare, Contemplate, Examine, Gape, Ogle, Scrutinize, Inspect, Leer, Behold, Observe, View, Witness, Perceive, Spy, Sight, Discover, Notice, Recognize, Peer, Eye, Gawk, Peruse, Explore
Loose Lax, Slack [tight]
Loud Earsplitting, Stentorian, Strident [soft]
Love Affection, Devotion, Fondness, Infatuation
Love Like, Admire, Esteem, Fancy, Care For, Cherish, Adore, Treasure, Worship, Appreciate, Savor
Lucid Sound, Rational Obscure, Hidden
Lunacy Delusion, Insanity Normalcy, Sanity
Lure Attract, Entice Repel, Dissuade
Lure Entice, Inveigle, Decoy, Tempt, Seduce
Lurk Skulk, Slink, Sneak
Luxuriant Profuse, Abundant Scanty, Meagre
Luxury Extravagance, Frill [necessity]
Make Create, Originate, Invent, Beget, Form, Construct, Design, Fabricate, Manufacture, Produce, Build, Develop, Do, Effect, Execute, Compose, Perform, Accomplish, Earn, Gain, Obtain, Acquire, Get
Makeshift Expedient, Resort, Stopgap
Male Masculine, Manlike, Manly, Manful, Virile, Mannish
Malevolence Antidote, Benevolent
Malign Defame, Traduce, Vilify, Asperse, Slander, Calumniate, Libel
Malleable Ductile, Plastic, Pliable, Pliant
Maltreatment Praise, Favour
Manipulate Exploit, Maneuver
Mark Brand, Label, Tag, Ticket
Mark Label, Tag, Price, Ticket, Impress, Effect, Trace, Imprint, Stamp, Brand, Sign, Note, Heed, Notice, Designate
Mature Age, Develope, Ripen
Meager Spare, Sparse, Skimpy, Scanty, Scant
Mean Add Up To, Affect, Be Important, Be Of Value, Be Substantive, Carry Weight, Connote, Count, Denote, Express, Imply, Intend, Involve, Signify, Spell, Stand For, Suggest, Value, Weigh In
Mean Denote, Import, Signify
Mean Low, Base, Abject, Ignoble, Sordid
Meaning Acceptation, Import, Sense, Significance, Signification
Meaningless Senseless, Mindless, Irrational, Pointless, Purposeless
Melt Fuse, Liquefy, Thaw, Deliquesce
Memory Remembrance, Recollection, Reminiscence
Merciful Cruel, Severe
Mercy Leniency, Lenity, Clemency, Charity
Method System, Routine, Manner, Mode, Fashion, Way
Meticulous Careful, Painstaking, Scrupulous, Fastidious, Punctilious
Mind Intellect, Intelligence, Brain, Wit, Reason
Miniature Large, Colossal
Minute Diminutive,
Mirth Merriment, Jollity, Hilarity, Glee
Miscellaneous Heterogeneous, Motley, Mixed, Varied, Assorted
Mischievous prankish, playful, naughty, roguish, waggish, impish, sportive
Misfortune Adversity, Mishap, Mischance
Misleading Deceptive, Delusive, Delusory
Mitigate Alleviate, Relieve Augment, Enhance
Mix Blend, Mingle, Coalesce, Merge, Amalgamate, Fuse
Mixture Blend, Admixture, Compund, Composite, Amalgam
Moderate Qualify, Temper [intensify]
Modest Humble, Courteous Arrogant, Pompous
Molest Harass, Tease Console, Soothe
Mollify Appease, Assuage Irritate, Infuriate
Moment Instant, Minute, Second, Jiffy, Flash
Momentous Notable, Eventful Trivial, Insignificant
Monopolize Absorb, Consume, Engross, Preoccupy
Monotonous Irksome, Tedious Varied, Pleasant
Mood Humor, Temper
Moody temperamental, changeable, short-tempered, glum, morose, sullen, mopish, irritable, testy, peevish, fretful, spiteful, sulky, touchy
Moody Temperamental, Changeable, Shorttempered, Glum, Morose, Sullen, Mopish, Irritable, Testy, Peevish, Fretful, Spiteful, Sulky, Touchy
Moral Ethical, Virtuous, Righteous
Morale Esprit, Esprit De Corps
Move Plod, Go, Creep, Crawl, Inch, Poke, Drag, Toddle, Shuffle, Trot, Dawdle, Walk, Traipse, Mosey, Jog, Plug, Trudge, Slump, Lumber, Trail, Lag, Run, Sprint, Trip, Bound, Hotfoot, High-tail, Streak, Stride, Tear, Breeze, Whisk, Rush, Dash, Dart, Bolt, Fling, Scamper, Scurry, Skedaddle, Scoot, Scuttle, Scramble, Race, Chase, Hasten, Hurry, Hump, Gallop, Lope, Accelerate, Stir, Budge, Travel, Wander, Roam, Journey, Trek, Ride, Spin, Slip, Glide, Slide, Slither, Coast, Flow, Sail, Saunter, Hobble, Amble, Stagger, Paddle, Slouch, Prance, Straggle, Meander, Perambulate, Waddle, Wobble, Pace, Swagger, Promenade, Lunge
Moving Stirring, Poignant, Touching, Pathetic, Affecting
Mulish, Dogged, Pertinacious
Multitude Host, Legion, Army
Munificent Liberal,
Munificent, Openhanded [stingy]
Murky Dusky, Dreary Bright Shining
Muscular Athletic, Brawny, Burly, Sinewy
Mutinous Recalcitrant,
Mutual Joint, Identical Separate, Distinct
Mysterious Esoteric, Arcane, Occult, Inscrutable
Naive Simple, Ingenuous, Unsophisticated, Natural, Unaffected, Guileless, Artless
Name Designation, Denomination, Title, Appellation, Cognomen
Native Indigenous, Endemic, Autochthonous, Aboriginal
Nautical Marine, Maritime, Naval
Neat Clean, Orderly, Tidy, Trim, Dapper, Natty, Smart, Elegant, Well-organized, Super, Desirable, Spruce, Shipshape, Well-kept, Shapely
Neat Tidy, Trim, Shipshape, Spick-and-span, Spruce, Trig
Need Necessity, Exigency, Requisite
Negligent Attentive, Considerate
Negligent Derelict, Lax, Neglectful, Remiss, Slack
Negligent Inattentive,
Neutralize Negate, Nullify, Counteract
New Fresh, Novel, Newfangled, Original
New Fresh, Unique, Original, Unusual, Novel, Modern, Current, Recent
News Advice, Intelligence, Tidings, Word
Niggardly Miser, Covetous Generous, Profuse
Nimble Agile, Quick, Brisk, Facile, Spry
Nimble Prompt, Brisk Sluggish, Languid
Noise Din, Racket, Uproar, Pandemonium, Hullabaloo, Hubbub, Clamor, Babel
Noisy Loudly, Earsplitting, Stentorian, Strident, Clamorous, Boisterous, Clangorous, Deafening, Roisterous, Uproarious, Pandemoniac
Nonchalant Indifferent,
None Nothing, Nobody, No One, Zero, Zilch, No One At All, No Part, Not A Bit, Not A Soul, Not A Thing, Not Any, Not Anyone, Not Anything, Not One, Nonexistent, Null Nadir, Nil, Naught, Void, Nada, Blank, Nix
Normal Daily, Traditional, Familiar, Routine, Proper, Ordinary, Typical, Everyday, Usual, Commonplace, Natural, Classic, Standard, General, Bona Fide, Established, Habitual, Orthodox, Prevalent, Run-of-the-mill, Timehonored, Unvarying, Average, Conventional, Customary, Common, Regular, Gardenvariety, Household, Plain, Simple, Balanced
Normal Regular, Natural, Typical
Noted Celebrated, Eminent, Famed, Famous, Illustrious, Notable, Preeminent, Renowned
Noticeable Observable, Marked, Conspicuous, Prominent, Outstanding,
Novice Tyro, Beginner Veteran, Ingenious
Noxious Baneful, Injurious Healing, Profitable
Nuance Gradation, Shade
Nullify Cancel, Annual Confirm, Uphold
Numerous Profuse, Various Scarce, Deficient
Nurture Cultivate, Foster, Nurse
Obedient Biddable, Compliant, Acquiescent, Submissive, Docile, Amenable, Tractable
Object Protest, Kick, Demur, Remonstrate, Expostulate
Obligation Responsibility, Duty
Oblige Accommodate, Favor [disoblige]
Obnoxious Engaging, Fascinating
Observe Keep, Celebrate, Commemorate, Solemnize
Obstacle Obstruction, Bar, Barrier, Block, Hindrance, Impediment, Snag
Obstinate Complacent, Docile
Obstinate Stubborn, Headstrong, Stiff-necked, Bullheaded, Pigheaded,
Obstruct Impede, Prevent Hasten, Encourage
Obstruction Assistance, Concurrence
Obvious Evident, Apparent Obscure, Ambiguous
Occult Latent, Ambiguous Intelligible, Transparent
Occurrence Happening, Event, Incident, Episode, Circumstance
Odious Malevolent,
Offend Insult, Affront, Outrage
Offense Crime, Sin, Error
Offensive Abhorrent,
Offensive Disgusting, Loathsome, Nasty, Repellent, Repulsive, Revolting, Vile
Offensive Elegant, Civil
Offer Proffer, Tender, Present
Offspring Descendant,
Old Ancient, Archaic, Antediluvian, Obsolete, Antique, Antiquated
Old feeble, frail, ancient, weak, aged, used, worn, dilapidated, ragged, faded, broken-down, former, old-fashioned, outmoded, passe, veteran, mature, venerable, primitive, traditional, archaic, conventional, customary, stale, musty, obsolete, extinct
Old Feeble, Frail, Ancient, Weak, Aged, Used, Worn, Dilapidated, Ragged, Faded, Brokendown, Former, Old-fashioned, Outmoded, Passe, Veteran, Mature, Venerable, Primitive, Traditional, Archaic, Conventional, Customary, Stale, Musty, Obsolete, Extinct
Opaque Obscure, Shady Transparent, Bright
Opinion View, Sentiment, Feeling, Belief, Conviction, Persuasion
Opponent Adversary, Antagonist
Opportune Seasonable, Timely, Well-timed [inopportune]
Opportunity Occasion, Opening, Chance, Break
Oppose Fight, Combat, Resist, Withstand, Contest
Opposite Contrary, Antithetical, Contradictory
Oracular Cryptic, Vague Lucid, Distinct
Ordain Order, Impose Revoke, Abolish
Orderly Methodical, Systematic
Origin Inception, Source, Root
Ornamental Decorative,
Ornate Florid, Flamboyant, Baroque, Rococo
Outbreak Eruption,
Outline Contour, Profile, Silhouette
Outlive Outlast, Survive
Outrage Offence,
Outrageous Flagrant, Atrocious, Monstrous
Overthrow Overturn, Subvert, Topple, Upset
Overthrow Succumb, Withdraw
Overwhelm Triumph, Subjugate Flounder, Falter
Pacify Mollify, Conciliate, Appease, Placate
Pain Ache, Pang, Smart, Stitch, Throe, Twinge
Palliate Extenuate, Gloss, Gloze, Whitewash
Pamper Flatter, Indulge Deny, Disparage
Pamper Indulge, Humor, Spoil, Coddle, Mellycoddle, Babe
Paragon Nonsuch, Nonpareil
Paramount Foremost, Eminent Trivial, Inferior
Parsimonious, Penurious, Tight
Part Portion, Share, Piece, Allotment, Section, Fraction, Fragment
Partner Colleague, Ally, Confederate
Passion Fervor, Fire, Zeal, Ardor
Pathetic Pitiful, Pitiable, Piteous, Lamentable
Patience Long-suffering, Resignation, Forbearance
Pause Intermission, Recess, Respite, Suspension
Pedantic Academic, Bookish, Donnish, Scholastic
Peerless Matchless,
Peevish Perverse, Sullen Suave, Amiable
Penitence Compunction, Contrition, Remorse, Repentance
Pensive Contemplative, Reflective, Meditative, Thoughtful
Perceptible Palpable, Appreciable, Noticeable, Discernible
Perennial, Interminable
Perfect Consummate, Faultless, Flawless, Impeccable [imperfect]
Perform Execute, Accomplish, Achieve, Effect, Fulfill, Discharge
Period Epoch, Era, Age, Term
Periodic Sporadic, Intermittent, Occasional, Fitful
Permission Authorization, Consent, Leave, License [prohibition]
Perseverance Persistence, Tenacity, Pertinacity
Persuade Induce, Prevail, Convince
Pertness Pertness Flippancy,
Phase Aspect, Facet, Angle, Side
Physique Build, Constitution
Pity Compassion, Commiseration, Sympathy, Condolence, Empathy
Place Space, Area, Spot, Plot, Region, Location, Situation, Position, Residence, Dwelling, Set, Site, Station, Status, State
Placid Tranquil, Calm Turbulent, Hostile
Plain Modest, Simple, Unostentatious, Unpretentious [ornate]
Plan Blueprint, Design, Project, Scheme, Strategy
Plan Plot, Scheme, Design, Draw, Map, Diagram, Procedure, Arrangement, Intention, Device, Contrivance, Method, Way, Blueprint
Plausible Believable, Colorable, Credible
Playful Mischievous, Impish, Waggish, Frolicsome
Playful Mischievous, Prankish, Naughty, Roguish, Waggish, Impish, Sportive
Please Delight, Gladden, Gratify, Tickle [displease]
Pleasure Enjoyment, Delight, Delectation, Joy
Plentiful Abundant, Ample, Copious, Plenteous [scant]
Poet Bard, Versifier, Rhymer, Rhymester, Poetaster
Poisonous Mephitic, Pestilent, Pestilential, Toxic, Venomous, Virulent
Polite Mannerly, Civil, Courteous, Genteel
Pompous Haughty, Arrogant Unpretentious, Humble
Ponder Meditate, Deliberate, Ruminate, Mull, Muse
Poor Indigent, Needy, Impecunious, Penniless, Impoverished, Poverty-stricken, Destitute
Popular Well-liked, Approved, Accepted, Favorite, Celebrated, Common, Current
Possible Workable, Practicable, Feasible, Viable
Posture Attitude, Carriage, Pose, Stance
Practice Drill, Exercise, Rehearse
Praise Acclaim, Commend, Extol, Laud
Precarious Doubtful, Insecure Assured, Undeniable
Predicament Plight, Dilemma Resolution, Confidence
Predicament Plight, Quandary, Jam, Fix, Pickle
Predicament quandary, dilemma, pickle, problem, plight, spot, scrape, jam
Predict Call, Forecast, Foretell, Prognosticate
Predilection Bias, Leaning, Partiality, Penchant, Prejudice, Proclivity, Propensity
Preliminary Introductory, Prefatory, Preparatory
Premature Precocious,
Presume Presuppose, Postulate, Posit, Assume
Pretend Assume, Affect, Simulate, Feign, Fake, Counterfeit
Pretension Modesty, Humility
Prevailing Prevalent, Current, Rife
Prevaricate Unfeign, Plain
Prevent Preclude, Avert, Obviate, Forestall
Price Charge, Cost, Expense
Privilege Blame, Censure
Prodigious Vast, Enormous Unimpressive, Diminutive
Prodigy Miracle, Marvel Normal, Average
Produce Bear, Yield
Profane Blasphemous, Sacrilegious
Proficient Adept, Skilled, Skillful, Expert
Profligate Dissolute,
Profuse Exuberant, Lavish, Lush, Luxuriant, Prodigal, Riotous [spare]
Profuse Lavish, Abundant Scarce, Scantly
Promise Covenant, Engage, Pledge, Plight, Swear, Vow
Prone Supine, Prostrate, Recumbent
Proportion Harmony, Symmetry, Balance
Propose Pose, Propound, Submit
Proscribe Prohibit, Exclude Solicit, Include
Protract Prolong, Delay Abbreviate, Curtail
Proud Arrogant, Haughty, Disdainful, Supercilious
Provoke Incite, Excite, Stimulate, Arouse, Rouse, Stir
Provoke Inflame, Incite Pacify, Comfort
Prudence Discretion, Foresight, Forethought, Circumspection
Prudent Cautious, Discreet Impetuous, Unwise
Prudent Irrational, Foolish
Pull Drag, Draw, Haul, Tow, Tug [push]
Pulsate Pulse, Beat, Palpitate, Throb
Punish Correct, Chastise, Discipline, Castigate, Penalize
Pure Absolute, Sheer, Simple, Unadulterated
Push Propel, Shove, Thrust [pull]
Put Place, Set, Attach, Establish, Assign, Keep, Save, Set Aside, Effect, Achieve, Do, Build
Puzzle Perplex, Mystify, Bewilder, Confound
Quack Impostor, Deceiver Upright, Unfeigned
Quaint Queer, Strange Familiar, Usual
Quality Property, Attribute, Character, Trait
Qualm Scruple, Compunction, Misgiving
Quarantine Seclude, Screen Befriend, Socialize
Quell Subdue, Reduce Exacerbate, Agitate
Questionable Dubious,
Quibble Carp, Cavil, Niggle, Nitpick, Pettifog
Quibble Equivocate,
Quiet silent, still, soundless, mute, tranquil, peaceful, calm, restful
Quiet Silent, Still, Soundless, Mute, Tranquil, Peaceful, Calm, Restful, Hushed, Inaudible Reticent, Reserved, Taciturn, Secretive, Uncommunicative, Tightlipped
Range Ambit, Compass, Orbit, Purview, Reach, Scope, Sweep
Ratify Consent, Approve Deny, Dissent
Ravage Destroy, Ruin Reconstruct, Renovate
Reach Achieve, Attain, Gain, Compass
Real Actual, True, Existent
Reap Garner, Gather, Gleam, Harvest
Reason Intuition, Understanding, Judgement
Rebellion Revolution, Revolt, Mutiny, Insurrection, Uprising
Recede Ebb, Retract, Retreat, Retrograde [advance]
Reciprocate Requite, Return
Reckless Rash, Precipitate, Foolhardy, Temerarious
Recoil Blench, Quail, Shrink, Flinch
Recover Regain, Recoup, Retrieve
Redeem Recover, Liberate Conserve, Lose
Refer Advert, Mention
Refrain Abstain, Forbear
Refuse Decline, Reject, Spurn, Rebuff
Regard Esteem, Admiration, Respect
Regret Sorrow, Grief, Anguish, Woe, Heartache, Heartbreak
Relevant Pertinent, Germane, Material, Apposite, Apropos [irrelevant]
Reliable Dependable, Responsible, Trustworthy
Relieve Allay, Alleviate, Assuage, Lighten, Mitigate, Palliate
Religious Devout, Pious, Sanctimonious
Relinquish Yield, Resign, Abandon, Surrender, Cede, Waive, Renounce
Rely Trust, Depend, Reckon
Remainder Rest, Balance, Residue, Residuum, Remnant, Leavings, Remains
Remember Bethink, Recall, Recollect [forget]
Remnant Residue, Piece Entire, Whole
Remonstrate Censure, Protest Agree, Loud
Remorse Regret, Penitence Ruthlessness, Obduracy
Remote Inaccessible,
Reparation Redress, Amends, Restitution, Indemnity
Repeat Iterate, Reiterate, Restate
Replace Supplant, Supersede
Represent Delineate, Depict, Limn, Picture, Portray
Rescind Annul, Abrogate Delegate, Permit
Resentment Displeasure, Wrath Content, Cheer
Resort Apply, Go, Refer, Turn
Responsible Answerable, Liable, Accountable, Amenable
Rest Relaxation, Repose, Leisure, Ease, Comfort
Restrain Curb, Check, Bridle, Inhibit
Retract Recant, Withdraw Confirm, Assert
Return Revert, Recur, Recrudesce
Reveal Expose, Disclose, Divulge, Betray
Revere Worship, Venerate, Adore, Idolize
Reverence Respect, Esteem Disrespect, Affront
Reverse Invert, Transpose
Revive Restore, Resuscitate, Revivify
Rhythm Meter, Cadence
Rich Affluent, Flush, Loaded, Moneyed, Wealthy [poor]
Ridicule Mock, Taunt, Twit, Deride, Gibe
Right correct, accurate, factual, true, good, just, honest, upright, lawful, moral, proper, suitable, apt, legal, fair
Right Privilege, Prerogative, Perquisite, Birthright
Rise Ascend, Climb, Soar, Tower, Mount, Surge
Rival Compete, Vie, Emulate
Room Elbowroom, Latitude, Leeway, Margin, Play, Scope
Rough Harsh, Jagged, Rugged, Scabrous, Uneven
Rout Vanquish,
Rude Crude, Primitive, Raw, Rough
Ruin Raze, Demolish, Destroy, Wreck
Run Dash, Escape, Elope, Flee, Hasten, Hurry, Race, Rush, Speed, Sprint
Run race, speed, hurry, hasten, sprint, dash, rush, escape, elope, flee
Rural Bucolic, Rustic, Pastoral
Rustic Rural Uncivilised Cultured, Refined
Sad Melancholy, Sorrowful, Doleful, Woebegone, Desolate
Sad Miserable, Uncomfortable, Wretched, Heart-broken, Unfortunate, Poor, Downhearted, Sorrowful, Depressed, Dejected, Melancholy, Glum, Gloomy, Dismal, Discouraged, Unhappy
Salient, Remarkable, Signal, Arresting, Striking
Same Identical, Selfsame, Very [different]
Sarcastic Ironic, Caustic, Satirical, Sardonic
Sarcastic Ironical, Derisive Courteous, Gracious
Satiate Sate, Cloy, Glut, Gorge, Surfeit
Satisfy Answer, Fill, Fullfil, Meet
Saucy Impudent, Insolent Modest, Humble
Save Rescue, Reclaim, Redeem, Deliver
Say/tell Inform, Notify, Advise, Relate, Recount, Narrate, Explain, Reveal, Disclose, Divulge, Declare, Command, Order, Bid, Enlighten, Instruct, Insist, Teach, Train, Direct, Issue, Remark, Converse, Speak, Affirm, Suppose, Utter, Negate, Express, Verbalize, Voice, Articulate, Pronounce, Deliver, Convey, Impart, Assert, State, Allege, Mutter, Mumble, Whisper, Sigh, Exclaim, Yell, Sing, Yelp, Snarl, Hiss, Grunt, Snort, Roar, Bellow, Thunder, Boom, Scream, Shriek, Screech, Squawk, Whine, Philosophize, Stammer, Stutter, Lisp, Drawl, Jabber, Protest,
Say/Tell inform, notify, advise, relate, recount, narrate, explain, reveal, disclose, divulge, declare, command, order, bid, enlighten, instruct, insist, teach, train, direct, issue, remark, converse, speak, affirm, suppose, utter, negate, express, verbalize, voice, articulate, pronounce, deliver, convey, impart, assert, state, allege, mutter, mumble, whisper, sigh, exclaim, yell, sing, yelp, snarl, hiss, grunt, snort, roar, bellow, thunder, boom, scream, shriek, screech, squawk, whine, philosophize, stammer, stutter, lisp, drawl, jabber, protest, announce, swear, vow, content, assure, deny, dispute
Saying Maxim, Adage, Saw, Motto, Epigram, Proverb, Aphorism
Scanty Scarce,
Scared Afraid, Frightened, Alarmed, Terrified, Panicked, Fearful, Unnerved, Insecure, Timid, Shy, Skittish, Jumpy, Disquieted, Worried, Vexed, Troubled, Disturbed, Horrified, Terrorized, Shocked, Petrified, Haunted, Timorous, Shrinking, Stupefied, Paralyzed, Stunned, Apprehensive
Scared afraid, frightened, alarmed, terrified, panicked, fearful, unnerved, insecure, timid, shy, skittish, jumpy, disquieted, worried, vexed, troubled, disturbed, horrified, terrorized, shocked, petrified, haunted, timorous, shrinking, tremulous, stupefied, paralyzed, stunned, apprehensive
Scatter Disperse, Dissipate, Dispel
Scattered Incessant, Frequent
Scold Upbraid, Berate, Revile, Vituperate, Rail
Scoundrel Paragon, Innocent
Scream Shriek, Screech
Secret Stealthy, Covert, Clandestine, Furtive, Surreptitious, Underhand
Secularist Conformable, Religious
See Behold, Note, Notice, Espy, Descry, Observe, Contemplate, Survey,
Seek Hunt, Quest, Search
Seem Appear, Look
Send Dispatch, Forward, Route, Ship, Transmit
Sensuous Sensual, Luxurious, Voluptuous, Sybaritic, Epicurean
Sentimental Bathetic, Maudlin, Mawkish, Mushy, Romantic, Schmaltzy, Slushy, Soppy
Separate Divide, Part, Sever, Sunder, Divorce
Series Succession, Progression, Sequence, Chain, Train, String
Serious Sober, Grave, Solemn, Earnest, Sedate, Staid
Servitude Bondage, Slavery
Severe Stern, Austere, Ascetic, Strict
Shabby Miserable,
Shade Penumbra, Shadow, Umbra, Umbrage
Shake Tremble, Quake, Quiver, Shiver, Shudder
Shameless Brazen, Barefaced, Brash, Impudent, Unblushing
Shapleless Amorphous, Formless, Unformed, Unshaped [shapely]
Share Participate, Partake
Sharp Keen, Acute
Shelter Cover, Retreat, Refuge, Asylum, Sanctuary
Shocking Attractive, Alluring
Shorten Abbreviate, Abridge, Curtail, Truncate [lengthen]
Shout Bawl, Bellow, Holler, Howl, Roar, Whoop, Yell
Show Display, Exhibit, Present, Note, Point To, Indicate, Explain, Reveal, Prove, Demonstrate, Expose
Show Display, Expose, Parade, Exhibit, Flaunt
Showy Flamboyant, Ostentatious, Pretentious, Splashy
Shrewd Cunning, Crafty Simple, Imbecile
Shrewd Sagacious, Astute, Perspicacious
Shy Bashful, Diffident, Modest, Coy, Demure
Sibling Ancestor, Forefather
Sign Badge, Mark, Token, Symptom, Note
Silent Reticent, Reserved, Taciturn, Secretive, Uncommunicative, Tightlipped
Sincere Unaffected, Unfeigned, Wholehearted, Hearty, Heartfelt
Single Sole, Unique, Solitary, Lone, Separate
Sinister Baleful, Malign
Slander Defame, Malign Applaud, Approve
Slant Incline, Lean, Slope, Tilt, Tip
Sleek Glossy, Satiny, Silken, Silky, Slick
Slide Slip, Glide, Coast, Skid, Slither
Sloppy Slovenly, Unkempt, Slipshod
Slow Dilatory, Leisurely, Laggard, Deliberate
Slow Unhurried, Gradual, Leisurely, Late, Behind, Tedious, Slack
Sly Cunning, Tricky, Crafty, Wily, Foxy, Artful, Guileful
Small Diminutive, Little, Miniature, Minuscule, Minute, Petite, Tiny, Wee [large]
Smell Aroma, Odor, Scent
Smile Grin, Simper, Smirk
Sneer Mock, Scorn Flatter, Praise
Social Companionable, Convivial, Gregarious, Sociable [antisocial]
Solicit Entreat, Implore Protest, Oppose
Solid Tenuous, Fragile
Solitude Isolation, Seclusion, Retirement
Solve Decipher, Resolve, Unravel
Somehow In A Way, Virtually, To A Certain Extent, In Some Measure, To Some Extent, To A Certain Degree, Quasi, In A Manner Of Speaking, Effectively Anyhow, Anyway, Anywise, By Hook Or By Crook, Another, Howsoever, In Any Way, Somehow Or Other, Someway, By Some Means
Somewhata Little, Sort Of, Kind Of, A Bit, Relatively, Slightly, Moderately, To Some Extent / Degree , Reasonably, Partially, More Or Less, Not Much Rather, Quite, Fairly, By A Long Shot, By Far, Rather, Significantly, Well
Sour Acid, Acidulous, Dry, Tart
Spacious Ample, Capacious, Commodious, Roomy
Sparing Frugal, Thrifty, Economical
Speak Talk, Converse, Discourse
Speed Hurry, Hasten, Quicken, Accelerate, Precipitate
Spend Disburse, Expend [save]
Spontaneous Impulsive, Instinctive, Involuntary, Automatic
Spotless Defiled, Tarnished
Squalid Dirty, Filthy Tidy, Attractive
Stain Blemish, Tarnish Honour, Purify
Stain Blot, Brand, Stigma, Taint
Stammer Stutter
Standard Benchmark, Criterion, Gauge, Measure, Touchstone, Yardstick
State Condition, Situation, Status
Stay Remain, Wait, Abide, Tarry, Linger, Sojourn
Steady Even, Equable, Uniform, Constant
Steal Purloin, Filch, Snitch, Pilfer, Cop, Hook, Swipe, Lift, Pinch
Steep Abrupt, Precipitous, Sheer
Stem Arise, Derive, Emanate, Flow, Issue, Originate
Stench Fetor, Malodor, Reek, Stink
Sterile Infertile, Barren, Unfruitful, Impotent
Stiff Rigid, Inflexible, Inelastic, Tense
Still Quiet, Silent, Noiseless, Soundless
Stingy Close, Close-fisted, Niggardly, Penny-pinching, Miserly,
Stingy, Malicious
Stoop Condescend, Deign
Stop Cease, Desist, Discontinue, Halt, Quit [start]
Stop cease, halt, stay, pause, discontinue, conclude, end, finish, quit
Story Tale, Myth, Legend, Fable, Yarn, Account, Narrative, Chronicle, Epic, Sage, Anecdote, Record, Memoir
Strange Abnormal, Aberrant, Anomalous, Bent, Bizarre, Deviant, Queer, Eccentric, Freakish, Fanatical, Odd, Eerie, Peculiar, Weird, Unorthodox, Nonstandard, Atypical, Different, Irregular, Nonconforming, Offbeat, Unusual, Extraordinary, Insane, Irrational, Disorderly, Rare, Exceptional, Extreme, Outlandish
Strange odd, peculiar, unusual, unfamiliar, uncommon, queer, weird, outlandish, curious, unique, exclusive, irregular
Strange Peculiar, Odd, Queer, Quaint, Outlandish, Singular, Eccentric, Curious
Streak Strain, Vein
Strength Power, Might, Energy, Force
Strip Divest, Denude, Bare
Strong Stout, Sturdy, Tough, Stalwart, Tenacious
Strut Swagger, Swank
Stupendous, Gargantuan, Vast
Stupid Slow, Dumb, Dull, Obtuse, Dense
Stupor Lethargy,
Suave Smooth, Urbane, Diplomatic, Politic
Subject Matter, Topic, Theme
Subsequent Consequent,
Substance Burden, Core, Gist, Pith, Purport
Substantial Considerable,
Subvert Demolish, Sabotage Generate, Organise
Sufficient Adequate, Enough [insufficient]
Suggest Imply, Hint, Intimate, Insinuate
Summit Peak, Pinnacle, Acme, Apex, Zenith, Climax
Superficial Partial, Shallow Profound, Discerning
Superficial Shallow, Cursory
Superfluous Excess, Extra, Spare, Supernumerary, Surplus, Supererogatory
Supervise Boos, Overlook, Oversee, Superintend
Support Uphold, Back, Advocate, Champion
Supposed Conjectural, Hypothetical, Putative, Reputed, Suppositious,
Supposititious [certain]
Suppress Stifle, Repress
Sure Certain, Confident, Positive
Surprise Astonish, Amaze, Astound, Dumbfound, Flabbergast
Surrender Submission, Capitulation
Surround Circle, Compass, Encircle, Encompass, Environ, Gird, Girdle, Ring
Swerve Depart, Deviate, Digress, Diverge, Stray, Veer
Swing Oscillate, Sway, Rock, Vibrate, Fluctuate, Undulate, Waver
Symbol Attribute, Emblem
Taboo Prohibit, Ban Permit, Consent
Taciturn Reserved, Silent Talkative, Extrovert
Tact Address, Diplomacy, Savoir-faire
Take Hold, Catch, Seize, Grasp, Win, Capture, Acquire, Pick, Choose, Select, Prefer, Remove, Steal, Lift, Rob, Engage, Bewitch, Purchase, Buy, Retract, Recall, Assume, Occupy, Consume
Talkative Loquacious, Garrulous, Voluble, Verbose, Glib
Tardy Behindhand, Late, Overdue [prompt]
Task Job, Chore, Stint, Assignment
Taste Flavor, Relish, Savor, Smack, Tang
Teach Instruct, Educate, Train, School, Discipline, Drill
Tear Rip, Rend, Split, Cleave
Tedious Wearisome, Irksome Exhilarating, Lively
Teem Abound, Bristle, Crawl, Overflow, Swarm
Tell Disclose, Reveal, Show, Expose, Uncover, Relate, Narrate, Inform, Advise, Explain, Divulge, Declare, Command, Order, Bid, Recount, Repeat
Temerity Audacity, Effrontery, Nerve, Cheek, Gall
Temperate Cool, Moderate Boisterous, Violent
Tend Attend, Mind, Minister, Watch
Tendency Trend, Current, Drift, Tenor, Inclination
Theoretical Abstract, Academic, Hypothetical, Speculative
Think Cerebrate, Cogitate, Reason, Reflect, Speculate
Think Judge, Deem, Assume, Believe, Consider, Contemplate, Reflect, Mediate
Thoughtful Considerate, Attentive, Solicitous
Threaten Menace, Intimidate
Throng Assembly, Crowd Dispersion, Sparsity
Throw Cast, Hurl, Fling, Pitch, Toss, Sling
Tight Taut, Tense
Timid Diffident, Coward Bold, Intrepid
Timid Timorous
Tire Weary, Fatigue, Exhaust, Jade
Tireless Indefatigable, Unflagging, Untiring, Unwearied, Weariless
Tool Instrument, Implement, Utensil, Appliance
Touch Feel, Finger, Handle, Palpate, Paw
Trace Vestige, Track, Trail
Tranquil Peaceful, Composed Violent, Furious
Transient Temporal,
Transient Transitory, Ephemeral, Fleeting, Fugitive, Momentary, Evanescent
Transitory Lasting, Enduring
Treat Deal, Handle
Trenchant Assertive,
Trial Affliction, Crucible, Ordeal, Tribulation, Visitation
Trite Hackneyed, Shopworn, Stereotyped, Threadbare, Stale, Banal
Triumphant Melancholy, Depressing
Trivial Trifling, Paltry, Petty, Picayune
Trouble Ail, Distress, Worry
Trouble Distress, Anguish, Anxiety, Worry, Wretchedness, Pain, Danger, Peril, Disaster, Grief, Misfortune, Difficulty, Concern, Pains, Inconvenience, Exertion, Effort
True accurate, right, proper, precise, exact, valid, genuine, real, actual, trusty, steady, loyal, dependable, sincere, staunch
True Right, Accurate, Proper, Precise, Exact, Valid, Genuine, Real, Actual, Trusty, Steady, Loyal, Dependable, Sincere, Staunch, Correct, Accurate, Factual, True, Good, Just, Honest, Upright, Lawful, Moral, Proper, Suitable, Apt, Legal, Fair
Trust Faith, Confidence, Reliance, Dependence
Truth Veracity, Verity, Verisimilitude
Tumultuous - Violent, Riotous Peaceful, Harmonious
Turn Rotate, Revolve, Gyrate, Spin, Whirl, Circle, Eddy, Swirl
Twinkle, Scintillate
Type Kind, Sort, Nature, Character, Ilk
Tyro Beginner, Learner Proficient, Veteran
Ugly Hideous, Frightful, Frightening, Shocking, Horrible, Unpleasant, Monstrous, Terrifying, Gross, Grisly, Ghastly, Horrid, Unsightly, Plain, Homely, Evil, Repulsive, Repugnant, Gruesome
Ugly Hideous, Ill-favored, Unsightly
Umbrage Resentment,
Uncertainty Doubt, Dubiety, Skepticism, Suspicion, Mistrust
Unconfined Composed, Hesitant
Unconsciousness Sensibility, Consciousness
Uncouth Awkward,
Unctuous Fulsome, Oily, Oleaginous, Smarmy
Unfortunate Hapless, Ill-fated, Ill-started, Luckless, Unlucky [fortunate]
Ungraceful Elegant, Graceful
Unhappy miserable, uncomfortable, wretched, heart-broken, unfortunate, poor, downhearted, sorrowful, depressed, dejected, melancholy, glum, gloomy, dismal, discouraged, sad
Unholy Pious, Devout
Unity Union, Solidarity
Unpremeditated, Ad-lib
Unrivalled Mediocre, Commonplace
Unruly Ungovernable, Intractable, Refractory, Recalcitrant, Willful, Headstrong, Wayward
Unskilled Dexterous, Skilled
Unspeakable Indefinable, Indescribable, Ineffable, Inexpressible, Unutterable
Untimely Belated, Opportune
Urge Press, Exhort, Prod, Prick
Urgent Pressing, Imperative, Exigent
Use Employ, Utilize
Use Employ, Utilize, Exhaust, Spend, Expend, Consume, Exercise
Usual Habitual, Customary, Accustomed
Usurp Seize, Wrest Restore, Compensate
Vagrant Wanderer, Roaming Steady, Settled
Vain Empty, Hollow, Idle, Nugatory, Otiose
Valid Genuine, Authentic Fallacious, Deceptive
Valid Sound, Cogent, Convincing, Telling
Valour Bravery, Prowess Fear, Cowardice
Vanity Conceit,
Venerable Esteemed, Honoured Unworthy, Immature
Venom Poison,
Vent Express, Utter, Voice, Air
Versatile All-around, Many-sided, Multifaceted, Multifarious
Vertical Upright, Perpendicular, Plumb
Vicious Corrupt, Obnoxious Noble, Virtuous
Victory Conquest, Triumph
View, Perceive, Discern, Remark
Vigilant Cautious, Alert Careless, Negligent
Vigor Dash, Punch, Verve, Vim, Vitality
Vindictive Vengeful, Revengeful
Vociferous Blatant, Boisterous, Strident, Clamorous
Volatile Light, Changing Heavy, Ponderous
Voluntary Intentional, Deliberate, Willful, Willing
Voracious Gluttonous, Rapacious, Ravenous
Votary Devotee, Habitué
Vouch Confirm, Consent Repudiate, Prohibit
Vulgar Inelegant,
Waive Relinquish, Remove Impose, Clamp
Wan Pale, Faded Bright, Healthy
Wander Ramble, Roam, Rove, Range, Meander, Stray, Gallivant, Gad
Wane Decline, Dwindle Ameliorate, Rise
Warn Caution, Forewarn
Wary Cautious,
Waste Blow, Consume, Dissipate, Fritter, Squander [save]
Way Route, Course, Passage, Pass, Artery
Weak Feeble, Frail, Fragile, Infirm, Decrepit, Debilitated
Wed Marry, Combine Divorce, Separate
Weird Eerie, Uncanny, Unearthly
Wet Damp, Moist, Dank, Humid
Whole All, Entire, Gross, Total [partial]
Wicked Vicious, Immoral Virtuous, Noble
Wield Use, Employ Forgo, Avoid
Wilt Wither, Perish Revive, Bloom
Wise Sage, Sapient, Judicious, Prudent, Sensible, Sane
Wit Humor, Repartee, Sarcasm, Irony
Wonder Marvel, Miracle, Phenomenon, Prodigy, Sensation
Wordy Diffuse, Long-winded, Prolix, Verbose
Work Labor, Toil, Drudgery, Travail
Writhe Agonize, Squirm
Wrong incorrect, inaccurate, mistaken, erroneous, improper, unsuitable
Yearn Languish, Crave Content, Satisfy
Yearn Long, Pine, Hanker, Hunger, Thirst
Yell Shout, Shriek Whisper, Muted
Yield Relent, Bow, Defer, Submit, Capitulate, Succumb
Yield Surrender,
Yoke Connect, Harness Liberate, Release
Young Youthful, Adolescent, Immature, Juvenile, Puerile, Green
Zeal Eagerness, Fervour Apathy, Lethargy
Zenith Summit, Apex Nadir, Base
Zest Delight,
Zest Gusto, Relish
Zig-zag Oblique, Wayward Straight, Unbent