Everyday Science CSS Paper 2012




Q.1 Select the best option and fill in the appropriate circle.

1) A Scientific Method Will Seek To Explain Natural Events And Make Useful Prediction In
a) A Haphazard Manner b) A Manner Design To Fit The Theorist,s Or Experimenter’s Bias c) A Consistently Reproducible Manner d) None of these

2) “truth Is Sought For Its Own Sake. And Those Who Are Engaged Upon The Quest For Anything For Its Own Sake Are Not Interested In Other Things. Finding The Truth Is Difficult And The Road To It Is Rough.” This Was Stated By Which Key Figure In The Development Of Scientific Method In The 11th Century?
a) Aristotle b) Ibn Al Haytham c) Plato d) None of these

3) Abu Abdullah Muhammad Bin Musa Al-khwarizmi Is Famous For Writing The “kitab Al Jaber Wal Muqabla” In Which He
a) Presented The First Systematic Solution Of Linear And Quadratic Equations b) Delineated Methods Of Oppression & Competition c) c) Wrote The Laws Of Optics d) None of these

4) Galileo Galilei Was Persecuted By The Catholic Church For Suspicion Of Holding The View That:
a) Objects Of Different Masses Fall At The Same Velocity b) The Sun Revolves Arounds The Moon c) The Earth Was Probably Not The Centre Of The Universe d) None of these

5) The Proliferation Of Education And Dissemination Of Knowledge In The Last Two Centuries Has Led To A Faith In Science That:
a) Causes Human Beings To Turn On Other Human Beings b) Is The Main Cause Of Poverty And War c) Leads To Oppression Of Education d) None of these

6) Science Attempts To:
a) Explains How The Universe Works By Discovering The Laws Regulating Everything Around Us b) Use Discovered Laws To Engineer New Devices c) Both A & B d) None of these

7) Ibn Zuhr, The Author Of Al Taisir, Is Known As:
a) The Father Of Experimental Surgery b) The Founder Of Calculus c) A Biographer Of Provincial Governors d) None of these

8) Ibn Khaldun’s Muqaddimah Is Regarded By Many As:
a) The First Work Dealing With A Philosophy Of History b) A Minor Footnote In His Writings c) A Well Documented Tale Of His Trial d) None of these

9) A Physical, Mathematical Or Logical Representation Of A Natural Phenomenon Is Called
a) Phenomenal b) A Scientific Model c) A Theoretical Postulate d) None of these

10) Issac Newton And Gottfried Leibniz Working Independently In The 17th Century Laid The Foundation Of Classical Physics And Are Known As Fathers Of
a) Astrology b) Relativistic Theory c) Integral & Differential Calculus d) None of these

11) A Light Year Is
a) A Year Devoid Of Heavy Rainfall b) The Time Taken By Light To Be Generated & Propagated From The Centre Of The Sun To Our Earth c) The Distance Covered By Light In One Of Our Solar Years d) None of these

12) Our Sun Is Classified As
a) A Blue Giant b) A Yellow Dwarf c) Supernova d) None of these

13) The Sun Produces Most Of Its Energy By:
a) Nuclear Fusion Which Involves Converting “h” To “he” b) Nuclear Fission Involving The Burning Of Uranium & Plutonium c) Nuclear Fission Involving The Combining Of Uranium And Palladium
d) None of these

14) Which Of The Following Is The Correct Ordering Of The Inner Planets According To Their Proximity To The Sun
a) Jupiter, Saturn,uranus,neptune b) Phobos,deimos,europe,tias c) Mercury,venus,earth,mars d) None of these

15) How Long Does Our Earth Takes To Turn About Its Axis
a) One Hour b) 23 Hours c) 24 Hours d) None of these

16) Tides Are Generated By
a) The Movements Of Ships In The Oceans b) The Gravitational Effect Of Moon And Sun On Our Earth c) The Movements Of The Earth Around The Sun d) None of these

17) Seasons Are Generated By
a) The Movement Of the Sun Around The Milky Way b) The Movement Of The Earth Around The Sun c) Relativistic Quantum ——— d) None of these

18) Although The Mass Of A Man On the Moon Remains Same As On The Earth,he Will
a) Be Much Happier There b) Weigh One Sixth As Much c) Weigh Twice As Much d) None of these

19) If We Are At Sea Level Our Atmosphere Presses Down On Us With A Pressure Of:
a) 1 Fps b) 14.3 Fps c) 35.8 Fps d) None of these

20) The Efficiency Of A Machine Is
a) Always Greater Than 100% b) Always Less Than 100% c) Always 100% d) None of these

21) A Material With High Elasticity
a) Does Not Returns To Its Original Shape Upon Being Stretched And Then Released b) Returns As Close As Possible To Its Original Shape Upon Being Stretched And Then Released c) Can Be Stretched To Infinite Distances d) None of these

22) Matter And Energy
a) Can Be Converted From One To The Other b) When Taken Together , Converted In All Processes In A Closed System c) Both A & B d) None of these

23) Electric Current
a) Flows From A Higher Potential To Lower Potential b) Is Caused By Flow Of Electrons c) Both A & B d) None of these

24) Electricity And Magnetism Are
a) Two Facets Of Same Force b) Always Opposed To Each Other c) Both A & B d) None of these

25) Ball Bearing Help Wheels And Other Rotating Objects
a) Move Without Consuming Any Energy b) Rotate More Easily And With Less Friction c) Both A & B d) None of these

26) Photography Works By
a) Capturing The Souls Of The Objects Being Photographed b) Capturing Light Reflected From The Object Being Photographed c) Both A & B d) None of these

27) Arthur C.clarke, The Famous Science Fiction Author, While Working As A Radio Operator In The British Army In World War-ii
a) Proposed Building A Space Elevator From Carbon Mono-filaments b) Postulated The Existence Of Extraterrestrial Artifacts On The Moon c) Proposed That A Network Of Satellites In Stationary Orbit At Very High Altitudes Arounds The Earth Be Used To Bounce Communication Signals All Over The World d) None of these

28) The Sino Pakistani Jf-17 Thunder Aircraft:
a) Is A Commercial Transport Aircraft b) Is Neither Built Nor Assembled In Pakistan c) Has No Stealth Features In Its Engine Inlets Or Elsewhere d) None of these

29) Communication Satellites Are In
a) Geostationary Orbit b) Geosynchronous Orbit c) Semisynchronous Orbit d) None of these

30) Ram of a computer is refers to :
a) Read Access Memory b) Right Access Memory c) Random Access Memory d) None of these

31) Which of the following is responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood
a) White Blood Cells——-wbc b) Neutrophils c) Red Blood Cells———rbc d) None of these

32) Which Of The Following Is True For Hormones?
a) All Proteins Are Hormones b) All Hormones Are Proteins c) All Hormones Are Amino Acids d) None of these

33) Prokaryotes have which of the following structures?
a) Nucleus b) Mitochondria c) Chloroplast d) None of these

34) Diversity in which of the following groups is not due to Artificial Selection?
a) Wheat b) Dogs d) None of these

35) Arachnophobia is refer to a fear of
a) Spiders b) Snakes c) Bats d) None of these

36) Which of the following is a part of Dna?
a) Dgtp b) Dadp c) Dtmp d) None of these

37) In humans the “y” Chromosome IS passed to the next generation from
a) Father To Son b) Mother To Son c) Father To Daughter d) None of these

38) Which of the following is a Mammal?
a) Blue Tuna b) Swordfish c) Whale d) None of these

39) Female Ova Are:
a) Haploid b) Diploid c) Triploid d) None of these

40) Which of the following is not a part of DNA?
a) Thymine b) Adenine c) Ribose d) None of these

41) Which of the following is labeled as “good Cholesterol” for Humans?
a) High-density Lipoprotein————–hdl b) Low Density Lipoprotein————— Ldl c) Very Low Density Lipoprotein ——vldl d) None of these

42) Which of the following is an infectious disease?
a) Deafness b) Blindness c) Baldness d) None of these

43) Which of the following is a non essential Amino Acid?
a) Almine b) Methenamine c) Tyrosine d) None of these

44) Starting from higher choose the correct sequence of molecules in order of energy yielding
a) Sugar,fats,protein b) Protein,sugar,fats c) Fats,sugar,protein d) None of these

45) Which of the following is not a part of protein?
a) Glutamic Acid b) Sulphuric Acid c) Aspartic Acid d) None of these

46) The Highest Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acid is
a) Fish Oil b) Corn Oil c) Sunflower Oil d) None of these

47) Which of the following gas is essential for human
a) Carbon Dioxide b) Nitrogen c) Oxygen d) None of these

48) Proteins are made up of
a) Polynucleotide b) Polypeptide c) Polyacetylene d) None of these

  1. Schizophrenia is a
    Mental Disease

  2. Which Of The Following Are Founded In The Nucleus?
    a) Lysosomes b) Chromosomes c) Ribosomes d) None of these


Q2: Write briefly about two or more major achievements of each of the following two famous Muslim scientists:-
a) Abu Abdullah Mohammad Bin Musa Al Khwarizmi (05)
b) Abu Ali Al Hassan Ibn Al Hassan Al Haytham (05)

a) List four or more physical characteristics of the Earth. (05)
(b) Briefly explain how seasons and ocean tides are produced on the Earth? (05)

(a) Very briefly explain the difference between Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and tsunamis. (05)
(b) Briefly explain the difference between Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks. (05)

(a) Very briefly explain the difference between an Insulator, a Conductor, a Semiconductor and a Superconductor. (05)
(b) Briefly explain the difference between a LASER and a Photovoltaic Cell. (05)

(a) Briefly explain the difference between an Antibiotic, an Antiviral Drug, a Pesticide and a Vaccine. (05)
(b) List any two of the three things that the MMR vaccine protects against. List any two other vaccines given to children. (05)

(a) Briefly explain how Photosynthesis works? (05)
(b) Briefly explain the Nitrogen Cycle in nature. (05)

Q8: (a) Differentiate between the following: (05)
mRNA (Messenger RNa)
(b) Explain how DNA, m RNA and Proteins are interrelated to each other? (05)

a) Explain what is mean by a Balanced Diet? (05)
b) Give the major function of the following micronutrients:
Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium and Iodine. (05)


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