Journalism CSS Paper 2006



NOTE: (i) Attempt ONLY FIVE questions in all, including QUESTION NO.9 Which is COMPULSORY. Select TWO questions fromeach SECTION. All questions carry EQUALL marks.
(ii) Extra attempt of any question or any part of the attempted question will not be Considered.
(iii) Candidate must draw two straight lines(================) at the end to Separate each question attempted in Answer Book.

Section I

Q. 1. What do you know about Mass Communication? Describe its importance in the present age.

Q. 2. Explain what is news, its functions and values may be explained in detail?

Q. 3. Explain the role of journalists in socio-economic development of the country like Pakistan.

Q. 4. Explain the difficulties faced by the Muslim Press during the movement of Pakistan.


Q. 5. “Public Relations is actually Image Building activity”. Explain in detail.

Q. 6. Define Public Relations and explain the role of PRO in any organization. ( are not the two questions, with minor adjustments, the same thing?)

Q. 7. What do you know about advertising. Explain its functions and importance in the modern age.

Q. 8. Define the three of the following in detail:

(a) Press Release (b) Press Note (c) Press Communique (d) Press conference (e) Hand Out


Q. 9.
1- What is ABC?
(a) American Business Corporation (b) American Business Circle (d) Audit Bureau of Circulation (d) None of these

2- The First Urdu Newspaper was?
(a) Jam-e-Jahan Numa (b) Koh Noor (c) Riaz Noor (d) None of these

3- The first issue of the India Gazette published in …….?
(a) November 1780 (b) August 1880 (c) August 1947 (d) None of these

4- What is embargo?
(a) A ship, which often comes late (b) A ban on publication before a specific date (c) A story, which has no end

5- Television programmes were started in Pakistan on:
(a) 1964 (b) 1990 (c) 1947 (d) None of these

6- Who was the first editor of daily Nawa-e-Waqt?
(a) Syed Baqir Rizvi (b) Arshad Mir (c) Hamid Nizami (d) None of these

7- Radio is what type of channel?
(a) Space consuming (b) Time consuming (c) Space & time consuming (d) None of these

8- What is yellow journalism?
(a) Exploitative sensational (b) Classified telephone directory (c) A low priced novel (d) None of these

9- What is typography?
(a) is a system of Government (b) a choice of type to ensure image clarity (c) a branch of photography

10- What is editorial?
(a) Piece of an interview (b) A point of view of the newspaper (c) One-Sided approach of the Govt (d) None of these

11- Press and Publication Ordinance was introduced on:
(a) 1965 (b) 1995 (c) 1963 (d) none of these

12- What is a Dummy?
(a) A dead body of an animal (b) make up of newspaper (c) Front page of the newspaper (d) None of these

13- What is lithography?
(a) A method of printing (b) A system of local bodies (c) Circulation of newspapers (d) None of these

14- What is by line?
(a) A matter written with lines (b) A track of train (c) Reporter’s name given with printed story (d) none of these

15- Agenda setting is the main objective:
(a) of media person (b) Media has no concern one (c) is the subject of mass communication (d) None of these

16- PID?
(a) Public intelligent department (b) Pakistan institution of development (c) Press information department (d) None of these

17- Press and Publication ordinance?
(a) was introduced by Liaqat Ali Khan (b) was presented by Muhammad Khan Junejo (c) was implemented in 1963 during the Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan’s Government (d) None of these

18- Pakistan’s per capita income?
(a) $ 800 (b) $ 480 (c) $ 520 (d) None of these

19- What is considered as the father of popular Journalism:
(a) Lord North Cliff (b) Elihu Katz (c) E.M. Rogers (d) None of these

20- News is the description of the event by a book writer:
(a) True (b) False