Political Science CSS Syllabus Suggested Readings

S. No. Title Author
1. Pakistan’s Foreign Policy, 1947-2005 Abdul Sattar,
2. Democracy and Authoritarianism in South Asia Ayesha Jalal
3. Military, Civil Society and Democratization in Pakistan Akbar Zaidi
4. The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam Allama Iqbal
5. A history of Pakistan and its origins Christophe Jaffrelot
6. Greek Political Thought: Plato & Aristotle Ernest Barker
7. Political Thought From Plato to Present William Ebenstein
8. Political Thought in Medieval Islam Erwin I.J. Rosenthal
9. Constitutional Developments in Pakistan G.W.Choudhury
10. Comparative Politics Today: A Theoretical Framework Gabriel A. Almond, G.Bingham Powell,
11. Contemporary Political Analysis James Clyde Charlesworth
12. A History of Political Theory George Holland Sabine
13. Studies in Muslim Political Thought and Administration Haroon Khan Sherwani
14. Modern Islamic Political Thought Hamid Enayat
15. Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan Hamid Khan
16. Politics Among Nations: The Struggle for Power and Peace Hans J. Morgenthau
17. Military and Politics in Pakistan Hasan Askari Rizvi
18. Pakistan Foreign Policy: An Overview 1947-2004 (PILDAT) Hasan Askari Rizvi
19. Pakistan and Geostrategic Environment : A Study of Foreign Policy Hasan Askari Rizvi
20. International Politics: A Framework for Analysis Holsti, K.J.
21. Pakistan A Modern History Ian Talbot
22. 21st Century Political Science: A Reference Handbook John T.Ishiyama, Marijke Breuning
23. Political Thought from Plato to Present Judd Herman
24. The Political System of Pakistan K.B.Sayeed
25. Pakistan: A Political Study Keith Callard
26. Pakistan: An Enigma of Political Development Lawrence Ziring
27. Pakistan in the Twentieth Century Lawrence Ziring
28. Pakistan: At the Crosscurrent of History Lawrence Ziring
29. History of Muslim Philosophy M M.Sharif
30. History of Local Government in Pakistan Masudul Hasan
31. Nationalism: The Nation-State and Nationalism Montserrat Guibernau
32. Politics and the State in Pakistan Muhammad Waseem
33. Government and Politics in Pakistan Mushtaq Ahmad
34. Making of Pakistan Noor ul Haq
35. Pattern of Government Samuel H. Beer & Adam B. Ullam
36. Political Thinkers: From Socrates to the Present Paul Kelly
37. Introduction to Political Science Rodee Anderson etc.
38. Pakistan’s Foreign Policy : An Historical Analysis S.M. Burke
39. State & Society in Pakistan Shahid Javed Burki
40. Islami Riyasat Syed Abul Ala Maududi
41. Khilafat O Malookiat Syed Abul Ala Maududi
42. Ethno National Movements of Pakistan Tahir Amin
43. Politics, Parties and Pressure Groups V.O. Key Jr.
44. Democratization in Pakistan Waseem, M.
45. Contemporary Political Philosophy: An Introduction Will Kymlicka
46. History of Political Theories (Three Volumes) William A. Dunning
47. International Relations: Politics and Economy in the 21st Century William Nester