Psychology CSS Paper I 2001

Psychology, Paper I

Time Allowed: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 100
Note: Attempt Five questions in all, including question No. 8 which is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.

  1. Critically evaluate different schools and systems of psychology. Discuss their scientific status in contemporary psychology.

  2. Describe central and peripheral nervous system and their impact on human behavior.

  3. How would you define learning? Also compare and contrast different views about reinforcement. In your option which one is significant? Give reasons.

  4. In what ways biogenic motives differ with sociogenic motives? Support your views in the light of theoretical and experimental researches conducted recently.

  5. Explain “what takes place in the perceptual process once the information from the situation is received by the individual.”

  6. Critically examine the theories of prejudice with special reference to social learning, and motivational approaches. Also suggest two social psychological techniques for reducing various aspects of prejudice and stereotyping.

  7. Discuss nature of groups. Also explain riots, and social loafing.


  1. Write only the correct answers in the answer book. Don’t reproduce the questions.

1) The group in an experiment which receives no treatment is called:
(a) Control group (b) Experimental group (c) No group

2) The portion of your nervous system which controls breathing and digestion is:
(a) Axon (b) Autonomic (c) Linear circuit (d) None of these

3) The color, smell and feeling of the flowers are relayed through what part of brain:
(a) Acetylcholine (b) Thalamus (c) Motor area (d) None of these

4) A hungry person would find food to be a:
(a) Primary reinforcer (b) Secondary reinforcer (c) None of these

5) A psychologist explains you that learning can be best defined in terms of underlying thought process. What theory is being stated:
(a) Social learning (b) Cognitive learning (c) Trial and error (d) None of these

6) According to Maslow, a person with no job, no friends and no house can be self actualized:
(a) 100 percent yes (b) 100 percent no (c) None of these

7) A need to establish and maintain relationship with other people:
(a) Achievement motivation (b) Need for affiliation (c) None of these

8) Term n-ach was introduced by:
(a) Mc Cleland (b) Jung (c) Maslow (d) None of these

9) Repression refers to:
(a) Primary defense mechanism (b) Regression (c) Frustration (d) None of these

10) Enduring dimensions of personality characteristics differentiating people from another is called:
(a) Factor analysis (b) Trait (c) Determinism (d) None of these

11) The theory which suggests that people learn attitude by observing their own behavior is:
(a) Operant conditioning (b) CR (c) Self-perception (d) None of these

12) Theory of cognitive dissonance is offered by:
(a) Skinner (b) Bandura (c) Festinger (d) None of these

13) The ability to view the world in 3 dimensions and perceive distance is:
(a) Depth perception (b) Illusion (c) Delusion (d) None of these

14) According to Bandura, one is socialized by:
(a) Punishment (b) Observation (c) Food (d) None of these

15) Crowding causes increase in heart rate and the level of adrenaline:
(a) No (b) Yes

16) Studies demonstrate that greater genetic similarity is associated with greater similarity of attitudes:
(a) True (b) False

17) A theory that states that emotions are a join result of non-specific physiological arousal and interpretation of the arousal is called:
(a) Two-factor theory of emotion (b) James-Lange theory of emotion (c) Bem’s theory of emotion (d) None of these

18) Maintenance of an internal biological balance is called:
(a) Instinct (b) Need (c) Homeostasis (d) None of these

19) The part of personality that provides a buffer between the id and the out side world is:
(a) Super-ego (b) Ego (c) Ego-ideal (d) None of these

20) Specialized cells of nervous system carry:
(a) Messages (b) Reflexes (c) Both (a) and (b) (d) None of the (a) and (b)


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