Psychology CSS Paper II 2005

Psychology, Paper II

Time Allowed: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 100
Note: Attempt Five questions in all, including question No. 8 which is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.

  1. Highlight and describe the Developmental irregularities during prenatal period of development and their probable causes.

  2. During early childhood significant Emotional Development begins to manifest. Describe the characteristics pattern of development.

  3. Describe the potential, sources of information on which Reliable Clinical Diagnosis can be based.

  4. Comment on mental retardation and describe as to what best can be done to cope with? Discuss.

  5. What is implied by Maladjustment? Can increasing rate of crime be attributed to this factor alone? Discuss.

  6. Briefly describe the distinguishing features of each of the following.
    (i) Psychoneurotic disorder (ii) Psychosis (iii) Psychosomatic disorder (iv) Character disorder

  7. What in your opinion, needs to be looked into by an industrial psychologist to ensure the smooth functioning of an industrial organization? Discuss.


  1. Write only the correct answer in your Answer Book. Don’t reproduce the questions.

1) Studies on maturation and learning have indicated:
a) That environmental stimulation may effect growth b) That some factor may affect normal development c) That the two follow independent course d) Both (a) and (b) above e) None of these

2) The over-all bodily and mental curves for man:
a) Diverge at the age of puberty b) Run parallel course c) Show a drop at the age of puberty d) Both (b) and (c) e) None of these

3) Psychosomatic disorders are best illustrated by:
a) Asthma caused by anxiety b) Neurotic anxiety c) Depression caused by tuberculosis d) Over-eating e) None of these

4) Which one of the following is not listed as classification of psychoneurosis?
a) Phobic reactions b) Conversion reactions c) Delusional reactions d) Neurasthenic reactions e) None of these

5) So-called “functional” and “organic” psychoses are:
a) Really both functional in origin b) Really both organic in origin c) Clearly differentiated as to the origin d) Not clearly distinguishable e) None of these

6) Psychodrama is one of the psychotherapeutic techniques which basically involve situations representing:
a) Ego blocking b) Superego blocking c) Primary ego d) All of the above e) None of these

7) Psychodynamic therapist believes that maladaptive behavior stems from:
a) Emotional trauma experienced in childhood b) A failure to live up to one’s full potential c) Disturbed thought patterns d) Inappropriate learning patterns e) None of these

8) The semantic differential scale is used mainly to measure:
a) Values b) Opinions c) Attitudes d) Interests e) None of these

9) While selecting a psychological test for personnel selection, main concern regarding the test is:
a) Cost b) Ease of administration c) Validity d) Objectively e) None of these

10) The concept of introversion and extroversion was advanced by:
a) Spranger b) Jung c) Kretchmer d) Jeansch e) None of these

11) Emergency reactions refer to:
a) Individual’s attempt to cope with an emergency b) Bodily changes accompanying emotions of anger and fear c) Feeling of startle when suddenly stimulated d) Ways that the individual seeks to achieve emotional control e) None of these

12) Studies show that an “authoritarian” family tends to produce an adolescent who is:
a) Dependent and obedient b) Independent but reserved c) Surface-compliant but rebellious underneath d) Self reliant e) None of these

13) The non-directive approach characterizes:
a) Psychoanalysis b) Behavior modification c) Client-centered therapy d) Hypnosis e) None of these

14) Child-rearing practices in Pakistan
a) Differ little from those in other countries b) Differ from one social class to another c) Have changed very little over past 50 years d) Are now pretty much the same from one social class to the next e) None of the above observation is correct

15) In Maslow’s theory of personality the main concept is that of:
a) Functional autonomy b) Acquired drives c) Interpersonal relations d) Self-actualization e) None of these

16) According to Erikson’s theory, the struggle during adolescence is:
a) Intimacy vs. isolation b) Initiative vs. guilt c) Identity vs. confusion d) Competence vs. inferiority e) None of these

17) According to clinical psychologists unconscious is:
a) A construct b) A place c) A thing d) An observation e) None of these

18) Disagreeing with Freud, Erickson emphasized more on:
a) Conflict b) Racial memory c) Adulthood d) Early habits e) None of these

19) The prototype of the modern intelligence test for children was developed by:
a) Terman b) Wechsler c) Binet d) Stanford e) None of these

20) In Thurston’s method of attitude scaling, the key factor is the use of:
a) Numbers b) Judges c) Reinforcement d) Positive and negative items e) None of these


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