Psychology Punjab PMS Paper II Syllabus Recommended Books


  1. Clinical Psychology, E.G. Plante

  2. Introducing Psychology 4th Ed., Rex Knight

  3. Psychology & Life 17th Ed., Richard J. Gerrig,& Philip G. Zimbardo

  4. Introduction to Psychology 6th Ed., john W. Santrock

  5. Psychology & Life 7th Ed., Floyd l. Ruch

  6. Psychology; Themes and Variations 5th Ed.,Wayne Weiten

  7. Understanding Psychology 6th Ed., R. S. Feldman

  8. Psychology 6th Ed., David G. Myers

  9. Abnormal Psychology 4th Ed., Barlow & Durand

  10. Social Psychology 7th Ed., David G. Myers

  11. Advanced Social Psychology, Abraham Tesser

  12. Health psychology 4th Ed., Shelly Tylor