Sociology CSS Paper 2001


NOTE: Attempt FIVE questions in all, including Question No.8, Which is Compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.
1. What is the role of culture in socialization of an individual to become a useful member of society? Discuss with examples.
2. Ibne Khaldoon is known as “Father of Sociology”. Briefly discuss his contributions to Sociology.
3. Discuss briefly the method of Sociological research Formulate three hypothesis indicating variable of each.
4. What are the different forms of Social Classes? Discuss the impact of Feudal System in Pakistan.
5. Discuss briefly the internal and eternal means of Social Control with reference to Pakistani Society.
6. Write short notes on any TWO of the following
(a) Drug abuse and crime
(b) Theory of differential association
(c) International migration
7. What factors are related to social and cultural change? Give Examples of Pakistan.


  1. Write only the correct answer in the Answer Book. Don’t reproduce the questions.

(1) Affinal Kin means:
(a) Individuals who are related through blood
(b) Individuals who are legally related through marriage
(c) Descendants of a common ancestor in the male line
(d) None of these

(2) Culture Complex means
(a) A cluster of related culture traits
(b) Artifacts used by primitive people
(c) Originally an approach to culture
(d) None of these

(3) Double descent refers to
(a) Maternal descent system
(b) Father’s lineage
(c) The existence of a paternal and a maternal descent system within the same culture
(d) None of these

(4) By endogamy we mean
(a) The rule that requires the mates e chosen within some specified group
(b) Mates may be chosen within the same group
(c) Mates be chosen within the same family
(d) None of these

(5) Ethnography refers to
(a) A branch of study devoted to observation studies
(b) A division of Anthropology undertakes descriptive recording at culture
(c) None of these

(6) Feral man means:
(a) A socialized individual
(b) Individual supposedly reared apart from human society and hence imperfectly socialized.
(c) An individual rears in a cultural society
(d) None of these

(7) By gerontocracy we mean:
(a) A society dominated by the old men
(b) Young people’s society
(c) A mixed society of aged
(d) None of these

(8) Java man refers to
(a) Fossil man of Neolithic period
(b) A lover Pleistocene fossil
(c) A fossil man found in Paleolithic Age
(d) None of these

(9) Monotheism refers to
(a) The worship of one God
(b) The worship of many gods
(c) The followers of a magician
(d) None of these

(10) By Sorcery we mean
(a) General practice to cure sick
(b) Magic in a more neutral term
(c) None of these

(11) Who coined the term “residues”
(a) Robert K. Merton
(b) V.F.D. Pareto
(c) A.R.Radcliffe Brown
(d) None of these

(12) By Penology we mean
(a) Studies of social structure
(b) Study of Punishments
(c) Alternative methods of social control
(d) None of these

(13) Mills, C.Wright wrote book
(a) White Collar
(b) The Language of Social Research
(c) Value in Social Theory
(d) None of these

(14) Probation refers to
(a) Dealing with offenders while at liberty to a specified period of supervision by an officer of the court
(b) Absconded offender
(c) Murder of a criminal
(d) None of these

(15) Social mobility means
(a) Change in the closeness to members of other groups
(b) Movement from one class to another
(c) None of these

(16) By social status we refer to
(a) This is the position occupied by a person in a social system relative to others.
(b) A person’s position is given to him by birth
(c) A person gets the position by marriage onl
(d) None of these

(17) Social evolution means
(a) The process of gradual change taking place in all societies from simple to complex
(b) Decay in social system
(c) None of these

(18) Hypergamy refers to
(a) Position holds in lower classes
(b) Marriage upward from a lower social class to caste into a higher one
(c) A society dominated by wealthy people
(d) None of these

(19) Leveret means
(a) The marriage of a woman to her deceased husband’s brother
(b) Cousin’s marriage
(c) None of these

(20) Totem refers to
(a) High regards between the members of the Community
(b) An object, often an animal or plant, held in special regard by an individual or social group
(c) Children are looked after with great care
(d) None of these