Sociology Punjab PMS Paper II 2015

Combined Competitive Examination for Recruitment to the Posts of Provincial Management Service, ETC. – 2015
Subject: Sociology (Optional) Paper II
NOTE: Attempt any FIVE questions. Attempt in English or Urdu language. All questions carry equal marks.

Q.1. Compare and contrast the characteristics of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Secondly, write a comprehensive note on ‘content analysis’ as a tool for finding the truth.

Q.2. Define the concepts of (i) indicator, (ii) variable, and (iii) hypothesis. Construct a hypothesis by using ‘gender’ as an independent variable and ‘development of society’ as a dependent variable. Write down which indicators will you use to measure societal development.

Q.3. Now, do you define globalization? Write down the process of globalization and explain how globalization Is affecting developing countries with a focus of Pakistan. Narrate both positive and negative effects.

Q.4. What do you understand by social and economic inequalities? Write down the nature of the linkage between ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ Countries.

Q.5. What Is world system theory? Discuss the nature of conflict among different nations within the frame of the world system. Explain how such an international conflict could be addressed using the United Nations and express the possible hurdles.

Q.6. The population of any country could be an ‘asset’ or ‘liability’? During the last several years, China has been growing quite steadily with a huge population. Explain how China has used the population as an asset.

Q.7. Differentiate between ‘crime’ and ‘insecurity’. Discuss the relationship among the concepts of (i) crime, (Ii) media, and (iii) felt-insecurity. Explain this relationship with examples from Pakistan.