Town Planning and Urban Management CSS Syllabus Suggested Readings

S.No. Title Author
1. Introducing Town Planning Clara Greed
2. Introduction to Town and Country Planning John Ratcliff
3. Town Planning for the Third World A.K. Bhatti
4. Contemporary Urban Planning J.M. Levy
5. Land Use, Planning, and Zoning Peter J. Loughlin,
6. Town and Country Planning in the UK J.B. Cullingworth, Vincent Nadin
7. Town Planning in Practice Raymond Unwin
8. World Cities and Urban Form: Fragmented, Polycentric, Sustainable? Mike Janks
9. Urban Land  Use Planning Philip R. B
10. Environmental Science: A Global Concern William P Cunningham
11. Megacity Management in the Asian and Pacific Region (Vol-2) Stubbs, Jeffery Giles Clarke
12. Dying Cities: Surviving the Urban Jungle Somaiya N
13. Handbook on Urban Sustainability Springer
14. Emerald Cities – Urban sustainability and Economics Joan Fitzgerald
15. Growing Greener Cities Eugene Birch, Susan Wachter
16. The Earth scan Reader in Sustainability Cities David Satterthwaite
17. The Poverty Curtain Dr. Mehboob –ul-Haq
18. Reflections on Human Development Dr. Mehboob –ul-Haq
19. Smart Cities Anthony Townsend

Useful Resources

  1. Planning and development of towns R.G. Gupta
  2. Town planning into the 21st century