English Essay CSS Paper 1977

Time allowed: 2 hours

Maximum marks: 50

(a) Make an Outline for writing an essay on one of the following subjects.

(b) Write the essay on the subject you have selected more or less on the basis of the outline you have drawn. Develop your ideas logically, at the same time marshaling your facts and data in such a manner that the writing your produce is not only convincing but also comprehensive.

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i. Apartheid.

ii. The Writer’s Role in an Ideological State.

iii. Some Fashionable Follies of the Modern World.

iv. Urdu Poetry Today.

v. Democracy in Pakistan.

vi. Profile of the Pakistani Voter.

vii.The Knowledge Explosion in the Modern Times.

viii. Our Movies and our National Character.

ix. Inflation – Its Causes and Cures.

x. Conscience versus Command.

xi. Psychoanalysis. xii.Education for Varied Talent

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