English Essay CSS Topicwise Papers – Sociology


  1. Administrative Corruption and Inefficiency — Its causes and cures.
  2. Eradication of corruption from society.
  3. Corruption as the bane of Society.
  4. Corruption and its distorting effect on the social and economic structure.
  5. The curse of corruption in developing countries with special reference to Pakistan.
  6. Control of corruption in Pakistani society.
  7. How can a man indulge in bribery, and nepotism, and injustice, and extortion, and deception, without batting an eyelid, if he believes in the Hereafter?


  1. Pakistan Cultural Situation
  2. Our Cultural Heritage.
  3. Estrangement from our own culture is driving us on the verge of collapse, not just our identity but also morality.

Dress and Manners

  1. Formal and Casual dressing Codes
  2. “The apparel oft proclaims the man”
  3. Table Manners

Drug Abuse

  1. “Drug Addiction” Its effects, extent and how to combat it?

Human Values

  1. Truth is lived, not taught.
  2. Time management is the keynote of success.
  3. Lack of discipline – a national disaster.
  4. Materialism in the death of spirituality.
  5. Dreams for future rely on the work of today.
  6. Truth In Short Supply
  7. Longing for Love
  8. Austerity as a solution to all our economic problems
  9. On tolerance
  10. “Turn not thy cheek in scorn towards folk nor walk with pertness in the land”. (Al-Quran)
  11. Self—Esteem
  12. “And whoso is saved from narrow-mindedness — such are they who are successful”. (Al-Quran)
  13. Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains”
  14. “None but the brave deserve the fair”
  15. “Cowards die many times before their death. The valiant never taste of death but once”
  16. “….and eat and drink but be not prodigal Lo! “He loveth not the prodigal,” al-Qur’an, VII: 31.
  17. The Power of Imagination.
  18. Disadvantages of Being a gentleman
  19. Sense of Humor
  20. Work — the Way to Happiness
  21. Man is the Slave of Habit.
  22. Conscience versus Command
  23. Aesthetic Values


Human Being

  1. Man as part of a design infinitely vaster than himself
  2. Man is condemned to be free
  3. The sick soul.
  4. The divided self and the process of its unification.
  5. Man’s Physiological and Psychological Relationship with Animals
  6. Spare the Rod and spoil the Child.
  7. Humankind cannot bear very much reality.
  8. Child is the Father of man”.
  9. Man does not live by bread alone
  10. “What a Piece of work is Man.”
  11. “Let there be light!” said God, “And there was light” “Let there be blood!” says man, and there’s a sea!
  12. “What a piece of work is man!” says tragedy “What a piece of work indeed?” says comedy.
  13. “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.”
  14. Humankind cannot bear very much of reality.
  15. Man was born free and everywhere he is in chains.
  16. Man gets what he strives for. (Al-Quran).
  17. “Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change”. — Kung Fu-Tzu Confucius.

Human Rights

  1. The traditional male role changed in the last 20 years.
  2. Gender equality is a myth.
  3. Free speech should have limitations.
  4. All humans are born equal in dignity and rights but they are in shackles everywhere.
  5. Why is there no status of the third gender in Pakistan?

Women Rights

  1. New waves of feminism and our culture.
  2. Feminism is not really a Third World issue.
  3. Gender equality is a myth!
  4. Frailty, thy name is woman.
  5. Women sports persons as new ambassadors of the soft image of Pakistan.
  6. Social and Economic Securities for Women in Islam.
  7. Does Pakistan society regard woman as the angel in the house or source of all evils?
  8. Can women be equal to men in Pakistan?
  9. Status of Women in Islam
  10. The state of women rights in Pakistan
  11. Persecuted poor woman
  12. Gender Discrimination
  13. “Frailty thy name is Woman”
  14. The causes of female backwardness in Pakistan and an appraisal of the contribution that women can make to the national development effort
  15. The plight of women and moves for their “empowerment”
  16. Islam and women
  17. Role of female education in social development
  18. Socio-Economic Status of Women in Pakistan
  19. Separate Universities for Women
  20. The International Women’s Year


  1. Sometimes we do not see what we see.
  2. Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.
  3. Beware the barrenness of a busy life!
  4. Life without controversy is no life. But why one should not choose the safe haven of conformism?
  5. We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies.
    2015: When life throws you lemons, make lemonade
  6. Country life is better than city life.
  7. Let me take care of today, tomorrow shall take care of itself.
  8. The Suffering Soul in the Scientific Age.
  9. All life is a game of power. The object of the game is simple enough to know what you want and to get it.
  10. My philosophy in life
  11. In the quest for happiness, success is only one ingredient and is often too dearly purchased
  12. The quality of life is not measured in terms of calories alone
  13. “Purpose of life on earth”
  14. Reverence for life
  15. How words change our lives?



  1. The Measurement of Personality;
  2. The Impact of Socio-Cultural factors on Personality Development
  3. The importance of Environment in the formation of personality.


  1. Population growth in Pakistan and its implication
  2. Resource development and population growth.
  3. Is overpopulation a human capital to be proud of? Discuss with special reference to Pakistan.
  4. Prospects of demographic equilibrium in Pakistan through family-planning.
  5. Is a small family necessarily a prosperous family? Discuss critically.


  1. Strategies for the alleviation of poverty.
  2. Progressive alleviation of poverty in Pakistan ban overview.
  3. The greatest of evils and the worst of crimes is poverty.
  4. Third World Poverty: Dimension and alleviation strategies.
  5. The Evils of Prosperity.

Sectarianism / Ethnicity

  1. The scourge of sectarian militancy and ethnic violence in Pakistan.
    Social Problems
  2. Socio-Economic Challenges faced by Pakistan.ic Challenges faced by Pakistan.
  3. Young habits die hard.
  4. The decay of idealism in Pakistan.
  5. What are the social evils rampant in our society? Discuss them in their order of importance. How would you eradicate them? What are its implications for Pakistan’s present and future?
  6. Kalashnikov and heroin culture and Pakistani youth.
  7. Popular Superstitions.
  8. Can we abolish Gambling?
  9. Identify and discuss some of the more serious political, social and economic problems.


  1. Sports for Women— Suitable and Unsuitable
  2. Role of sports in Character Building


  1. The problem of unemployment amongst the educated youth.
  2. Overcrowded Professions.
  3. Unemployment and Pakistani youth.