English General and English Essay Balochistan PSC Paper 2012

Balochistan Public Service Commission

Samungli Road, Quetta Cantt.




March 26, 2012

Total Marks: 100  Time Allowed: 03 Hours


Write an essay of about 450-500 words on one of the following topics: (30 Marks)

(1) Beauty is only skin deep

(2) Life- a trial

(3) Labour conquers all things

(4) Flattery


Give one-word substitution. (10 Marks)

(1) A solemn promise or undertaking, especially of a religious nature.

(2) A person or thing that is thought to bring bad luck.

(3) One who mixes freely with people.

(4) Small animals which are troublesome or destructive.

(5) Of or for boys and girls.


Use the following Idioms in your sentences to bring out their meanings clearly: (10 Marks)

(1) Blink the fact

(2) A bad egg

(3) The salt of the earth

(4) A Utopian scheme

(5) Take a fancy to


Correct the following sentences: (10 Marks)

(1) If I had money yesterday, I would have helped him.

(2) He was so brave soldier that he would not give up.

(3) Abundant people watched the final match.

(4) He plays not only cricket but also sings well.

(5) We will have done our work before our parents will have come.


Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions: ( 10 Marks)

(1) Everybody knows that he is vain his wealth.

(2) Those twin brothers really take each other. (3) We hate him _ his bad habits. (4) The burglars deprived the homeowners _ everything. (5) The two friends were jesting __ their rivals.


Make Precis of the following passage, assign it a suitable title and explain underline words: (30 Marks)

Pride and envy have done great damage to mankind, and in a variety of ways. Pride generates a sense to superiority, whether of sex, colour, race or religion. In no case does this pride have any rational basis. For example, except for having tougher muscles, the male does not have any inherent superiority over the female. Fantastic reasons were given in support of the view that the male is superior; that the male foetus acquires a soul in six weeks while the female does so only after six months. At the conscious level, most forms of superiority have now greatly declined. However, even in America, the sense of equality still works mostly only upwards, everyone regards those above him to be his equals, but thinks that he is superior to those below him. In Russia, a new privileged class has appeared the proletariat. Pride of creed makes one look upon all who profess a different faith as sinners, who are surely doomed for hell. Envy does much harm in personal life, but even in public and international life envy and selfishness are responsible for breeding an entirely false conception of self-interest. Russel explains this with the help of the story of an imaginary baker and as butcher who are under the misconception that monopoly of trade world make them immensely rich. Every nation today seems to pursuing an economic policy which is based on the misconception that her economic interest is opposed to that of every other nation. This is the essence of the pernicious idea of economic nationalism.