English Essay CSS Topicwise Papers – Subjects


  1. The Value of Architecture and its influence on life


  1. Art for peace.
  2. Art Critics and reviewers.
  3. Art and Morality
  4. “Every art is an imitation of nature”
  5. “The Artist is the leader of civilized society”
  6. Art and Morality.
  7. Art as a vehicle of social reconstruction.
  8. Art and Religion


  1. All recorded history is contemporaneous.
  2. “Most of the history is Guessing, and the rest is prejudice”.
  3. History as ‘the biography of great men
  4. Those who will not learn from history shall relieve it.
  5. The value of the study of history.
  6. “If’ in History
  7. The lessons of the past



  1. 2020. Do we really need literature in our lives?
  2. Urdu literature and the Progressive Movement.
  3. Literature is a lonely planet of idealists.
  4. Literature as a great cultural artifact.
  5. Literature is the best criticism of life.
  6. Poetry is the highest form of expression – the greatest proof is the Holy Quran.
  7. Humour In Urdu Literature
  8. “Of all the needs a book has, the chief need is that it be readable.”
  9. Literature transmits incontrovertible condensed experience from generation to generation. In this way, literature becomes the living memory of a nation
  10. “If poetry comes not as naturally as the leaves to a tree it had better not come at all”.
  11. Values of literature and its influence on life
  12. Contemporary Pakistani Literature
  13. The Social Role of a Writer
  14. “Our Sweetest Songs are those that tell Of Saddest thoughts”
  15. The Writer’s Role in an Ideological State
  16. Urdu Poetry Today
  17. Urdu Literature since 1935
  18. The influence of Western Literature
  19. Experiment in Literature


  1. “A little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy bringeth man’s minds about to religion.”


  1. “My friend it is the poet’s work…..Dreams to interpret and to mark….Believe me that man’s true conceit…In a dream becomes complete! All poetry we ever read…Is but true dreams interpreted” (Hans Sachs in Die Meistersinger) Comments on the significance of Dreams.
  2. Psychotherapy
  3. Psychoanalysis
  4. An Evaluation of Various Theories of Psychotherapy
  5. Psychology and its social meaning.