Everyday Science KP PMS Syllabus

KP Everyday Science (Compulsory) Syllabus
Marks – 100

1. Introduction

Nature of Science: Brief History of Science with special reference to the contribution of Muslims in the evolution and development of science. Impact of Science on society

2. The Physical Sciences

(a) Constituents and Structure:- Universe, Galaxy, Solar system, Sun, Earth, Minerals
(b) Processes of Nature:- Solar and Lunar Eclipses; Day and Night and their variation;
(c) Energy:- Sources and resources of Energy, Energy conservation;
(i) Ceramics, Plastics, Semiconductors;
(ii) Radio, Television, Telephones, Camera, Laser, Microscope
(iii) Computers, Satellites;
(iv) Antibiotics, Vaccines, Fertilizers, Pesticides

3. Biological Sciences

(i) The basis of life – the cell, chromosomes, genes, nucleic acids
(ii) The building blocks – proteins, hormones, and other nutrients. Concept of a balanced diet. Metabolism
(iii) Survey of Plant and the Animal Kingdom – a brief survey of plant and animal kingdom to pinpoint
similarities and diversities in nature
(iv) The Human body – a brief account of human Physiology and Human behavior