General Knowledge and Everyday Science Balochistan PSC Paper 2001

Balochistan Public Service Commission Samungli Road Quetta Cantt.


Time Allowed: 3 Hours…………July 9, 2001………..Marks:100

Q-1. Write an essay on any Two of the following: 30

(i) The causes of the failure of Democracy in Pakistan.

(ii) one thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of learning.

(iii) you can not eat your cake and have your cake.

(iv) To thine own self be true.

(v) one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

(vi) To hope till hope creates from its own wreck the thing it contemplates.

(vii) if you have to choose between exercise and sense of humor as a panacea for long life, which would you choose.

(viii) Truth is stronger than fiction,

Q-2. a) complete each of the following sentences with a word beginning with the prefix “in” 10

(i) The flood that is tasteless and wanting in flavour is ——-.

(ii) A person who can not be wounded or hurt is ——–

(iii) A plant that is harmless and not poisonous is ——-

(iv) A man unable to pay his debts is ———–

(v) An event that is sure to happen is ————

b) Find verb ending in ate 10

(i) To tear up by the roots.

(ii) to spring from seeds.

(iii) to sleep through the winter.

(iv) to surrender especially on terms.

Q-3. What do you understand by the following terms? Attempt any ten. 10

(i) blue book (ii) white paper (iii) free verse (iv) philology (v) buffer state (vi) Asylum (vii) Isobel (viii) Geysers (ix) Perjury (x) learning tower (xi) Eurodollar (xii) sedation (xiii) Hot line (xiv) contempt of court (xv) Inquest

Q-4. (a) Mention the capitals and currency of the following. 10

(i) Afghanistan (ii) Bangladesh (iii) India (iv) Japan (v) Saudi Arabia (vi) Malaysia (vii) Nepal (viii) Philippines (ix) Turkey (x) Burma

(b) Distinguish the following words by using them in sentences. 10

(i) clear, manifest, plaint (ii) Apology, Excuse, defence (iii) cautious, prudent, careful (iv) contented, satisfied, gratified (v) Dangerous, perilous, Risky.

Q-5. Answer any ten of the following questions. 20

(i) Name the largest island in the world?

(ii) The tail of a Commet gets shorter as it recedes from the sun?

(iii) Why does a motor car needs a radiator?

(iv) Under what conditions do a feather and lump of lead fall at the same rate?

(v) What causes an object to look black?

(vi) Why does a ship rise as it enters the sea from a river?

(vii) Why a convex mirror is used by the motorists to see the road behind them?

(viii) Why are lightning conductors affixed to tall buildings?

(ix) Why should a clinical thermometer not be dropped in the boiling water?

(x) How does a rainbow form?

(xi) How does the thermos keep the liquid hot for a long time?

(xii) why does an iron nail gain weight by rusting?

(xiii) what would happen if the force of gravity were to disappear suddenly?

(xiv) why are tallest structures in a locality most likely to be struck by lightning?