General Knowledge and Everyday Science Balochistan PSC Paper 2010

Balochistan Public Service Commission Samungli Road Quetta Cantt.


Marks: 100 July 12, 2010 Time: 3 Hours

Q-1. Write notes on any two of the following: (16)

i. Reduction of subsidies for stabilization of economy – its affects.

ii. The role of UNO under the shade of the Super Powers

iii. The Spoil System and the Good Governance

iv. Policy option for withdrawal of America from Afghanistan

v. The deteriorating standards of Education in Balochistan.

Q-2. Differentiate between any six of the following. (12)

a. Centriole and Centrosome

b. Smog and Smoke

c. Isotopes and Isobars

d. Autopsy and Biopsy

e. Pisciculture and Sericulture

f. Epidemic and Endemic

g. Cohesion and Adhesion

h. Stress and strain in the context of elasticity

i. Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn

Q-3. Explain any ten of the following: (15)

a. Cosmic Rays

b. Thermal Vents

c. Entropy

d. Elastic Limit

e. Solar Constant

f. Ozone Hole

g. Escape Velocity

h. Acid Rain

i. Rocky Planets

j. Solfataras

k. Radioactive dating

l. Genetic Counseling

m. Renewable Sources of Energy

n. Mass – Energy Equivalence Formula

Q-4. Answer any ten of the following: 15

1 How does juice rise in a pipe?

2 Why distance objects look smaller?

3 Why motorists use a convex mirror?

4 What is the function of radiator in a car?

5 How can bats fly in dark?

6 Why milk is called a complete diet?

7 What is the role of fat in an animal?

8 How does a Jeweler’s cut diamond sparkle?

9 What are conducting tissues in plants?

10 What sort of mirror is used in search lights?

11 How does water get cooled in an earthen ware?

12 Why is there a constriction in a clinical thermometer?

13 Why places on sea shore are cooler in summer but warm in winter?

14 Why is Nichrome used in heaters, irons and radiators?

15 Name one unicellular animal and plant each.

Q-5. Identify any ten of the following. (15)

a. Sir Robert Francis Moody

b. Sir Ambrose Dandas Flux

c. General Sir Frank Massery

d. Allan Octavian Hume

e. Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas

f. Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi

g. Recep Tayyip Erdogan

h. Mikhail Gorbachev

i. Ban Ki Moon

j. Rabindranath Tagore

k. Abdul Sattar Edhi

l. Ardeshir Cowas Jee

m. Sir Chandra Sekhara Raman

n. Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Ali Al-Madni

o. Al-Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah

Q-6. What do these abbreviations stand for (any ten): (10)

a. WUKO d. WADA c. FIFA d. ABC e. JCSC f. IRBM g. FOFA h. ZETA i. XGS j. WWW k. WIPO l. UPI m. UNITAR n. TCP o. SONAR

Q-7. Discuss the general performance of the Football Teams in the 2010 FIFA, especially, in the couple of Semi Finals and Final. Who was the best scorer on the whole and who scored in the Semi Finals and Final?

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