General Knowledge and Everyday Science Balochistan PSC Paper 2012

Balochistan Public Service Commission Samungli Road Quetta Cantt.


Marks: 100 March 28,2012 Time: 3 Hours

Q.NO.1. Write Note on any TWO of the following: (20 Marks)

(1) Pak-Iran gas pipeline and American response. (2) American Withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014 and its repercussions for the region. (3) Vladimir Putin and the future of Russia in world politics. (4) Optimism in life and literature.

Q.NO.2. Explain any TEN of the following: (20 Marks)

(a) Avalanche (b) Equinox (c ) Ocean of storms (d) Twilight (e) Zenith

(f) Aristocracy (G) Balfour Declaration. (h) Confederation (i) Extradition

(j) Inquest (k) Absolute Zero (L) Pessimism (M) Buffer state

Q.NO.3. Answer any TEN of the following: (20 Marks)

1 Why does it not hurt when we cut our nails? 2. Why does a clock loose time in summer? 3. Why a siphon cannot work in a vacuum? 4. Why when a gun is fired within a visible distance, the sound is heard a little after the smoke is seen? 5. Explain Why moisture gathers on the outside of a glass tumbler? 6. what is aerodynamics? 7. Why are cloudy nights generally warm? 8. Why is rainwater soft but river water hard? 9. Why a small space is left at the joint between two rails? 10. Why does fanning produce a sense of coolness in the body? 11. At what speed does the earth revolve around the sun? 12. What is a mirage? 13. How much blood does a normal person have in his body?

Q.NO.4. Identify any TEN of the following: (10 Marks)

1 Edmund Spenser 2. Christopher Marlow 3. Paradise regained. 4. Dr. Samuel Johnson 5. Child Harold 6. Maxim Gorky 7. Canterbury Tales. 8. Hugo Chavez 9. Colin Powel 10. Tansu Cillar 11. Pete Sampras 12. Malik Feroz khan noon 13. Dr. Shamshad Akhter.

Q.NO. 5. Abbreviations: Do any TEN: (10 Marks)

1 A.N.C 2. A.w.a.c.s 3. B.C.C.I 4. C.B.R 5. A.P.E.C 6. C.P.N.E 7. C.T.B.T 8. G.A.T.T 9. G.C.C 10. M.C.O 11. M.O.U 12. N.U.S.T 13. P.N.S.C

Q.NO.6. Name authors of any TEN of the Following Books: (10 Marks)

1 Emma 2. The Prince. 3. Das Capital. 4. Ben Hur 5. Brother Karamazov 6. The Confessions 7. David Copperfield 8. Doctor’s Dilemma 9. Faerie Queen 10. Anchal 11. Dast-e-Saba 12. Khak-o-Khun 13. Sirat-un-Nabi.

Q.NO.7. Mention the capitals and currencies of the following countries: (10 Marks)

1 Rwanda 2. Somalia 3. South Africa 4. Uganda 5. Qatar 6. Finland 7. Yugoslavia 8. Hungary 9. Haiti 10. Colombia

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