Pakistan Affairs KP PMS Paper 2008

KPK Public Service Commission, Peshawar Competitive Examination for Provincial Management Service, 2008 Paper: General Knowledge III (Pakistan Affairs)


Note: i) Attempt ONLY FIVE questions in all, including Question No. 1 which is COMPULSORY.

ii) Extra attempt of any question or any part of the attempted question will not be considered.

iii) Candidate must draw two straight lines ( === ) at the end to separate each question attempted in the answer book.

Q.1 Write only the correct answer in the Answer Book. Do not reproduce the question.

(1) Siachen Glacier is a part of:- (a) Hunza (h) Shigar (c ) Gilgit (d) Baltistan

(2) The power generating capacity of proposed dropped Kalabagh darn (it constructed) shall be approximately :- (a) 3400 MW (b) 5400 MW (c ) 6200 MW (d) 6500 MW

(3) “Harnai in Baluchistan is famous for:-(a) Copper reserve (b) Cool mines (c ) Deposits of Sulphur (d) Woolen mills

(4) One which commodity, Pakistan spend more than 70 million dollars of foreign exchange per month:- (a) Tea (b) Petroleum (c ) Edible oil (d) Wheat

(5) Indian Muslim in 1919 launched the Khilafat Movement to protect:- (a) Turkish Sultan (b) Institution of Khilafat (c ) Independence of Turkey (d) Sharif Hussain of Mecca

(6) When was the National Anthem of Pakistan was the first broadcast on radio:- (a) 1947 (b) 1949 (c ) 1952 (d) 1956

(7) What was the status of princely states when Pakistan and India got independence in 1947?

(8) Pakistan experienced both the Presidential and Parliamentary System. How do you distinguish between the two?

(9) What is “ECNEC”’?

(10) What is “ECC”?

(11) What is “OGRA”?

(12) What is “PDWP”?

(13) What is “PMDC”?

(14) What is “PEMRA”?

(15) Problem of Pakistan in Economic Development. Describe in five lines?

(16) Who were the two signatories Durand Line Agreement?

(17) What is the Contribution (%age of Water) of the three western rivers (Indus, Jhelum, Chenab) to the Indus Basin?

(18) What is the Radcliff Line?

(19) Which area in Pakistan joins Pakistan with Tajikistan?

(20) Lahore Resolution (1940) had a major flaw. Please identify?

Q.2 Describe the genesis of TWO Nation Theory in its Social, Political and Economic Perspectives.

Q.3 Discuss the role of America in the Politics of Pakistan.

Q.4 Identify the main problems in Economic Development of Pakistan.

Q.5 Normally, Pakistan – India relations depends on the solution of Kashmir dispute. Comment.

Q.6 Discuss Composition, Powers and Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Pakistan under the 1973 constitution.

Q.7 The US attack on Afghanistan in October 2001 has had very serious repercussions for Pakistan. Discuss.

Q.8 Local Government System under the “Devolution of Power Plan 2001” has miserably failed in delivering service to the masses. Discuss.

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