Islamiat KP PMS Syllabus

Total marks – 100
1. Basic problems of human life and their solutions, various sources of knowledge – revelation (Wahy)
as source of knowledge and solution of human problems. Divinity and Supremacy of wahy
2. Need of Religion and its role in human life, Islam and other religions
3. Islam: Its concepts and meanings, Deen and Mazhab, Islamic concepts of universe and humanity,
place of Humanity in Islam, man as Vicegerent of Allah, Chief Characteristics of Islamic Ideology
4. Fundamental beliefs and practices of Islam
(a) Tauheed (Unity of Allah), Risalat (Finality of Prophethood), Akhirat (Day of Judgment)
(b) Salat, Soum, Zakat, Hajj, Jihad
5. Islamic way of life
(i) Sources of Shariah: The Quran, Sunnah, Ijma (Consensus), Qiyas and Ijtihad (Reasoning)
(ii) Social system in Islam: Responsibilities and mutual relationship of members of family, separate role
of man and woman in an Islamic social setup, concept of women’s freedom in Islam, responsibilities
of man and woman in character-building of new generation
(iii) Morality in Islam: Concept of morality, relationship of morality and Faith, Islamic principles and
methods of character building, Moral values in Islam
(iv) Islamic political system: – Legislative system, Judicial system
(v) Muslim ummah: Role and objectives of Muslim Ummah
6. Quranic Ayat and their translation
Following last 10 surrahs of the Holy Quran and their translations:-
1. Surrah Al-Feel
2. Surrah Al-Quresh
3. Surrah Al-Mamoon
4. Surrah Al-Kausar
5. Surrah Al-Kafaroon
6. Surrah Al-Nasr
7. Surrah Al-Lahhab
8. Surrah Al-Akhlas
9. Surrah Al-Falak
10. Surrah An-Nas