Pakistan Affairs CSS Paper 1983


Time allowed: 3 hours Maximum marks: 100

Note: Attempt five questions only including Question No. 1 which is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.

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1. Fill in the blanks: 20

i) The total area of Pakistan is —— out of which —— percent is covered by Balochistan Province.

ii) The recent total population of Pakistan is out of which percent lives in urban areas.

iii) There are —— Divisions in Pakistan and districts in the State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

iv) The boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan measures about—— and —

v) The State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir contains — of total area and —— of total population.

vi) Two most important western tributaries of River Indus are and —–

vii)The first Muslim Educational institution was founded in —— by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan by the name of -i-

viii) Muslim League was founded in by —

ix) The pamphlet issued in England in ——- demanding national status for the north-west of Indian subcontinent with the name of Pakistan was entitled ——

x) Members of the cabinet mission included —— and ——

xi) According to the agreement of division of assets of British India, Pakistan was to receive ——– percent of the joint assets.

xii)Quaid-e-Azam died on ———- and Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated on xiii) The GNP increased in Pakistan from ——- in early 1970s to ——— in early 1980s.

xiv) Congress and Muslim League agreed on Communal Representation and national independence in ——– and signed the famous —

xv) Rasul Barrage is built on ——— and Warsak Dam is built on ———

xvi) The title Quaid-i-Azam was coined by————

xvii) Sind Sagar Doab is situated between rivers ——

xviii) Two important species of trees found on the warm rainy slopes at 3000 to 5000 ft. of Murree Hills are ——- and

xix) Two important oil fields of Pakistan are located at —— and ——

xx) Nation celebrates September 6th as ——

2. Describe the factor which led to the partition of Indo-Pak sub-continent in 1947. 20

3. Why Pakistan is called an ideological State? Discuss. 20

4 Explain the salient features of the 1973 Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. 20

5. Elucidate with, examples character and structure of the economy of Pakistan. 20

6. Discuss the religion, religious faith and practices of any two minority groups living in Pakistan. 20

7. Identify and discuss the major social problems of Pakistan and suggest their possible solutions. 20

8. Critically examine the impact of Afghanistan crisis on Pakistan’s security environment. 20

9. Discuss new trends in Indo-Pakistan relations in the light of respective proposals for No-War Pact and Treaty of Peace and Friendship. 20

10. Write notes on any two of the following: 20

a) Indus Waters Treaty.

b) U.S. Economic Aid to Pakistan.

c) South-Asian Regional Co-operation (SAARC)

d) Pakistan’s Foreign Policy towards NAM.

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