Popular English News Channels

For a student of Current Affairs, following quality news channels is imperative.

A student should know about popular English News Channels. No channel is without its own bias coming from its own background. It’s up to the viewer to sift through the biases and know the truth.

Following is the list of most popular English News Channels.


  Aljazeera English

  Aljazeera English is the premier English News Channel broadcasted from Doha, Qatar. It has quality news, reporting, and analysis team.

BBC World News 

  BBC World News

  BBC World news broadcasts from London, UK and is a trusted source of news with one of the largest network of reporters worldwide.

CNN World News

  CNN World News

  CNN World news broadcasts from Atlanta, Georgia USA and is a respect news source worldwide.

DW News

  DW World News

  DW World news broadcasts from Berlin, Germany and provides a German perspective about the world.



  France24 news broadcasts from Paris, France and provides a French world view.



EuroNews is based in France and provides a European perspective on world news.

Sky News

  Sky News

  Sky News is based in United Kingdom and is part of the large Sky Network. It is a widely respect source of quality news and analysis.

RT News

  RT News

  RT (Russia Today) News is the Russian English News Channel and offers Russian perspective on world affairs.


  CCTV 4

  CCTV4 is the Chinese Window to the world. It broadcasts from China and provides Chinese World View.


  PTV World

  PTV World is a Pakistani news and current affairs channel providing Pakistani world view.


  TRT World

  TRT World is the Turkish English News and Current Affairs channel.


  Press TV

Press TV is the Iranian English News and Current Affairs channel.


   ND TV

 Even though India has many English News Channels, NDTV is the most popular and well known Indian News channel.