Psychology CSS Paper I 2007

1. Define Psychology, give its scope and write in brief about various schools of Psychology.
2. Write down the function of central and peripheral nervous system, and briefly give the structure and function of cell.
3. Describe the significance of learning in life of an individual referring to different theories of learning.
4. Define Motivation. List the various theories of Motivation and explain any one of them.
5. Define personality. Write in detail the Psychoanalytic theory of personality.
6. Explain the process of socialization. Write down the stages involved in formation of opinions, attitudes and prejudice
7. What is group dynamics? Write down the structure and function of Group referring to the group norms.

  1. Write only the correct answer in the Answer Book. Do not reproduce the questions.

(1) The four main goals of psychological research are:
(a) Description, experimentation, prediction and control
(b) Description, explanation, assessment and manipulation
(c) Description, prediction, assessment and manipulation
(d) Description, explanation, control and validity
(e) None of these

(2) A verifiable scientific finding is one that can be:
(a) Observed in real life
(b) Proven impossible to test
(c) Proven valid, accurate and indisputable
(d) Replicated with the same result
(e) None of these

(3) An independent variable is:
(a) The only variable of interest
(b) A variable that is independently verified
(c) A variable whose value depends on that of the dependent variable
(d) The variable that is manipulated by experiment
(e) None of these

(4) The main regions of brain are the:
(a) Hind brain, forebrain, midbrain
(b) Cerebral cortex, forebrain, hind brain and midbrain
(c) Forebrain, midbrain and anterior region
(d) Central hemisphere, and left hemisphere
(e) None of these

(5) Of the three different types of the neurons, sensory neurons are unique in that day:
(a) Carry impulses from the brain and spinal cord to parts of the body that then respond to the impulse.
(b) Receive information from the receptor cells and send this information to the brain or spinal cord.
(c) Reside exclusively in the peripheral nervous system has two functions, to send signals to motor neurons, and to receive signals from receptors.
(d) None of these

(6) The four parts of the neurons are:
(a) Axon, cell body, myelin sheath and dendrites
(b) Axon, dendrites, nucleus and terminal buttons
(c) Axon, cell body, dendrites and terminal buttons
(d) Axon, dendrites, myelin sheath and modes of ranvier
(e) None of these

(7) Effectors and receptor cells are different in:
(a) Their composition and speed of conduction
(b) The direction in which they carry nerve impulses
(c) The corresponding branch of the nervous system to which they belong
(d) The effectors never connect with the brain, while receptors receive information from the brain.
(e) None of these

(8) Three dimensional perception of the world is referred to as:
(a) Stereoposis
(b) Stroboscopy
(c) Multiple perspectives
(d) Normal vision
(e) None of these

(9) Perpetual constancy refers to:
(a) Perception of an object remaining the same even when our immediate sensation of the object changes.
(b) Perceptual tendency to group objects together on the basis of their similarity.
(c) Perception of an object’s changing even though the object stays the same
(d) Tendency to close up, incomplete objects into already existing perceptual shapes
(e) None of these

(10) Gestaltists refer to the fact that we perceive smooth flowing forms more readily than discrete forms as:
(a) Similarity
(b) Symmetry
(c) Holistic perception
(d) Continuity
(e) None of these

(11) Classical conditioning is a process whereby:
(a) Certain response result from certain stimulus presentations
(b) The CS is always presented before the UCS
(c) Actions that are reward tend to the strengthened
(d) Learning occurs when a stimulus is paired with a certain response
(e) None of these

(12) Edward Tolman’s experiments with rats showed that:
(a) Learning could be achieved without reinforcement
(b) Rats could learn second order conditioning in the absence of food
(c) All rats behaviour could be analyzed by stimulus – response contingencies
(d) The law of effect was not valid in all animals
(e) None of these

(13) Albert’s Bandura’s social learning theory holds that:
(a) Learning is best in group settings
(b) Learning can be achieved by observing and modeling another person’s behaviour
(c) Mere exposure to an aggressive scene always later elicits aggressive behaviour
(d) Social learning takes place at an unconscious level
(e) None of these

(14) According to Marlow’s hierarchy of needs, individuals:
(a) May bypass a level in their quest for self actualization
(b) Must satisfy self-esteem needs before achieving belongingness and love needs
(c) Always end their lives self actualized
(d) Must satisfy esteem needs before the process of self-actualization
(e) None of these

(15) Research by Edward Deci has suggested that extrinsic motivators are more effective when they are:
(a) Stated up front so that the individual knows what he or she will be receiving
(b) Tangible and easily identifiable
(c) Received immediately before the task is accomplished
(d) Intangible, such as verbal praise or smile
(e) None of these

(16) Goals can help us motivated by all the following except:
(a) Focusing our attention
(b) Encouraging alternative ways of achieving goals
(c) Allowing us the freedom to be spontaneous in our activities
(d) Mobilizing our resources
(e) None of these

(17) Psychodynamic determinism refers to:
(a) Behaviour that is rules by forces over which we have no control
(b) Behaviour that is preconscious in origin
(c) Id impulses that will forever remain unfulfilled
(d) The delimiting characteristics of the superego
(e) None of these

(18) According to Freudian, dream terminology, condensation refers to:
(a) Repressed urges that find disguised outlets for expression
(b) The bizarre, irrational quality of dreams
(c) The process whereby unacceptable thoughts or impulses are combined into a single dream image
(d) The process whereby one thing may stand for another in dream interpretation
(e) None of these

(19) Group popularization is an affect whereby:
(a) Extreme opinions in a group becomes moderate with increased group interaction
(b) Group members moderate positions become polarized with increased group interaction
(c) Group decisions represent an exaggeration of the group members initial positions
(d) The group members’ main concern is to maintain unanimity and group cohesion
(e) None of these

(20) Group think is unlikely to occur when which of the following factors is present?
(a) There is a high degree of stress in the decision-making process
(b) There are clear objective in the decision making process
(c) The group is homogeneous in composition
(d) The group is ideologically isolated
(e) None of these


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