Psychology CSS Paper II 2008


Q-1 Select the best option and fill in the appropriate box on the answer sheet:

i- According to Alfred Adler, helplessness of the infant accounts for:
(a) feelings of inferiority (b) compensatory strivings (c) A need to strive for superiority (d) All of these

ii- Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development states:
(a) Children are egocentric during the stage of preoperational thought
(b) Object permanence is developed during stage of concrete operational thought
(c) When children proceed from the stage of preoperational thought to the stage of formal operations, they achieve sense of conservation and reversibility
(d) Child development is largely culturally determined

iii- Autonomous functions of the ego include all of the following except:
(a) Perception (b) Repression (c) Language (d) Intelligence

iv- Which of the following statements applies to the unconscious?
(a) Its elements are inaccessible to the conscious (b) Its closely related to the pleasure principle (c) Its closely related to instincts (d) All of these

v- A gambler lost 1000 rupees at a racetrack but he was not upset. He said, “I would have spent the money on any other thing any way”. Which defense mechanism does his statement involve?
(a) Reaction formation (b) Undoing (c) Denial (d) Rationalization

vi- Fixed false belief based on incorrect inferences about external reality is called:
(a) Delusion (b) Obsession (c) Overvalued Idea (d) Phobia

vii- A simple schizophrenia is characterised by:
(a) An insidious loss of drive and ambition (b) Persistent Delusions (c) Persistent Hallucinations (d) All of these

viii- Which of the following instances suggest psychotherapy would be of no use?
(a) A person who completely lacks remorse for past doing
(b) A person with an inability to form emotional attachment
(c) A person whose life situation cannot be modified
(d) A person who is a close friend of the analyst

ix- The most frequently cited characteristic among children with ADHD is:
(a) Perceptual-motor impairment (b) Disorder of memory and thinking (c) Hyperactivity (d) Disorder of speech and learning

x- In operant conditioning:
(a) Continuous reinforcement schedule is least susceptible to extinction
(b) Negative reinforcement is a type of punishment
(c) The process is related to trial and error learning
(d) Shaping occurs when responses are coincidentally paired to a reinforcer

xi- Ashi memorized her shopping list. When she got to the store she found out that she had forgotten many of the items in the middle of the list. This is an example of:
(a) Inappropriate coding (b) Retrograde Amnesia (c) Proactive Interference (d) The serial position effect

xii- Positive reinforcement _______ the rate of responding; Negative reinforcement ______ the rate of responding:
(a) Increases; decreases (b) Decreases; increases (c) Increases; increases (d) Decreases; decreases

xiii- Hormones are to endocrine system as ________ are to nervous system:
(a) Nerves (b) Synapses (c) Neurotransmitters (d) Action Potential

xiv- The thalamus can be characterised as:
(a) A regulatory system (b) The conscious switch of the brain (c) A relay system (d) A bridge between two cerebral hemispheres

xv- Chomsky proposed that children learn a language:
(a) One’s thought determines the nature of one’s language
(b) Language and thought are separate and independent processes
(c) Language and thought interact, each influencing the other
(d) Because they possess an innate language acquisition device

xvi- According to James-Lange Theory of Emotion:
(a) The experiences of emotions depends upon autonomic arousal and on one’s cognitive interpretation of that arousal
(b) Different patterns of autonomic arousal lead to the experience of different emotions
(c) Emotions occur when the thalamus sends signals simultaneously to the cortex and to the autonomic nervous system
(d) Emotions develop because of their adaptive value

xvii- When the development of the same subject is studies over a period of time, the study is called a:
(a) cross sectional study (b) longitudinal study (c) life history study (d) sequential study

xviii- The process of excluding from the consciousness the ideas and feelings which cause guilt and shame is known as:
(a) Projection (b) Repression (c) Reaction formation (d) Regression

xix- The type of learning associated with skinner is:
(a) Classical Conditioning (b) Operant Conditioning (c) Respondent Conditioning (d) Observation Learning

xx- The English Scientist who considered measuring intelligence by measuring head size:
(a) Galton (b) Binet (c) Terman (d) Wechsler


Q-2 Discuss Piaget’s view of how mind develops and describe his cognitive stages.

Q-3 Describe the Symptoms of Schizophrenia Disorders and discuss the causes of Schizophrenia.

Q-4 Discuss Sigmund Freud’s Psychotherapy in detail, also give its name.

Q-5 Explain the environmental influences adversely affecting the development of neonate.

Q-6 Discuss both genetic and environmental influences on intelligence. Support your answer with evidence.

Q-7 What is drug addiction? What are the factors that instigate an adolescent?

Q-8 What are the chromosomal abnormalities that can take place in prenatal stage? What measures can be taken to prevent them?


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