Psychology CSS Paper II 2009


Paper II

Q2: Define growth , development and maturation and explain the role of biological and sociological factors in the process of development.

Q3: Differentiate between ANY TWO of the following development area:
1. Physical development- social development
2. Sensory development- intellectual development
3. Perceptual development- emotional development
4. Personality development- fine motor development

Q4: List the different types of assessment procedures\tools used for clinical diagnosis and explain the significance of clinical judgment in the process of assessment.

Q5 List various therapies used in psychological treatment and write about any two in detail.

Q6 Define intelligence in reference to factors factors of intelligence and write how intelligence test can be used for identification of disability in general and mental retardation in specific

Q7 Describe the role of biological and sociological factors in development of maladjustment and criminal behaviour and explain the treatment strategies.

Q8: Define any five of the following :

  1. Infancy 2. Genetics 3. Chromosomal abnormalities 4. Motor development 5. Emotional pattern 6. Mental retardation 7. Character disorder 8. Juvenile delinquency 9. Group dynamics.


Select the best option \answer and fill in the appropriate box on the answer sheet

  1. A child is creating new schemata to account for new information , piaget calls this process
    a. assimilation b. accommodation c. operations d. functional autonomy
    e. none of these

  2. Children begin to understand and use abstractions during which of the piaget stages of cognitive development
    a. oral
    b. preoperational
    c. state of formal operations
    d. secondary stage
    e. none of these

  3. Which theoretical viewpoint emphasizes the importance of learning for understanding development
    a. freudian
    b. information processing theory
    c. ecological theory
    d. behavioral theory
    e. none of these

  4. Behavior is governed by its consequences describe:

a. operant conditioning
b. psychological crisis
c. supply demand theory
d. the yerkes Dodson law
e. none of these

  1. Which of the following statement is incorrect
    a. genetic influences affect children more than adults
    b. even if genetic factors underlie a particular behavior, it is subject to change
    c. trait such as extraversion and introversion are influenced by genes
    d. intelligence has a genetic basis
    e. none of these

  2. If characteristic requires only one gene to show itself the characteristic is considered:
    a. dominant
    b. co-dominant
    c. incompletely dominant
    d. recessive
    e. none of these

  3. A genetic disorder in which the production of mucous affects the respiratory system is
    a. huntington’s disease
    b. down syndrome
    c. cystic fibrosis
    d. sickle cell anemia
    e. none of these

  4. Aptitudes are
    a. preferences to perform certain activities
    b. high level of achievement in an area endeavour
    c. the abilities of individual to learn in specific endeavour
    d. skills one brings to a given task
    e. none of these

  5. In psychological research, a ……… is defined as an entity that can occur with different values
    a. hypothesis
    b. measurement system
    c. variable
    d. experimental group
    e. none of these

  6. Ability to exercise precise control over a variable is what distinguishes the ……. Method from other methods of scientific observation
    f. control group identification
    g. randomized selection
    h. hypothesis testing
    i. experimental
    j. none of these

  7. Consideration of participants in psychological research as …….. in the research enterprise is a central principle of ethical research today
    a. informed participants
    b. full partners
    c. willing participants
    d. co-investigators
    e. none of these

  8. Maturation refers to
    a. the attainment of successive stages of cognitive development
    b. relatively stable changes in an individual’s thought or behavior as a result of a biological process of aging.
    c. Relatively stable changes in an individual’s thought or behavior as a result of accumulating experience
    d. The development of an individual’s thought and behavior due to interaction of biological and environmental factors
    e. None of these

  9. Learning refers to
    a. the attainment of successive stages of cognitive development
    b. changes in an individual’s thought or behavior as a result of biological process of aging
    c. changes in an individual’s thought and behavior as result of accumulating experience
    d. The development of an individual’s thought and behavior due to interaction of biological and environmental factors
    e. none of these

  10. Psychodynamic determinism refers to
    a. behavior that is ruled by forces over which we have no control
    b. behavior that is preconscious in origin
    c. id impulses that will forever remain unfulfilled
    d. the delimiting characteristics of superego
    e. none of these

  11. According to Freudian dream terminology, condensation refers to
    a. repressed urges that find disguised outlets for expression
    b. the bizarre , irrational quality of dream
    c. the process whereby unacceptable thoughts or impulses are combined into a single dream image
    d. process where one thing may stand for another in dream interpretation
    e. none of these

  12. According to one definition, behavior is abnormal if
    a. labeled as abnormal by the society in which the individual lives
    b. not under conscious control by individual statistically typical
    c. statistically typical
    d. adaptive to the individual
    e. none of these

  13. Axis III in DSM-IV address:
    a. the major abnormal disorders
    b. primary personality disorders
    c. physical disorders
    d. the severity of psychological symptoms
    e. none of these

  14. An individual who is identified as having a borderline personality disorder shows
    a. persecutory thoughts
    b. exhibitionistic tendencies
    c. instability in mood and social relations
    d. apathy and indifference to opinion of others
    e. none of these

  15. Clinical interview typically includes
    a. a follow up evaluation and assessment after therapy is terminated
    b. the initial diagnosis of a client’s psychological functioning
    c. the psycho physiological functioning
    d. the client’s initial and final evaluation
    e. none of these

  16. Two explicitly directive psychotherapeutic approaches are
    a. behavior therapy and psychodynamic therapy
    b. behavior therapy and humanistic therapy
    c. humanistic therapy and existential therapy
    d. cognitive therapy and behavior therapy
    e. none of these.


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