Basic Information of Pakistan

Official NameIslamic Republic of Pakistan
Independence day14 August , 1947
FounderQuaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Head of StateDoctor Arif Ali
Head of GovernmentImran Khan (Prime Minister )
GovernmentParliamentary Form
Location30 00 N, 70 00 E
Area796,096 Sq Km (340,509 miĀ²)
Population204,889,904 (2019 Est. )
EmblemFaith, Unity, Discipline
National LanguageUrdu
Official LanguageEnglish
National PoetDr. Muhammad Iqbal
National AnthemQaumi Tarana
National AnimalMarkhor
National BirdChukar Partridge (Chakor)
National FlowerJasmine
National TreeCedrus deodara
National SportsHockey
Notional DressShalwar Qameez
National JuiceSugarcane Juice
Literacy rateMale: 72.5%, Female: 51.8%
CurrencyPak. Rupee. (PKR)

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