Business Administration KP PMS Paper 2016


Competitive Examination for the Posts of PMS, 2016


Time Allowed: 03 Hours Max: Marks: 100

Note: Attempt ONLY FIVE questions in all by selecting at least ONE question from each part.

Part-I: Management

1 ‘Never mind what people say; leaders are made, not born.’ What does the speaker mean by this? Do you agree? How would you help a member of your team who had to take on leadership responsibilities? (10+10 marks)

2 What is Organizational Conflict? Describe types and sources of Conflict. Being a manager what type of strategies would you undertake to resolve conflicts? (10+10 marks)

3 What is organizational performance? How does personal performance contribute to organizational performance? (05+10 marks)

Part-II: Marketing

1 Describe the four characteristics of services that marketers must consider when designing marketing programs. According to these characteristics, how do the services offered by a massage therapist differ from those offered by a grocery store? (10+10 marks)

2 Define “Sustainable Marketing” and highlight the major social criticisms of marketing. Suggest some consumer actions to promote sustainable marketing. (10+10 marks)

Part-III: Financial Management

1 Suppose you want to buy a new Honda City car for PKR 1,900,000. You will receive PKR 770,000 at the end of fifth year of your investment of PKR 400,000 that you have made in a bank account two years ago. flow long will it be before you have enough into your bank account to buy Honda City car assume the car price and annual interest rate are constant? What if you are somehow managing to invest additional PKR 300,000 into your bank account in seventh year of your investment assume no change in annual interest rate? (10+10 marks)

2 Based on the dividend growth model, what are the two components of the total return on a share of stock? Which do you think is typically larger? In the context of the dividend growth model, is it true that the growth rate in dividends and the growth rate in the price of the stock are identical? (10+10 marks)