English Essay CSS Paper 1986


Time allowed: 2 hours

Maximum marks: 50

Write an Essay on any one of the following subjects:

1. Child is the father of man”.

2. “Foreign Aid’ – Is it a blessing or a curse?

3. Dismemberment of Pakistan and its consequences.

4. ‘Nuclear Contamination” – Is the threat real or imaginary?

5. “Blessings and Joys of Adversity”.

6. Interest-Free banking is it fact or fiction?

7. Pakistan’s Health Problems – How would you propose to solve them?

8. What do you understand by the terms Agrarian Reforms and Land Reforms? Have they been launched in Pakistan, if so, to what effect?

9. “Freedom of the Press”.

10. “We have entered the Computer Age”. What are the dimensions and prospects of this modern technology?