English Essay CSS Topicwise Papers – Economics

English Essay CSS Topic Wise Papers – Economics



  1. 2020. IMF bailouts: roads to stability or recipes for disaster.
  2. Does foreign aid help to achieve economic stability?
  3. Foreign Direct Investment In Pakistan
  4. “Foreign Aid’ – Is it a blessing or a curse?
  5. Economic Aid and International Development.


  1. Modern Banking, finance and employment are part of one single paradigm
  2. Can Capitalism survive without interest?
  3. Elimination of “Riba” from the economy – a Commitment and a challenge.
  4. Interest-Free banking is it fact or fiction?
  5. The Role of Banking in the Development of Pakistan



  1. Real development should transform people’s lives, not just economic statistics.
  2. Is colonial mentality impeding Pakistan’s progress?
  3. Look to the east for a holistic progress.
  4. The more developed a country, the more lethal it is armed.
  5. A country is backward because its people are backward
  6. A review of the political and economic developments in the world during the 20th century
  7. Economic and Political development is not possible without social transformation
  8. A local organization, decentralized planning, and hard work are the key to rural development
  9. Deprivation of social development and family planning cannot lead to a promising future
  10. Your recipe for the economic prosperity of Pakistan
  11. Pakistan’s economic progress during the last seven years.
  12. Dynamic developments in Pakistan’s social structure.
  13. Requisites for social progress in Pakistan

General Economics

  1. 2020. Pakistan’s informal economy: the way forward.
  2. New war fronts lie in economic zones
  3. Higher Economic problems in Pakistan and how to meet them.
  4. The economic prosperity of a nation is directly proportional to the level of literacy in it.
  5. Risk of ‘Soviet Syndrome’ for Pakistan
  6. The World economic scenario and Pakistan’s place in it.
  7. The national economy and its tribulation
  8. The current economic scenario in Pakistan
  9. Economic planning and development in third world countries: objectives, problems, and prospects.
  10. Discuss the weakness of a national economy based mainly on the export of one or two natural products used as raw materials.
  11. Role of Zakat in society building.
  12. The socio-economic situation in Pakistan.
  13. A new Economic Order for the World
  14. Competitive results of a planned economy?



  1. 2020. Is Pakistan ready for digital revolution?
  2. Industrial development and environmental pollution
  3. Pakistan’s Efforts at Industrialization
  4. The Process of Modernization in Pakistan


  1. Inflation and the common man. Discuss with reference to Pakistan.
  2. Inflation – Its Causes and Cures.


  1. The dignity of Labour.


  1. Promotion of tax culture in Pakistan: Perspective, prospects, and challenges.