English Sentence Correction CSS Past Papers Questions

Sentence Correction

Q. 4. Correct only FIVE of the following:(10)
(i) He enjoyed during the holidays.
(ii) None of the boys had learnt their lesson.
(iii) He is abusing the money of his father.
(iv) I regret at the delay.
(v) I could not help but laugh.
(vi) I always have and always shall be your friend.
(vii) I was out walking when I saw the new moon in the garden.
(viii) He cried as if he was mad.

Q. 4. (a) Correct only FIVE of the following:(5)
(i) They only work when they have no money.
(ii) They left the hotel here they had been staying in a motor-car.
(iii) I cannot by no means allow you to do so.
(iv) My friend said he never remembered having read a more enjoyable book.
(v) Going up the hill, an old temple was seen.
(vi) One day the bird did not perform certain tricks which had thought it to his satisfaction.
(vii) I was rather impressed by the manner of the orator than by his matter.
(viii) What an awful weather!

Q. 4. (a) Correct only FIVE of the following: (5)
(i) In the accident, one of my arms was broken and my legs bruised.
(ii) The people who had been raising slogans against the government for many hours they wanted increase in their salaries.
(iii) You have been working very hard for the last two years. Isn’t it?
(iv) John could hardly do no better than to have caught a bass of such dimensions.
(v) I who have no chance to meet him would rather go with you instead of sitting at home.
(vi) He not only comes there for swimming but also for coaching new swimmers.
(vii) When he visited the fair last time, he bought no less than twenty school bags.
(viii) Ten cattles were grazing in the field.

Q. 4. (a) Correct only FIVE of the following: (5)
(i) We were staying at my sister’s cape’s code vacation home.
(ii) She recommended me that I take a few days off from work.
(iii) I tried to explain him the problem, but he had difficulty understanding me.
(iv) I’ll do the grocery shopping for you grandma, Lucy said.
(v) We took a tent, a cooler, and a sleeping bag.
(vi) I don’t know why you didn’t go. If I were you, I should have gone.
(vii) Kevin says he stopped to travel internationally because of his family.
(viii) Don’t run! Mr. Salman shouted.

Q.6. (a) Correct only Five of the following sentences: (05)
(i) Have either of you seen my pen?
(ii) On attempting to restore the picture to its original condition, almost irreparable change was discovered.
(iii) The child is the prettiest of the two.
(iv) I was annoyed arriving late, also his rather insolent manner put me out of temper.
(v) He is anxious not only to acquire knowledge, but also eager to display it.
(vi) If he was here now, we should have no difficulty.
(vii) Due to unforeseen environments, we shall have to leave early.
(viii) People have and still do disagree on this matter.
Q.6. Correct ONLY FOUR of the following: Extra attempt shall not be considered. (08)
(i) Each furniture in this display is on sale for half price.
(ii) He is abusing the money of his father.
(iii) The duties of the new secretary are to answer the telephone, to type letters and bookkeeping.
(iv) The new models are not only less expensive but more efficient also.
(v) He complied with the requirement that all graduate students in education should write a thesis.
(vi) No sooner we left the shop it began to rain.
(vii) The population of Karachi is greater than any other city in Pakistan.
Q.6. (a) Correct ONLY FIVE of the following. An extra attempt shall not be considered. (05)
1. My boss agreed with my plan.
2. If he was here, he would be as wise as he was during the war.
3. We have amusements in form of music.
4. You get hungry for all the work you have to do
5. We were glad for being there.
6. I prefer the fifth act of Shakespeare King Lear the best of all.
7. After finishing my lecture, the bell rang.
8. We needed not to be afraid.
Q.6 (a) Correct ONLY FIVE of the following: Extra attempt shall not be considered.5
(i) A ten feet long snake made people run here and there
(ii) We are going to the concert, and so they are.
(iii) Enclosed with this letter was a signed Affidavit and a carbon copy of his request to our main office.
(iv) Fear from God.
(v) Pakistan has and will support the Kashmiris.
(vi) He has come yesterday.
(vii) Arshad’s down fall was due to nothing else than pride.
(viii) Do not avoid to consult a doctor.
Q. 6. (a) Correct ONLY FIVE of the following: Extra attempt shall not be considered. (05)
(i) Please speak to the concerned clerk.
(ii) You have got time too short for that.
(iii) Not only he was a thief, but he was also a murderer.
(iv) They thought that the plan would be succeeded.
(v) It is unlikely that he wins the race.
(vi) My uncle has told me something about it yesterday.
(vii) I hoped that by the time I would have got there it would have stopped raining.
(viii) They prevented the driver to stop.
Q.6. (a) Correct ONLY FIVE of the following: (5) Extra attempt of any Part of the question will not be considered.
(i) This house is built of bricks and stones.
(ii) The climate of Pakistan is better than England?
(iii) He swore by God.
(iv) You ought to have regarded him your benefactor.
(v) My friend is very ill, I hope he will soon die.
(vi) He is waiting for better and promising opportunity.
(vii) When I shall see her I will deliver her your gift.
(viii) Many a sleepless nights she spent.
Q.5. (b) Correct ONLY FIVE of the following: (5) Extra attempt of any Part of the question will not be considered.
(i) He swore from God.
(ii) Is your dress different than mine?
(iii) He inquired whether I live in Karachi.
(iv) He spoke these words upon his face.
(v) They ran direct to their college.
(vi) I shall not come here unless you will not call me.
(vii) They have been building a wall since three days.
(viii) He does not have some devotion to his studies.

Q.6. a. Correct the following sentences. Do any FIVE. (5)
i. Please tell me where is your brother?
ii. Sajjad as well as Saleem were late.
iii. He is the most cleverest boy in the class.
iv. I have met him last month.
v. Your writing is inferior than him.
vi. Nothing but novels please him.
vii. The teacher gave the boy an advice which he refused.
viii. He brought the articles to the market which he wanted to sell.
Q No. 5 (B) Correct ONLY FIVE of the following:
(1) Playing a game regularly is better than to read books always.
(2) A good reader must be hardworking and possess intelligence.
(3) I noticed Akbar was carrying a bag in his hand.
(4) Having entered his house, the door was shut at one.
(5) He thinks that his writing is better than his friend.
(6) He is such a man who is liked by everyone.
(7) I sent a verbal message to my friend.
(8) He has visited as many historical places as one has or can visit.
Q5 (B) Make corrections in any five of the following where necessary ?
1). What does a patient tell a doctor it is confidential?
2). It is a fact that I almost drowned makes me very careful about water safety whenever I go swimming
3). Did they not consider this as quiet convincing
4). St Peter’s at Rome is the largest of all other churches
5). The amount they receive in wages is greater than twenty years ago
6). They succeeded with hardly making any effort
7). Whatever have you done ! 8). The officers were given places according to their respective ranks
Q5. (b) Correct any FIVE of the following sentences: (5)
1. Passing through ten different cities, Karachi is the most active.
2. He was laid up for six weeks with two broken ribs.
3. Someone showed the visitors in the room.
4. Until you remain idle you will make no progress.
5. It is very wrong to be devoted to lying and cheating.
6. He told me that he is waiting for me since a long time.
7. The house stood up in the dull street because of its red door.
8. He brought the articles to the market which he wanted to sell.
Q 6. Correct the following sentences:
(1) The hostel provides boarding and lodging to students.
(2) My cousin-brother will come to meet me.
(3) He lives backside of my house.
(4) You have read it. Isn’t it?
(5) We discussed about this question.
(6) I am studying in an University for an year.
(7) Neither he nor I arc at fault.
(8) The committee have issued a notice.
(9) One must boast of his great qualities.
(10) . It is one of the best speeches that has ever been made in the General Assembly.
Q6. Correct the following sentences: (10)
1. I shall not come here unless you will not call me.
2. He does not have some devotion for the project you have given him.
3 I went to either of the Four hill stations.
4. Who did you meet on your way to school?
5. You must remember that you are junior than Hamid.
6. Aslam, as well as, his Four friends were planning to visit the museum..
7. Where you went in the vacation?
8. This is the youngest and most intelligent of my two sons.
9. He is one of those who always succeed.
10. I congratulate you for your success.
Q4. Correct the following sentences. (10)
(a) His wisdom consisted of his handling the dangerous situation successfully
(b) Many a girls were appearing in the examination.
(c ) The vehicles run fastly on the Motorway.
(d) Smoking is injurious for health.
(e) He availed of this situation very intelligently.
(f) The black vermin is an odious creature.
(g) What to speak of meat, even, vegetables were not available now.
(h) No sooner we left our home when it started raining.
(i) Little money I had I spent on the way.
(j) The criminal was sent on the goal.
Q4. Correct the following sentences:
(a) The lake free zed rapidly.
(b) The firm was unwilling to forego its usual commission.
(c ) We watched the lambs gamble on the green.
(d) He belonged to the gild of carpenters.
(e) He hadn’t ought to have spoken.
(f) Is this his half – brother?
(g) Hay! Watch out for the car!
(h) This is the historical spot where he was shot dead.
(i) We bought a Japanee print.
(j) Fresh flowers smell sweetly.

Q4. Re-write the following passage after correcting its grammatical errors.
The world is poised on a dangerous and instable balance of terror, unlike the wars of the past, future war threatened to do away the human race.
Future of mankind depends on peace.
Without it, countless millions would be wiped of the face of earth.
This fear had manifested itself in a persistent demand of disarmament – total and universal.
It is, indeed, a sad reflection on human nature that while he sings praise about the virtue of peace, they continued march on a suicidal course of war.
In spite of forty years of negotiation the giants did not even scraped the tips of the icebergs.

Q5. Fill in the blanks of the passage given below.
An ideal college should subscribe to an ideal scheme of education for the one is inseparable from the other. The chief ———- of education, it is said, is the total end ———- development of the individual. Any ———- system of education must provide the student firstly, with the ———- for logical and objective thinking. Without ———- skill it’s difficult to conceive of any one’s ———- and continually expanding the knowledge which is ———- indispensable to an educated man ———- education which is in practice bookish and ———- from life is lopsided and serves no ———- purpose. Secondly, it must contribute to the ———- of morality, or right conduct or good ———- in its widest sense. No academy ———- its name can afford or be ———- to this aspect, for its importance of ———- the syllabic domain. It must help ———- student to discover a meaningful act of ———- and a personal philosophy of life ———- it must pay adequate attention to ———- health and work on the premise that a healthy mind is ———- without a healthy body.

Q4. Correct the following sentences.
(i) This is all the farther you can go.
(ii) He seemed to be an industrious person but this was only an allusion
(iii) His avocation is dentistry.
(iv) The antiquarian bade one million dollars for the old painting.
(v) The ferry collided against the tug-boat.
(vi) Poetry is more sensual than prose.
(vii) Both Naeem and Shahid is tired, they should go back.
(viii) He was seeking political asylum but was not permitted to emigrate to the USA.
(ix) I wouldn’t be in your books for all the wealth in the world.
(x) Are you trying to infer that I would be something dishonest?
Q4. Correct the following sentences.
(i) The idea of me flying is too silly to even contemplate.
(ii) He reads better than any boy in the class.
(iii) Every citizen should use their role.
(iv) I do not remember him giving me a present.
(v) Whom would you say is likely to win the fight?
(vi) Neither him nor his friend were hurt.
(vii) Passing by the damage house, a brick fell on my shoulder.
(viii) My cousin always has and always will be interested in the theatre.
(ix) The vast extent of the steppes of Central Asia is enormous.
(x) Nobody didn’t ought to lose their way so easy in a small town.

Q4. Correct the following sentences: (10)
(a) When public transport is better developed, there will no longer be so many cars driving people to work.
(b) The subject of my paper-is about-air pollution;
(c ) The princess’s father was-a good man and who was kind;
(d) A morality play is where the characters represents virtue and vices;
(e) A-square is when all four sides are the same length;
(f) Evil and suffering has always troubled man;
(g) Why does such disturbing things exist?’
(h) Neither her cousins nor her aunt were at home;
(i) Neither Tariq nor Khalid are worthy of her;
(j) The first fleet of cars were made of copper;
(k) To be honest lies must never be told

Q5. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before it: 10
a. One of the local development authority’s responsibilities is town planning. The local development authority —
b. Pop tars are corrupted by the adulation of their fans. It’s the way their —–
c. There was little contact-between these small groups. These small groups —
d. I find funny clothes the most irritating about the modem Youth, What ——
e. He sounds as if he spent all his life abroad. He gives —
f. Apart from Muhammad Ali, every one else at the meeting was a party member. With —
g. He was driving very fast because he didn’t know the road was icy. If —
h. Whenever you are on a bus, you hear someone talking about politics. You can’t go —
i. How long is it since they went to Gilgit? When —–
j. Most of the theories use the methods of experimental science without first paying attention to play’s aesthetic quality Most of theories do not take —

(a) Below are FIVE sentences each containing a common grammatical error. Make the necessary corrections.
(i) There was a very different atmosphere in the town this morning than there was yesterday.
(ii) Every one must decide for themselves what to do about it.
(iii) I should’t be surprised if he doesn’t turn up tomorrow.
(iv) Neither Farooq or Akbar are going to the wedding lunch on Saturday.
(v) I compared his essay to Mushtaq’s and found them to be almost identical.