English Active Passive Voice CSS Past Papers Questions Organized

#Active Passive VoiceYear
1(1) The assassins shot the leader in broad daylight.2003
2(2) The President inaugurated the Motorway recently.2003
3(3) Will you negotiate the matter with the opposition?2003
4(4) Why should I be suspected by you?2003
5(5) The establishment is pleased with your performance.2003
6(6) The Parliament members gave a hard time to the Prime • Minister.2003
7(7) The Prisoners in Cuba arc being treated cruelly, by the so-called Human Rights custodians.2003
8(8) The present Government is serving the people honestly! .2003
9(9) Who did this?2003
10(10) The Palestinians are avenging the death of their leaders.2003
111. The production of Cash Crops directly affects the economy of an agricultural country.2002
122. The accelerated car sped past the traffic signal and crashed into a van and killed two men.2002
133. The students were asked to submit the assignment before to end of day.2002
144 The new budget was being discussed.2002
155. The Manager has announced a bonus for all the workers.2002
166. The police chased the dacoit and finally arrested him2002
177. It was difficult to finish the work on time.2002
188. At last, the Speech ended and prizes were distributed.2002
199. She manages her duties, without any help, despite her blindness.2002
2010. I appreciate your efforts and hope you will continue in the same fashion.2002