Environmental Sciences CSS Syllabus Suggested Readings




# Title Author
1 Environmental Economics in Theory and Practice Hanley, N. Shorgen,J,White,B
2 Industrial Safety Health and Environmental Management Jain R.K. Rao S.S
3 Environmental Science: Earth as a living Planet, 9th ed. Botkin, D. Keller, E. 2014
4 Environmental Geology Facing the Challenges of Our Changing Earth Erickson, J
5 Environmental Geology Keller A.Edward
6 Earth Science Tarbuck. J. Edward Lutgens K. Friederick
7 Environmental Science: A Study of Interrelationship Enger ED, Smith, B.F
8 Basics of Forestry and Applied Sciences, Concepts and Theory Masood A.A Qureshi
9 Environmental Science: Working with Earth Miller. T.G
10 Disaster Management: A Disaster Manager’s Handbook Carter N.W
11 Disasters and Development Cuny, F.C.
12 Disaster Management: Warning Response and Community Relocation Perry R.W. Mushkatel, A.H.
13 Energy: Crisis or Opportunity, An Introduction to Energy Studies Diana Schumacher
14 Environmental Geology Carla W. Montgomery
15 Environmental Health; Ecological Perspective Kathryn Hilgenkamp
16 Official Website of Govt. of Pakistan – www.environment.gov.pk
17 Official Website of UN Environment Programme. – www.unep.org


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