Journalism CSS Paper 2005



NOTE: Attempt FIVE questions in all, including Question No. 9, which is COMPULSORY. Select Two questions from each Section. All questions carry EQUAL marks.

Section I

1. How do you define communication ? With the help of different models describe the process of communication.

2. Looking into the latest developments taking place in the field of journalism determine the role of a journalist in the 21st century.

3. “Press is a vital necessity in the progress and welfare of a nation because it is through the press that a nation can be guided and its opinion moulded”. In the light of this statement of Quaid-a-Azam, look into the obligations and responsibilities of the press in today’s Pakistan.

4. Inspite of being highly potential and popular medium, Television in Pakistan has failed to play a key role in national development and to promote our values and culture. Make critical analysis.


5. Describe the criteria and parameters of selecting and structuring the news.

6. An effective public relations effort is the result of a four-step process: (a) information gathering (b) planning (c) communication (d) evaluation. Discuss.

7. How do you define advertising ? Describe the functions and discuss the scope and prospects of advertising as a profession in Pakistan.

8. Write analytical notes on the following: (a) Magazine Journalism – its scope and social aspects. (b) Code of ethics for print media.


9. Write only the correct answer in the answer book. Do not reproduce the question:

(1) The way in which the message travels to the receiver is called:
(a) Encoding (b) Decoding (c) Channel (d) Source (e) None of these

(2) Intrapersonal communication involves:
(a) An individual thinking or talking to himself
(b) An individual talking to another individual
(c) An individual talking to a group
(d) An individual communicating to a large number of people

(3) Any message given by other than the literal interpretation of words is called:
(a) Verbal Communication (b) Non Verbal Communication
(c) Audio Communication (d) Visual Communication (e) None of these

(4) A person (or group) who has control over what information is disseminated to the audience, is known as:
(a) Reporter (b) Regulator (c) Gatekeeper (d) Newscaster (e) None of these

(5) The concept of “Global Village” was first introduced by :
(a) Marshal McLUHAN (b) Wilbur Schramm (c) Charles Wright
(d) Joseph Klapper (e) None of these

(6) Broadcast media may be classified by:
(a) Type of signal output (b) Target Audience
(c) Programming format and source (d) All the three (e) None of these

(7) To be considered a daily, a newspaper has to appear at least:
(a) Four times a week (b) Five times a week
(c) Six times a week (d) Seven times a week (e) None of these

(8) The news of important public events appearing in the front sections of a newspaper, are called:
(a) Hard news (b) Soft News (c) Investigative News (d) Feature News (e) None of these

(9) The major function of Television is to provide:
(a) Entertainment (b) Information (c) Education (d) All the three (e) None of these

(10) The famous communication Model SMCRE was devised by:
(a) Roger (b) Lasswell (c) Osgood (d) Schramm (e) None of these

(11) Radio is a: (a) Cool medium (b) Hot medium (c) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’ (d) None of these

(12) The author of well known communication book “Process and Effects of Mass Communication” is:
(a) David Berlo (b) Marshal McLUHAN (c) Wilbur Schramm (d)Herbert Brucver (e) None of these

(13) The founding fathers of the mathematical or electronic theory of communication are:
(a) Roger and Berlo (b) Shannon and Weaver (c) McQuail and Windahl (d) Blumer and Katz (e) None of these

(14) ABC is the abbreviation of:
(a) Asian Broadcasting Council (b) American Broadcasting Corporation (c)American Bureau of Circulation (d) Audit Bureau of Circulation (e) None of these

(15) APP is the news agency of:
(a) America (b) Asia (c) Pakistan (d) India (e) None of these

(16) The largest English newspaper of Pakistan is:
(a) Dawn (b) The News (c) The Nation (d) Daily Times (e) None of these

(17) The founder of Jang-Group of Newspapers is:
(a) Mir Shakil ur Rehman (b) Mir Khalil ur Rehman (c) Mir Javed ur Rehman (d) Mir Ibrahim ur Rehman (e) None of these

(18) The editor of daily Nawa-e-Waqt is:
(a) Majeed Nizami (b) Hamid Nizami (c) Arif Nizami (d) Fahd Hussain (e) None of these

(19) The daily Dawn was founded by:
(a) Agha Khan (b) Quaid-e-Azam (c) Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah (d) Mahmood Haroon (e) None of these

(20) Kuldip Nayer is a well known Indian:
(a) Hockey Player (b) TV artist (c) Film star (d) Journalist (e) None of these