Journalism CSS Paper II 1992


Time Allowed: 3 Hrs. Max. Marks: 100
Note: All question carry equal marks.

  1. Governments function in secrecy, Press lives by disclosure. How would you reconcile the interests of both in a free, democratic society?
    OR Only fully and freely informed public can keep democratic institutions in good health and fit to serve the best interests of an enlightened society Discuss.

  2. What are the responsibilities, if any, of the advertising agent to the consumer in comparison with his commitment to the manufacturer he works for?
    OR When do public relations degenerate into tendentious propaganda or disinformation?

  3. What is the nature of a media person’s, responsibility to a minority group or dissident groups? Are these responsibilities being duly carried out by print media in today’s Pakistan? If not, why not?
    OR The Print media is seen to be under serious threat from the electronic media which is taking away the lion’s share of advertising revenues. What is the strength of the print media which can help it survive and maintain its position in the news industry?

  4. It is said that the lines of a cartoon make a profound impact, occasionally deeper than that of a thousand words of editorialising. Discuss also take into consideration the place of satire with and humour in print media today. Also, give example.
    OR Women happen to make a majority of the citizenship of Pakistan. Do you believe they get their due share in the life of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan? If you do, illustrate your case with examples; if you don’t give example of situations in which the Pakistani society systematically deprives its mothers and daughters of their due.

  5. Comment on any FOUR of the following propositions:
    i) A free Press is the lifeblood of a self-governing society.
    ii) “Give me freedom or give me death,” said an American politician.
    iii) Journalism is the literature produced in haste.
    iv) Facts are sacred, comment is free.
    v) There is an eternal war between the sub-editor and the reporter: the former saying reporters write a lot of rubbish and the reporter c some o’ their best pieces are murdered by sub-editor
    vi) It takes a mad lad to be a journalist.
    vii) Freedom of the Press is an invasion on the privacy of the life of decent citizens.
    viii) Good sports reporting sells newspapers betters than best political writing.