Mass Communication Punjab PMS Paper I 2016

Mass Communication
Combined Competitive Examination for Recruitment to the Posts of Provincial Management Service, ETC. – 2016
Subject: Mass Communication Paper I
NOTE: Attempt any FIVE questions. Attempt in English or Urdu language. All questions carry equal marks.

Q.1. Write a note on the future of magazine industry and opinion pages in the age of Urdu blogosphere and online magazines. (20 Marks)

Q.2. Write a detailed note on the duties and challenges faced by the editors in the newspaper industry of Pakistan. (20 Marks)

Q.3. Press freedom demands social responsibility from the journalists. Discuss the concept in detail the concept of social responsibility which ensures media freedom and continuity in the society. (20 Marks)

Q.4. Write a comparative note on the newspapers which were working under the editorship of Maulana Zafar Ali Khan and Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar. (20 Marks)

Q.5. Do you think that radio is still an important and effective medium of mass communication? Discuss in detail the future of FM, Medium Wave and Short Wave radio in the Internet age? (20 Marks)

Q.6. Do You agree that mass media can play a significant role in reaping maximum social and economic benefits from projects like China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CEPC)? Comment. (20 Marks)

Q.7. Review “Gate Keeping Theory” by Kurt Lewin and discuss the role of reporter, sub editor, news editor and an editor as a Gate Keeper? (20 Marks)

Q. 8. Write short notes on any two of the following:- (10+10 Marks)
i. Yellow Press
ii. Graffiti
iii. Media as the Fourth Pillar of Government