Current Affairs CSS Paper 2008





(PART-II) 2 Hours & 30 Minutes MAXIMUM MARKS:80


Q.1. Select the best option/answer and fill in the appropriate box on the Answer Sheet. (20)
i. Transparency International is based in: a. New York b. London c. Berlin d. None of these
ii. The largest source of electricity generation in Pakistan comes through: a. Thermal b. Hydel c. Coal d. None of these
iii. Pakistan’s largest export partner is: a. Saudi Arabia b. America c. Japan d. None of these
iv. India is constructing Kishanganga Dam in: a. Jammu b. Srinagar c. Baramulla d. None of these
v. WAFA is the news agency of: a. Syria b. Jordan c. Egypt d. None of these
vi. Former US Vice-President Al Gore has won Noble Peace Prize 2007 for his campaign against: a. Child Labour b. Human Rights
Violations c. Global Warming d. None of these
vii. May 3, each year is Internationally observed as: a. World Environment Day b. Human Rights Day c. Press Freedom Day d. None of these
viii. The World’s largest producer of Uranium is: a. Australia b. Canada c. South Africa d. None of these
ix. The district of the country having lowest population density is: a. Khuzdar b. Kalat c. Kharan d. None of these
x. Qantas is an airline of: a. USA b. Australia c. Singapore d. None of these
xi. The first Muslim Nobel Laureate was: a. Anwar Sadat of Egypt b. Yasser Arafat of Palestine c. Abdus Salam of Pakistan d. None of these
xii. Darfur conflict is in: a. Somalia b. Sudan c. Liberia d. None of these
xiii. Parachinar is the main town of: a. Khyber Agency b. North Waziristan c. South Waziristan d. None of these
xiv. One US Barrel oil is equal to: a. 20 litres b. 30 litres c. 50 litres d. None of these
xv. Ringgit is the currency unit of: a. Singapore b. Philippines c. Malaysia d. None of these
xvi. Pakistan is the Chairman of: a. Non-Aligned Movement b. SAARC c. Group of 77 d. None of these
xvii. The First President of America who made an official visit to Pakistan was: a. Richard Nixon b. Dwight D. Eisenhower c. Lyndon B Johnson d. None of these
xviii. The ‘Aid to Pakistan Consortium” meet every year in: a. London b. New York c. Paris d. None of these
xix. General Michael Hayden is the: a. President of Chile b. Defense Secretary of United States c. Commander NATO’s force in Afghanistan d. None of these
xx. Which of the following International Organizations has no formal structure and Secretariat? a. Green Peace b. D-8 c. G-8 d. None of these

Part II

(i) Part-II is to be attempted on the separate Answer Book.
(ii) Attempt ONLY FOUR questions from PART-II. All questions carry equal marks.
(iii) Extra attempt of any question or any part of the attempted question will not be considered.
Q.2. The rise of religious extremism and militancy has become a major challenge to Pakistan’s internal stability and promotion of democracy. Elaborate. (20)
Q.3. The amicable solution of Siachen glacier and Sir Creek maritime boundary disputes might harbinger the settlement of the core issue of Kashmir between Pakistan and India. Discuss. (20)
Q.4. Why Pakistan is desperately seeking full-fledged membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization? (20)
Q.5. Discuss the potential challenges Pakistan is facing in the WTO regime. (20)
Q.6. Discuss the various dimensions of Pakistan US relations in the wake of Pakistan’s playing the role as a frontline state against International terrorism. (20)
Q.7. How far India factor is responsible for the present state of Pakistan-Afghanistan relations? Analyze. (20)
Q.8. Write notes on any TWO of the following: (10+10)
a. NATO’s expansion is Eastern Europe
c. Afghanistan is SAARC
d. Great Game in Central Asia
e. Palestine issue.