Geography CSS Paper I 2004





Note: Attempt any FIVE questions in all. including Question No. 8 which is COMPULSORY

  1. What are Rocks? Discuss igneous rocks and compare and contrast the intrusive and extrusive rocks.

  2. Define Cyclones. How are the temperate Cyclones formed? Discuss the theory regarding their formation. .

  3. Discuss Monsoon Climatic Region in detail.

  4. Give an account of the Indian Ocean Currents and explain their difference from other Ocean currents.

  5. What do you know about Oceanic depositions? Discuss in detail.

  6. Explain the different methods of Thematic Maps. Discuss in detail any one method and its merits and demerits.

  7. Write “short notes on the following:
    (a) Conical Projection (b) Atoll Formation (c) Yardang (d) Horse Latitudes (e) Cycle of Erosion


  1. Write only the correct answer in the Answer Book. Do not reproduce the questions.

(1) Weather describes the condition of ________ at any one time:
(a) the earth (b) the land surface (c) the atmosphere (d) the ionosphere (e) space (f) None of these

(2) Seasonality increases with
(a) latitude (b) distance from sea (c) altitude (d) aspect (e) longitude (f) None of these

(3) Temperature decreases with increasing altitude by 1° C for every _______ rise:
(a) 100 ft (b) 150 m (c) 165 m (d) 250 m (e) 300 m (f) None of these

(4) Water vapour turns into clouds in the atmosphere when:
(a) it rains (b) the temperature rises (c) dew point is reached (d) evaporation takes place (e) relative humidity is low (f) None of these

(5) Updraught and downdraught in a cumulonimbus cloud lead to the formation of:
(a) lightening (b) hail (c) thunder (d) snow (f) Any other

(6) The air in the middle of a typhoon is:
(a) rising (b) descending (c) blowing in a clockwise spiral (d) gusty and variable (e) None of these

(7) Oceanic plates are made of _______ rocks:
(a) basaltic (b) granitic (c) acidic (d) mantle (e) None of these

(8) Which of the following statements is NOT true:
(a) The core is made chiefly of nickel and iron. (b) There is an outer (liquid) and inner (solid) core. (c) The mantle is made of liquid ultrabasic rocks (d) The curst, or lithosphere, is made of rigid crystal plates (e) None of these

(10) The retreat of a waterfall upstream results in:
(a) Potholes (b) Rapids (c) Bluffs (d) Flood plain (e) Gorge (f) None of these

(11) Which type of erosion is not typical of a desert?
(a) Abrasion (b) Plucking (c) Attrition (d) Deflation (e) None of these

(12) A glacier lengthens when:
(a) The climate gets warmer (b) The climate gets drier (c) The rate of accumulation of ice exceeds the rate of melting (d) The gradient of the glacier valley steepens (e) There is a state of equilibrium between snowfall and the rate of melting (f) None of these

(13) On earth surface water cover is:
(a) 50% (b) 60% (c) 70% (d) 80% (e) None of these

(14) Continental Shelf is
(a) a link between ocean and land (b) a broad level plain forming greater part of the ocean (c) the deepest part of the ocean (d) a steep slope stretching to the sea plain (e) None of these

(15) The strength of wave action depends on all EXCEPT:
(a) currents in the sea (b) wind strength (c) length of fetch (d) depth of coastal water (e) height of waves (f) None of these

(16) Seawater on the average contains:
(a) 3.5% salt (b) 5% salt (c) 10% salt (d) 2.5% salt (e) 4.5% salt (f) None of these

(17) Neap tides occur:
(a) At the full and new moon days (b) First quarter and last quarter moon days (c) When the sun, moon and earth are in one straight line (d) Due to collective pull of moon and sun (e) Any other

(18) Best suited projection for Pakistan is:
(a) Conical (b) Zenithal (c) Mercator (d) Cylindrical equal area (e) Conventional (f) None of these

(19) A portable measure for pressure is:
(a) a Stevenson Screen (b) an anemometer (c) an aneroid barometer (d) a maximum and minimum thermometer set (e) a mercury column (f) None of these

(20) Small scale maps are used for:
(a) small areas (b) areas of moderate extent (c) large areas (d) None of these


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